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  1. Yeah but the pink glyphs appear for every hit you take, regardless if you're trying to pull or not.
  2. My guess would be the shields on masq are too high, and the glyphs only activate on losing actual HP.
  3. I think getting the dofuses will be a good start, since they're quests you can 100% can them on all chars (ochre might be a bit harder) but I'm talking crimson+turq and maybe abyssal if you up to it. Farming dungeons always makes sense, since it's practically the essence of Dofus. If you still have your turkeys, I'd breed those too since scrolls are still a good source of income.
  4. I guess I should mention I don't log very often due to work and my love for beer.
  5. Henlo friends, since I'm bored I'm gonna open a leeching service for achievements but I can also do normal runs if there's any interest. Depending on your usefulness we/I can do any achievement you want. I usually log in evenings DUT so hit me up in game or on imps if you need something done. I'm not gonna list a price for every achievement because clearly that's too much effort. I'll make prices up along as they go, with certain discounts if you want more than 1 achievement done. Most of the prices will be similar to the ones you see in other leeching topics, since those will be the ones I'll be using as a reference. If you're interested in quest achievements, we could possibly work something out. However I'm not sure if the time/kamas is worth it.
  6. tim2riot friends
  7. While I support this idea, you don't remember when you last did a dungeon?
  8. bye friendo edit: tfw 90s kid, stop hating on me omg jk you said im a cool kid thx u 2
  9. I can only bring 1 smith(magus) though :(
  10. It seems the bug Sunbathe linked is related to a Seemyool not gaining stats at all, as yours do get stats I assume you're just acquiring information about the gain of certain stats. Let's say your breeding item has 90 effectiveness. A golden seemyool is the standard with a rate of 1 (100% of 90), all other breeds have different ratings of gaining stats. I'm not exactly sure about all the stripes (I don't remember), but for instance an orchid seemyool has a rate of 0.2, making it gain 18 instead of 90 serenity per interaction. The tiredness will however increase with the same speed as it does for an indigo seemyool that gains serenity with a rate of 1.8. Basically it means that your indigo seemyool got max serenity in a couple of interactions (gaining 162 per pat) and your orchid is still struggling with its 18 gain per interaction. Tiredness decreases 10 per hour, but because your orchid is still gaining stats the tiredness seems to stay full because as soon as it loses 10 it will immediately gain 10 from 10 interactions with breeding items since it still needs the stat. If the mount can't take any more of this stat (let's say it's at 10k serenity) it won't interact with breeding items anymore so the tiredness will decrease over time. Also, starting at 170 tiredness the effectiveness will increase for every 10 tiredness. A table can be found here If you're talking DTs, the only difference here will be generations (gen 1 rate 1 vs gen 10 rate 0.2), otherwise it really does seem like a bug. Edit: nvm I can't read and didn't see you said same type/gen DTs
  11. Yes so it would seem ^_________^
  12. Jk I'm dumb I was looking in the marketplace section ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Reported mods for not making an Imps Realty subforum for Echo @Rob especially you
  14. If you have Adblock Plus running you can add the following filters: impsvillage.com###header impsvillage.com###ipsLayout_header It will remove the header completely, so navigating to your profile/notifications is a tad annoying, but you could just bookmark those as a workaround. Browser extensions exist for chrome/firefox and probably other forks where you can render custom css. Idk if there's an option for IE, but who cares cause it's IE.
  15. Vertigo and Silence Trap don't take resistance into account and hit a fixed amount of damage per AP/MP based on your stats right through the resistances.
  16. Or use vertigo/silence trap to rekt boss and not care about the tryhard summon mechanism ^__^
  17. Which browser are you using?
  18. I think you should decide first what element you want your rogue to be. I think multi-element rogues make no sense since bombs are mono-element damage. Also, kolo with under 4k vit is not gonna be fun, since your bombs have too low hp and die too easily. (I think you should aim for 4.5k+) If you want to leech alts with 508 idol score, Rogue is not the right class for it.
  19. You can exchange the exploration items and get your other 2 chars in, the access isn't quest related.
  20. The CPU and graphics adapter are pretty low-end (also relatively old architectures), they're not exactly the gaming type hardware. I'd assume they're just not good enough for running a lot of Dofus clients.
  21. You don't need skill to spam summons and stack res.
  22. What Rob says, and I thought it was even like 25% but idk where to find the exact stats.
  23. Consider yourself reported friend
  24. Most of the classes can't solo a dimension dungeon simply because the damage is not enough to not get rushed by new waves. I think with the current system rogue/x is possible for queen. The hardest part for most people was to contain bombs and not die, the monsters itself are not hard and their AI is very predictable. (And double 3mp now lmao)
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      I want to congratulate you for the web that you have created developed to create sets for Dofus.
      I am an application developer for Android and I want to make an application of your website, it will be an application of the mobile version of your site, in the tests I have done, it fits very well to this platform. If you give me the authorization to do this, I would send the application to you first and if I get the okay, I could post it on the Plat Store because I have a space there. Here you can see the applications that I have done so far.
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