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Filthy Weeaboo

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    Australia :(
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    Mongolian flip books and anime figures (im pretty gay for anime girls, sh)

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  1. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Yesterday was hilarious, crafting shields and then the race to mage them and get 200. (also the disastrous names that were let free in to the world, god bless) Great job with the Four-Leafs man ^____________^
  2. Chameleon Seemyools

    Thankyou for your 2 cents, I will add it to my piggy bank. GL WITH CHAMOS IN FUTURE, I BELIEVE IN YOU.
  3. Chameleon Seemyools

    Hello fellow breeders, just inquiring about any knowledge on chameleons in our ugly little fish. For DT chances were increased with pure trees, iirc, and breeding m/f with said ability ofc. The good Breeding Lord has blessed my humble self with 4 chameleons to date, almx2/eme/crim, all being male save the emerald. Might I mention the trees are garbage and I attribute their ability to rng and not previous chamos in the trees. In attempts to acquire another chameleon or better yet, a stripe that isn't useless, I have bred my eme with an almond (please pray for me). I guess the big question I'm wanting to ask is, aside from small percentages, are pure trees the only way to significantly increase the chances (if at all) in mass producing an army of chamos to storm the market and ruin other breeders business omg ^_______^ Any information with chamo seemyools would be greatly appreciated. -#1RushuSnek How to tag olly and bob omg? ^_________^
  4. Seemyool stats

    both of my breeding Idols, omg thanks for info ^____^
  5. Seemyool stats

    So bob friend you inbreed them till they are 1 or not? i know you are breeding god so i would believe you if you said they are all from diff trees ^_^
  6. hi i am big fan of your work

  7. Seemyool stats

    so helpful bobbbbb, you are doing the lords work ^___________^
  8. cunt i will fuck u up

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    2. Filthy Weeaboo

      Filthy Weeaboo

      that explains why u said that thing 

    3. Astrology



    4. Coopers


      hi damian thx u 2 xd

  9. go on msn justin..jesus...D;