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Everything posted by bobeur

  2. Come play fraktale toppy !!!
  3. fr math
  4. Yeah because you don't end turn ! jk actually ankama does count that as ending turn as it fails hermit, dumb.
  5. You end turn next to monster every turn until fight is over and you win !
  6. pls that F2 agi dagger in a max crit/agi set with 12 ap
  7. looks like zipso carry you
  8. How much you offering for turq and/or crimson?
  9. It's just another server in the normal client, like Heroic or Epic. I don't see why it wouldn't work through Steam. You'll have to be subscribed though, the server is inaccessible for f2p members.
  10. I doubt it crashes, after the Echo merge there were 2 chars named chedarface, whoever logged on last would be the "active" one (for PMs, whois, etc). Also:
  11. Please Ankama has never ever (since 2.0 at least) posted a major devblog around 2 months before the actual update. Mostly because they're probably still developing, testing and changing the new spells. It's not like they have an update ready and just wait 2 months to implement it.
  12. I'm sure a devblog will be released somewhere late November or early December.
  13. Agi is a good element, but I wouldn't focus too much on erosion and/or PvP builds. It's a new server, the progression will be slow and the amount of PvP vs PvM will be practically nothing. Talking of end-game builds for this server is completely useless because it will take quite a while for a normal player to reach that, and on top of that gear/exos are not as common as on a server like echo. Personally I'd go cha, because of the better range and the pp, which you'll need more than erosion or lock/dodge. I don't know ouginaks very well but I think they don't work very well in PvM, but if you enjoy the class go for it.
  14. mdr fecas
  15. There's nothing to "solve" though. If you want to reset every day (which is retarded by the way) you either pay for it or work for it. Orbs are a luxury thing, you don't HAVE to buy them to reset. Just spend a day on oto and a normal person has enough relics for another year. It's like saying woah Lamborghini just released their new car but it's so expensive that doesn't solve it for those who aren't rich af. It's a fucking luxury product just like orbs in dofus, and for luxury you have to pay. Edit: stop whining and just be happy they release a new kind of orb.
  16. ver nice
  17. ngl that iop in costume looks pretty good
  18. I think the bonta gob has an emote too, but I sold it so can't check.
  19. Henlo friends I'll be making a rogue, not sure if I'll like the server though but I'm gonna try it out at least. Since we should probably make a guild where we all join I vote for xX-FaZe-noscopers-Mtndew-Xx
  20. get 9 more or riot