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Everything posted by bobeur

  1. omg how
  2. Under The Edge still alive? I might log later this evening, I have some shit to give away if anyone wants. I won't be playing 1.29 again anyway and it would just rot away.
  3. https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/dd331162-d0a2-463e-9737-99fb56931237
  4. idk what these things go for nowadays and it really depends on how good you want your exos to be. Without the eggs I think you're looking at like 70-80m including normal exos and non-overmaged items.
  5. go eat a whistle ugly
  6. Henlo friends, since I'm bored I'm gonna open a leeching service for achievements but I can also do normal runs if there's any interest. Depending on your usefulness we/I can do any achievement you want. I usually log in evenings DUT so hit me up in game or on imps if you need something done. I'm not gonna list a price for every achievement because clearly that's too much effort. I'll make prices up along as they go, with certain discounts if you want more than 1 achievement done. Most of the prices will be similar to the ones you see in other leeching topics, since those will be the ones I'll be using as a reference. If you're interested in quest achievements, we could possibly work something out. However I'm not sure if the time/kamas is worth it.
  7. idk maybe something like this, can upgrade with eggs/exos when you have the cash. https://www.dofusplanner.com/BxKHc/
  8. Henlo mods please close this topic as I'm busy with the new content and my general lack of time. cenks
  9. PvM, res is for tryhards
  10. 9/11 eni set, I will probably be using it until they make 10 crit 100 int items.
  11. Friend newer items are all shit, I didn't want to show my set but it's probably on the character pages anyway. Here's what you should use to stop being a pleb tier cra: https://www.dofusplanner.com/oHDnZ/
  12. mdr fugitive hammer on a cra, ishygddt treadfast or riot
  13. omni build is the only build for cra, everyone who plays anything else is just missing out
  14. fuck your life ^______^
  15. I haven't had any lag issues lately, maybe it's because I don't play enough but I think they fixed it. (I have multi-account optimization turned on)
  16. Welcome to the most boring characterbuild/playstyle in Dofus!
  17. yeah tell us something we don't know ^______________^
  18. Also, letting Pathogerms hit anything (a char, a summon) will make them reset to 5 and you have to start it all over.
  19. I read this on dofuspourlesnoobs: It's kinda vague with the in line stuff, but just line up everyone I guess and see if it works.
  20. Well they're right. I've had times where I failed tight or barbaric without noticing, but that's all part of the achievement (it's like a vulbis drop rate where I actually don't notice it failed). If you need this, you probably just need to pay more attention to the fight while doing achievements.
  21. I don't think that'll be worth it, maybe 1 or 2 tryhards will do it (keep in mind they also need 8 phone numbers and 8 comps (virtual or not)). I can imagine the botters will do it though.
  22. Well yeah but, even if you apply that (afaik, it assumes some sort of strategy.), there's no real logic or strategy here other than not to pick a number you estimate surely nobody will go above. I think it's pure luck because the number of possible participants and actual participants is unknown, which makes the decision to pick a number within a reasonable restriction (0 to 50k maybe) arbitrary.
  23. How is this possibly mathematics and logic, it's just plain luck?
  24. You don't need a tanky panda until end game imo, just go cha or str or even int (cha is easier for lower levels)
  25. Can't blame him for assuming that. Machiavellis last sentence makes no sense to me at all with "private message" in it.