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Everything posted by bobeur

  1. Post your "owning" pictures here!

    amazing piece of work Just-Monika
  2. S> Ivory

    henlo friends I'm selling an ivory dofus for 160m, and buying a cloudy for 41m cenks Edit: raised cloudy price go away rob haha I found one get rekt
  3. S> Ivory

    Well the lowest I saw this morning was 129m, but if everyone keeps undercutting that's not really gonna help now is it
  4. S> Ivory

    rip these prices, bump for 130m
  5. Boss resources aren't the issue due to the overload of low level resources from achievements. It's usually the 10% drops that are impossible to farm for a solo accounter that level.
  6. Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    15 range dam or riot
  7. Subscriber rewards/benefits auto assigned

    I just tried what Gravestorm said, and it works for me. I used lottery machine on Echo, changed server to Fraktale and there I found my amazing super useful blue fairywork !!
  8. S> Ivory

    Ah, I don't really log so I based on the last imps price. Anyway in that case this is towards buyers: feel free to offer :^)
  9. Qot leech

    Idk what a 508 cra is for you, but it doesn't really matter. Yes tormenting is op, but it's really not needed, I literally only use it when a mob is ending linear with me and I remember I have tormenting.
  10. Qot leech

    ngl you can trio with that team..
  11. The "What gear should I use" thread

    pls TF boot + thermal cloak edit: also eme+golden muldo
  12. Agi Osa Help

    He always posts the dofusplanner link in the description, usually it's some customized set for the solotage but it gives you an impression what are good items. I think Stalak/4 leaf works for all chars (maybe stalak more for osa since crits arent really needed). I think you can use the standard agi set with sufokia items and that 5 or 6 summons staff.
  13. Recruiting all Artists!

    pm @Goatee for real quality stuff
  14. Duo team for achieve hunting

    I don't know sadis very well, but I saw an agi one solo queen from range so it's probably a good pair with cra.
  15. Duo team for achieve hunting

    sram/x, osa/x, panda/rogue, elio/iop are probably the main duo teams, but there are plenty of other duo combos that let you get a high score.
  16. [B] Turq & crim seemyools

    you want the crossbreed or pures?
  17. 8 vs 8 [-1,0]

    lol already pussying out hah
  18. 8 vs 8 [-1,0]

    merde I dont have zobal, pls make lao play that cause shouyin is #1
  19. Gift Code Scam

    While I believe that to be true for the most part, a lot of kids who are still naive to the whole scamming game will probably fall for these things. My brother once fell for it when we were like 13 or 14, totally oblivious to what was actually happening. There was no Ankama shield yet, so we lost everything. We weren't dumb, just new to the gaming world and all its possible scams that come with it.
  20. Treasure Hunt Maps, Bounties; Overlap?

    Yes, that's possible. You will still need the wanted quest obviously.
  21. Mono to Echo

    I'm not up to date on all the current spellchanges, but I'm 99.9% sure an elio isn't key to endgame PvM anymore. Sure it can be useful if you can play it well and can set up the portals fast, but usually (if you're like me) you just spend entire turns figuring out how to place portals while you could've just killed everything already without portals. I'd say a panda is more important to have in your team, my setup would be panda/eni/eca/x probably. You can clear all content with that (whatever X may be, pick something you really want or think is good).
  22. Eca advice

    no idea I was just making fun of his 'full omni' statement
  23. Eca advice

  24. [S] Jumbow Meow

    can -1,0 pls stay away from imps kthx
  25. Dofus 2.45 Changelog