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  1. omg how
  2. Under The Edge still alive? I might log later this evening, I have some shit to give away if anyone wants. I won't be playing 1.29 again anyway and it would just rot away.
  3. https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/dd331162-d0a2-463e-9737-99fb56931237
  4. idk what these things go for nowadays and it really depends on how good you want your exos to be. Without the eggs I think you're looking at like 70-80m including normal exos and non-overmaged items.
  5. go eat a whistle ugly
  6. idk maybe something like this, can upgrade with eggs/exos when you have the cash. https://www.dofusplanner.com/BxKHc/
  7. Henlo mods please close this topic as I'm busy with the new content and my general lack of time. cenks
  8. PvM, res is for tryhards
  9. 9/11 eni set, I will probably be using it until they make 10 crit 100 int items.
  10. Friend newer items are all shit, I didn't want to show my set but it's probably on the character pages anyway. Here's what you should use to stop being a pleb tier cra: https://www.dofusplanner.com/oHDnZ/
  11. mdr fugitive hammer on a cra, ishygddt treadfast or riot
  12. omni build is the only build for cra, everyone who plays anything else is just missing out
  13. fuck your life ^______^
  14. I haven't had any lag issues lately, maybe it's because I don't play enough but I think they fixed it. (I have multi-account optimization turned on)
  15. Welcome to the most boring characterbuild/playstyle in Dofus!