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  1. Can we pls get a rule about quoting the last post in the topic, as well as the ones containing lots of images. It's totally unnecessary and makes it more annoying to actually follow/read a topic, especially on mobile. cenks
  2. There's nothing wrong with html tables? (front-end devs pls go) It occurs more often "random" (specific accounts that match a certain requirement nobody knows) accounts get promo's like this, and due to the lack of communication from Ankama (which makes sense, otherwise everyone would complain it's unfair they didn't get the offer) people see it as phising. You really can't blame Ankama for this, there's nothing suspicious/dangerous about it.
  3. I don't see any scam urls, anything *.ankama.com is coming from Ankama. If you're not sure, do a whois lookup on the domain it's leading you to and see who it's registered to. In this case, Ankama. Edit: I've taken the liberty of clicking the link, it leads to the usual secure.ankama.com subscription page.
  4. Well you can just name the user, that's what usernames are for. We even have these fancy @Rob tags now. If you don't quote, you reply to either the topic or the last post. If you want to specify, use names. Quotes are there to reply to a certain thing a previous poster said, I'm just triggered by the QUOTE EVERTHING ANYONE EVER SAYS TO ME WHEN I REPLY mentality. But yeah I guess common sense would fix the problem. Luckily we have are nothing short of it on imps, right? ^__________^
  5. I'm not entirely sure what you want to know, but the transfer service will still be available exactly as it is today. The difference is, people with an account solely linked to the international community won't be able to go anywhere since there is only a single international server. The French can still transfer from one server to another (french to french), as can the accounts that aren't linked to any community. (any to any)
  6. root moderator more like toot moderator ^_____________^

    1. Rob


      noot noot motherfucker 

  7. literally who masks insulting words???
  8. Vertigo/silence trap don't take resistances into account. It's not a bug.
  9. jk I found it, I guess is actually 19 turn limit not 20
  10. where my duo achievement pls
  11. Maybe read the other thread and you would know, anyway the chance of getting a next gen is 10%.
  12. I literally laughed when I saw your technique, very resourceful and an impressive solo. Keep it up :-)
  13. Making kamas in a nutshell right there.
  14. You can bring them along, you just need keys for each character and 1 character who's doing the quest to open the dungeon entrance. What makes it hard is that there are 8 mobs with damage sharing who hit quite hard from range/cc. I'd advise to bring lots of AoE damage (idk get 4 iops or something, it's what I did) and enough heals/shields to survive. The fight itself isn't hard, it's just being able to survive/kill monsters fast enough. The damage sharing makes it a real pain :-)
  15. https://www.dofusplanner.com/xx3i5/ top dam
  16. That was total inbreed, if I knew about the genetic collisions before I probably wouldn't have bothered ^__^
  17. It's the same logic as with previous gens, you need a turq/ivory + turq/x and a turq/ivory + ivory/x, I don't remember which is which though.
  18. I pm chedarface
  19. they totally useless or able to do something?
  20. Meno: Mol Usk: Hits very long range (like 14-15, modifiable) for about 400 and takes AP (can dodge) , it has a close range (5) spell where it hits you and creates a linear size 4 yellow glyph which will take 100 mp when you go on it. Mantaze: Has 2 ranged (modifiable) spells with relatively low damage, but one of them triggers an effect that hits like 600-900 2 turns after on the affected character. Yolo Crab: Summons a starfish (linear, about 8 range max). On summoning it, the starfish does around 300-400 damage around it in 2 AoE. The Crab is able to swap with the fish, careful cause it hits over 1k in close combat. The fish counters 100% of damage taken, unless you can 1 shot it. Gambasmak: Harmless from range, can jump 5 cells and hits in CC. About 600-800 damage per hit if I recall. Litlamprey: Can attract from like 5 range, hits in cc (like 400) and it can place a trap from range (about 10 I think) where if you activate the trap, the Litlamprey will jump next to the character who activated it. Meno: Has 1 ranged spell (about 10), when he casts it a glyph will appear underneath the affected character. On the next turn, a Crystal will appear on the glyph when its free. The crystals stay for like 8 turns, unless the character who "summoned" it creates a new one. (Char x gets hit again and makes a new glyph -> new crystal -> old one dies the turn after) The boss can hit through the crystals, doing about 500 fire damage if you're in line with it (I think 4-5 AoE, never really checked). Meno also has a close range spell (4) with which he does average damage, and can teleport your char next to a crystal so be careful letting him get close. Dungeon: Last room is a survival room, mobs are invuln but die automatically after 3 turns. You get new waves spawned throughout the fight, I believe it's every 2 turns. The idea is that you survive long enough to kill meno, because you get a 20% damage increase per turn. As you'll notice, the damage will start out real low (not even 100% I think) and it will gradually increase. Techniques include blitz, mp red, hide behind crystal (make sure to stack fire res), sram traps. Check youtube for inspiration. Dantinea: Crabtun: Attracts like 7 cells, does damage from close combat and puts the character in pacifist state (can't unbew it). It also has some reflect, but idk how that works exactly. Merdiodon: Hits only linear, from about 6 range. It has 1 tri-element spell, 1 pushing spell (4 cells?) and 1 AoE spell (~600, ~400, ~400 dam respectively) Octodoll: By far the worst mob imo, it swaps with other mobs within 4-5 range and heals them for about 700-800. It also hits from about 10 range (400-500 dam), applying -6 range and the turn after a -100mp/unhealable effect. Silyrus: This mob creates a yellow glyph under itself at the start of its turn, hits like 500 when you go on it. It hits you by attracting itself (bling-style, 5-6 range) and it has a close combat spell. Fairly easy to manage, doesn't hit very hard. Tryde: Interesting mob, it goes invisible at start of fight and only goes visible once hit. He then stays visible until his turn and then goes invis again. It's easy to contain with mp red, since it only jumps (5 cells) when it can hit something. He can jump up to 3 times, doing 1 AoE damage (about 500). Make sure to check where it jumped last to find him, using AoE spells is recommended. He also makes glyphs on his jumps (maybe just the last one, not sure) where if you activate it you get about 600 dam and you're stuck in the middle. If you try to move out it pulls you back in, a panda can counter with stabi. Funny thing, if tryde starts in carried state, it will invis the panda thats carrying it instead of itself. Dantinea: The boss itself is not very difficult, has 1 spell to swap with shells (see fight details) and 2 damage spells. The first is 4 range and does high damage (about 1k) and the second is lower damage, but 2 AoE around her. Dungeon: At the beginning of the fight 1 shell (4k vit) is summoned for each character. They all have numbers corresponding with your characters number (a state which is applied). As long as your shell is alive, you lose 1mp each turn. As soon as it dies, you get all mp back immediately. If your shell is still alive by turn 6, you die so make sure to kill all shells by turn 5. As long as your shell is alive, you can only hit shells, and the mobs are invulnerable to that character. Only the ones who no longer have shells alive can hit monsters. Make sure to rush the shells so you can kill the mobs fast. Techniques include Boom boss with rogue T5 and get rid of the shells, use mp red and kill from range, run around with cra and kill from range. Again, watch youtube for inspiration. Koutoulou: Diepwon: Attracts the target (close range) and hits about 500 dam. Another CC spell hits about 650 dam, and steals vit. His 3rd spell hits about 450 dam and steals vit. (3 AoE) Flauticultist: Has a ranged spell that takes up to 4 MP (can dodge), hits about 500 dam and pushes 3 cells. His 2nd spell hits around 600-700 and heals mobs around the target. N'yalgy: Summons some static mob with a 3 AoE glyph around it, if you enter the glyph you lose 3 range and I think it hits you if you end on it. N'yalgy also creates a trap on itself, (5 AoE linear) which if you enter it you get attracted to N'yalgy and it goes unmovable. Hits in about 4 range (400 dam) and steals up to 4MP (can dodge) Spookkoth: Hits about 400 dam and swaps places with the target (low range, I think like 4). Has another spell that creates a glyph in half a circle of 3 AoE, if you're already on the glyph when targeted by spookkoth it creates a double of your character, if you walk into the glyph yourself, it creates a double of your character. The doubles are really stupid, they do nothing but run towards the mobs and they share damage with your original character. You can have multiple doubles, so it's advised to kill them asap. You can kill them by pushing them into a mob, the other way around or general pushback dam doesn't work. It also has a normal spell I think that summons a double and hits you for like 400-500. Skt-Zo: Has a 3 range linear spell that steals 1k vit (2-3 turns?, can unbew) and makes you unhealable for a turn. Has another close combat spell that hits about 500 and takes 1MP. The last spell is important to know; he can summon doubles of other monsters in the fight, maximum 1 monster is summoned so if he summons a new one, the old one will die. However he can only summon doubles of monsters within 3 range. So if you keep it away from other monsters, he won't summon any. Koutoulou: It can swap places once a turn with another monster, I think up to 5 or 6 range. He hits about 1300 earth damage in CC when he gets close. At the start of his turn, he will teleport all chars in LoS next to him (4 max), so try to stay out of LoS and it's relatively easy. (see dungeon for more details) Dungeon: At the start of the fight, koutoulou will summon a static summon (koutoulou larva) in the middle of the map.The larva will cast a spell every turn that damages all characters on the map, the further away from the larva, the more damage you get. Note that if you're too close to the summon (1-3 range) Koutoulou itself will go invuln for a turn (still good to go here while you kill mobs, so you get little damage from the larva). The next levels are 4-7 and 8+ range (here you'll get over 1k dam, even with 50% res) . All this is air damage, so it's recommended to stack at least 40%+ air res or bring a masq + good heals. If you hit a monster, you will swap places with the closest non-static entity on the map (player/summon/monster). Priority give clockwise. If you swap a monster twice in the same turn, it will go invulnerable until the characters' next turn. The last thing for this fight are the numbers above your character, on 2: you reflect in 2 AoE around you (about 100-200 dam) when you hit. #4 you get a 50% heal malus, #6 you get a damage % malus (idk how much), at #10 you die. I'm not sure exactly how you get them, but some ways are: (you start with 1 and it just increases by 1 on every occasion mentioned here) - If you change places with an entity in hallicunation state twice in the same turn - If you are too far from the larva at the start of your turn - If Flaut hits you with his fire spell - If Koutoulou hits you in CC - If Skt-Zo takes your vit - If you end turn next to koutoulou (not sure about this one) - Some random shit nobody knows :^) I think you go down 1 number every turn, as long as you don't get new ones. Techniques include: 2 turn koutoulou blitz, koutoulou last (keep throwing it away and hide behind larva), just smash whatever you can. And again, watch some youtube videos for inspiration. It sounds much worse than it is though, should just try a couple of times. Some stuff may have been changed meanwhile, but I don't think so. If you have any more questions feel free to ask
  21. Although I've never played a fogger myself, I'm pretty sure it's not that great in PvM as a solo class. Osa would be much more viable here. For PvP they both work perfectly fine.
  22. Instead of doing that I'd make an ogrine offer instead. You won't instantly have them but you get them at a lower rate. Check the current kamas offers, and price yours accordingly. I've added 2 screens to clarify what I mean.
  23. No it has to be a ginger/almond stripe + ginger/x stripe where x is any 1st gen. For Ivory it's ginger/almond + almond/x.