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  1. I'm all for ankama explaining spells and effects, but easier dungeons sounds like a shit plan to me. The whole idea of trying to make all content available to everyone is just terrible. There should be some dungeons that "noobs" can't beat, it's a part of the game you "train" for.
  2. Yes, you basically 1 shot it with wrath T4 after setting up portals. Since you're not next to it you don't get pushed away from portals etc. And you can move CB around cause it dies anyway.
  3. Gobball dungeon, I kill all before elio even gets a turn :^)
  4. It clearly has to do with the server merge since these reports came only afterwards, and en masse. Whatever they did, it seems to have caused some connection issues. Don't bother looking into your home network for problems, you won't find any (unless your shit actually fucks up, but you'll notice that outside dofus too). Also up- and download rates do not matter at all, Dofus uses mere bytes while playing.
  5. For pvp, yes. For pvm, no. The only reason I would erode is because I want to blitz something with fate, but then I'll prob bring an elio and hit through portal because it's easier to blitz. Besides, having to go next to something for damage buff is annoying since you'll probably be locked all the time.
  6. Personally I'd also swap emerald dofus/ap trophy for 80 pow/ochre, and the captain shield for a four leaf, but I may have a different playing style.
  7. Sounds about right, I did enurado and srambad quest each in a day on 6 and 4 chars respectively. Xelor a bit longer because there are some dumb incarnation fights that slow you down. The Cloudy quests are not long, there are just some fights you might struggle with (vs rats in srambad for instance) and bird of time. Abyssal gets longer the more chars you do it on. Mostly due to the fact there are many solo fights, and even if there are group fights you usually have to do them for each char because you can't update the quest for all chars at the same time (super annoying). Some fights are also harder for specific classes. I'm doing them on cra/cra/sram/rogue atm and I'd estimate the whole thing without the dungeons would cost me like 15 hours of questing, assuming I get the turret fight done fast. All the other fights I'm sanic, partly because these classes have no trouble with solo fights. Do elemental before abyssal, because at some point you need to run dantinea for it, which you can combine with abyssal quests.
  8. Hi @Zero x147, where are you on the ladder? ^___________^
  9. Henlo friend nice podset, get rekt ^___^
  10. I have an iMac with a 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo, 8GB RAM. It starts lagging with 3-4+ accounts. Especially if there's a lot of shit happening on a map. Same goes for my MacBook Air, 1,7GHz i5, 4GB RAM. I don't think you'll be able to run 8 accounts smoothly, honestly I think even 4+ won't even run smoothly. It will run, and you can do stuff with it, just with a lot of lag :-D Edit: oh, and don't turn on the fight chat on more than 1 client it somehow fucks the game up even more.
  11. mostly just luck, I repair the both healing turrets and then get out, hoping they kill both shokkoths. Sometimes they crit all the time and it's super easy, sometimes they only hit like 1k, it's kind of annoying but yeah.
  12. If Count kills it, you lose 20% res for the rest of the fight, and 2 ap for a single turn. If it ends on the black glyph it makes, you gain 50% erosion and lose 2 mp for a turn. If you end next to it or if it ends next to you (not sure which) you gain like 8% heal + shield. Edit: it can only eat the minikrone in melee range
  13. Why do people even care about the name of a server? It wouldn't change a thing if it was called Rushu or Echo or whatever the fuck Ankama comes up with??
  14. http://tofus.fr/fiches/tuto-abysses-sufokia.php#quetes-abysses
  15. They're on it
  16. 12 is an awkward amount of ram because there are usually 2 ram slots and a system like OSX or Windows (linux idk, but I guess the same) requires them to be the same amount. using an 8 and a 4GB stick will render 4 of the 8GB on the first stick probably almost useless. (At least, that's how it used to be, and I don't think it changed in the last few years) Just settle for 8 or 16.
  17. What char do you need this for though, I don't see a place for a wedding ring in a 416 team?
  18. Can we pls get a rule about quoting the last post in the topic, as well as the ones containing lots of images. It's totally unnecessary and makes it more annoying to actually follow/read a topic, especially on mobile. cenks
  19. There's nothing wrong with html tables? (front-end devs pls go) It occurs more often "random" (specific accounts that match a certain requirement nobody knows) accounts get promo's like this, and due to the lack of communication from Ankama (which makes sense, otherwise everyone would complain it's unfair they didn't get the offer) people see it as phising. You really can't blame Ankama for this, there's nothing suspicious/dangerous about it.
  20. I don't see any scam urls, anything *.ankama.com is coming from Ankama. If you're not sure, do a whois lookup on the domain it's leading you to and see who it's registered to. In this case, Ankama. Edit: I've taken the liberty of clicking the link, it leads to the usual secure.ankama.com subscription page.
  21. wow reported for spam
  22. Well you can just name the user, that's what usernames are for. We even have these fancy @Rob tags now. If you don't quote, you reply to either the topic or the last post. If you want to specify, use names. Quotes are there to reply to a certain thing a previous poster said, I'm just triggered by the QUOTE EVERTHING ANYONE EVER SAYS TO ME WHEN I REPLY mentality. But yeah I guess common sense would fix the problem. Luckily we have are nothing short of it on imps, right? ^__________^
  23. I'm not entirely sure what you want to know, but the transfer service will still be available exactly as it is today. The difference is, people with an account solely linked to the international community won't be able to go anywhere since there is only a single international server. The French can still transfer from one server to another (french to french), as can the accounts that aren't linked to any community. (any to any)