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  1. [10:25p] <KyekOmg> Holy shit how is that possible [10:25p] <@Kiba> things Kyek shouldn't say during the server upgrade [10:26p] <+Serryl> lol [10:26p] <KyekOmg> LMAO
  2. Can you name the genre of the song/band?
  3. Pretty much this whole song/freestyle... but in particular: "Got the swag juice -- don't sip, chug it down" and "I'm a beast with the flow -- Leviathan" Love these lines.
  4. Soooo...? Do I stand a chance or what?
  5. hi iku will u be my gf [ ] yes [ ] maby pls check 1 thx -ebob edit- jk nvm didnt no u had a bf alrdy
  6. Perc fight against Storm Troopers: Some hooligans opening a ton of bwak eggs at the [5, 7] zaap: Post your pics from the good ol' days of Dofus!
  7. Hi

    Not this very nice person again... jk lol hy ur^_~
  8. Jumping back to exponents quickly, I think the best way to justify x0 = 1 is as follows: We know that xm / xn = xm-n (it's one of the rules of exponents/logarithms) So, if we let m = n, then xm / xm = xm-m Anything divided by itself is 1, and anything minus itself is 0, so we have 1 = x0 Therefore, anything to the zeroth power is 1.
  9. were* in the 1800's*
  10. I agree with KurtJ -- there should be a "Dofus Servers" thing to click, because I like to browse everything except the marketplace forums, and they're in the way when added to the Gallery, Artists' Corner, etc.
  11. I hate the scrolling sigs. You should make it an option that we can have enabled or disabled. I would definitely prefer to be able to view the full sigs.
  12. Use Fenestrae VII instead.
  13. You can lose weight by eating McDonald's. It's all about getting exercise. That's the healthy way to lose weight. You could starve yourself, but that would wreak havoc on your body. You should get a membership to a gym and go three or four times a week. Go and do straight cardio while you're there. I find that biking is really easy on my joints (flat feet = knees and ankles in excruciating pain after running around a track or on a treadmill). Swimming laps is the best if you have joint problems, though. You could also do some lifting before or after you do cardio. Lifting before you do cardio aims more towards muscle growth while lifting after doing cardio is aimed more towards cardio. Either way, lifting is a great way to "feel" the results you're getting. Having your muscles ache while you're not at the gym gives a sense of accomplishment and helps a lot psychologically. And muscle growth won't be a bad thing.