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Everything posted by bobeur

  1. 10m for gen 8/breedable gen 7 hit me up what you need and I'll let you know if I have them/how long until I have them. (I have almost all atm)
  2. I would like 1 of each resource pls
  3. omg so this is where my trash goes ^________^
  4. mdr elio ^_______________^
  5. you don't have a sig??? Scratch that I'm just ignoring it ^_______^
  6. idk what you guys are talking about enurado is full of treasures omg
  7. omg pls double camo
  8. omg look this noob doing 2k13 achievements with osa ^___^
  9. jokes on you I already am ^____^
  10. mdr git good
  11. are you for real? tfw tried blitz like 10 times cause of reflect
  12. bored

    tbh you're giving them more credit than they're good for. with panda/sram/iop/eni I'm pretty sure you can run any dungeon effortlessly (except maybe dimensions/whale). But you'll always have class-dependant dungeons.
  13. That's actually not a bug, but yes it's true. If you watch the video Quadro posted in the goals and achievements topic, you can see it just disappears after killing it normally. Nothing being moved or anything. Unless it triggers a couple turns later as an effect of dragline, but I don't think so.
  14. usually people forget mineral potions cause they either bad or used for miner levelling which still makes them bad ^___^
  15. That's right. It also buffs 2 mobs every turn with 3ap/mp and 300 pow (5ap/mp on crit) which you can unbew. It also casts damage sharing on 1 mob. If you kill a mob all chars lose 1ap/mp for a turn and get hit with fire dam (it's quite a lot, normally between 6 and 900 but I've seen over 2k for whatever reason) Everytime you kill a mob, the boss heals (like 2.5k?) and gets -10% res. Boss also attracts linear/diagonal at start of its turn.
  16. omg I said if you don't have it yet ^__^
  17. Oh shit you actually read all those storylines
  18. If Killer doesn't have it I can hook you up in a week or so, it's still 1/4 matings atm.
  19. I think I fixed it when I was running 16.04 by using noobslabs installscript: wget -O adobe-air.sh http://drive.noobslab.com/data/apps/AdobeAir/adobe-air.sh chmod +x adobe-air.sh;sudo ./adobe-air.sh It loads all the correct shared libraries you need, if you want check the adobe-air.sh for the exact dependencies it's installing before running it.
  20. tfw I've been bad ;_;
  21. couldnt find on fr so I made a bare as it gets guide to the noob sufokia quests: (too lazy to edit the wiki properly) Also theres 1 missing since I alr had it but I think it starts at [14,22] Investigation embarquée Talk: [9,27] Go: [7,28], [4,24], [6,23], [7,23], [8,22], [12,22] and click boats (sometimes get aggro by 3 mumussel) Talk: [9,27] Quest finished Voleurs en série Talk: [15,22] Drop shit from bandits (10-14%) Talk: [15,22] Quest finished Distribution de pains zizanesques Talk [15,22] Drop 20x shit from dark baker (40-80%) Talk [15,22] Talk [12,20] Talk [15,17] Talk [14,15] Talk [13,12] Talk [15,22] Quest finished Des étoiles dans l'estomac Talk [16,25] Bring to npc: 10x quest drop from sea star mob, 5x crab pincer Talk [16,25] Quest finished Vol au-dessus d'un coucou Talk: [0,24] Drop 5x each colour scara quest drop (20%) Talk: [0,24] Quest finished Moins on en a et plus on l'étale Talk: [6,30] drop 10x each jelly quest item (not lemon, 100%) Talk: [6,30] Quest finished Comment se mettre au jus Talk [13,25] Drop 10x jelly item (100%) Talk [13,25] Quest finished Pattes aux œufs frais Talk [16,25] drop 5x scara quest drop (50%) Talk [16,25] Quest finished Collier de perles en vinaigrette Talk [16,25] collect 10 pearl from shells you find at beach around sufokia, idk drop rate but its not 100% sometimes you get salt which you also lose while handing in the pearls. Talk [16,25] Quest finished C'est du Costaud Talk [17,28] kill 5x bandit, 2x each other bandit mob Quest finishes automagically