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Everything posted by bobeur

  1. Which OS are you running?
  2. make idols/trophies
  3. waw not bad, you had bombwall on bottom or something?
  4. Yes you need the key, I don't remember for sure but I think you get it during Perched Up High.
  5. new rune?
  6. 42
  7. Hi I'm buying 30 Ancestral Woods at 40kk ea, pls pm on imps/1.29 since I barely log on 2.xx atm.
  8. Pretty sure the channels won't be "community" restricted and therefore I think it's overall pretty irrelevant. People will use whatever recruitment or trade channel that brings them the most attention, hell if they have access to them they will probably use several at the same time.
  9. is it ded or you guys moved to that other chat thing?
  10. No it's fanta sea
  11. he still better than you ^_____^
  12. yeah what kikn said, high slot paddocks are in demand on rushu, Not everyone wants to pay the 70+ millions though, so if there is 8 times the amount of paddocks at once for maybe 4 times the people the prices will surely drop a bit but will be definitely higher than the "NPC" prices. Basically the idea is to get as many paddocks as possible and keep them linked, overtime you'll be fucking rich because more and more will get abandoned.
  13. gotta get them dead servers real estate ^__^
  14. I think it needs more inbetween frames.
  15. I did actually sell my cloudy for 150m, that was before they were obtained/for sale en masse. Prices will go down as soon as more people have them.
  16. omg what more do you need??
  17. That'll be hard to do though, seeing as the positions are fixed. What you want is a script that replicates (some of) your input for your other clients. I'm not proficient with it, but I think the solution if at all possible will be with AppleScript.
  18. should use ochre for extra ap, pls 12/6
  19. Ok so, we kinda got stuck here until a random french guy saved us ^__^
  20. Try changing the server port? It used to fix random issues back in the day for me.
  21. Shield/Authenticator isn't implemented yet in 1.29.
  22. There's a 10% chance of passing on a gene per parent.
  23. You didn't explain how ok also stop quoting the last post or you can consider yourself reported
  24. What Rob said, maxing only 1 parents' energy will give you a 50% chance of an extra baby. If the second has 1k energy instead of the full 5 (assuming it doesn't have endurance) you get an extra 10% (20% of the remaining 50%), etc.