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  1. It is correct, the wording is a bit off imo. Fuze doesn't blow ALL your bombs, just the ones that are targeted/in range as any other detonation. Now I don't know if that's a bug, if it is there is still use for a no LoS Fuze in combination with gluing bomb on a target.
  2. That's correct, and after placement 10 you go back to 1. The positions increase individually, meaning every char can have a different position. The most occuring placement will be used, or in case of a tie, the highest placement is used afaik.
  3. What do you mean with +damage added? The 10%? I can test if you want, but I'm not sure what to test. Walls are generally not affected by this effect, since it's not AoE damage, like glyphs these days. There's an area yeah, but there the damage happens on/for a single cell. Any AoE bonus/malus is applied once a bomb goes boom. edit: ok nvm it's actually supposed to be this way
  4. looks super balanced
  5. Sram is a really good option for a duo team, it has both good map manipulation and high damage. Skill you'll acquire (hopefully, normally) by playing it long enough. Don't worry about a sram being super expensive, it doesn't require more investment than any other class (depending on which sets you want of course, but that goes for every class). I'm not sure about a 2nd char. I know this might be "useless" advice, but play a character you enjoy! I play classes I don't enjoy much worse than the ones I do enjoy, except cra because it's impossible to play well or bad in PvM. (inb4 I don't enjoy any class :^))
  6. Couple of things to your omni set: - You can't have 2 AP exos, the limit is 1 AP and 1 MP exo (change queen belt for belteen or something) - Vit is overrated for PvM, especially as a cra - Don't use major powerhouse, it's not worth the -12 crits I'd also use TF amu instead of this one, you get more power, crits and crit dam. You can't have more than 6 range anyway. Once you get an ochre you can change the whole thing and combine multiple sets. Until then this should be fine. The rest looks alright. The advantage of going omni is puni + atone imo, if you don't really use those anyway just go int/agi.
  7. I'm not entirely sure when this change was implemented, but I think it might be around the time you quit so I'll just post it. Since an update around 2010-2012 Ankama changed the Dungeons to a "loot based" group. Meaning if you go with 4 characters, you only fight 4 monsters. Making it much easier and more efficient to do everything in game without an 8 man team, but a 4 man team. There isn't really a yes or no answer to your question, as everyone has a different opinion about it. Personally I enjoy the game more with a team, or at least more characters available. But that's mainly because all my friends have teams, and I'm used to the "solo" play where I don't have to wait for someone else that plays slow/bad/different. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy playing with friends, that's still the best. Even if you're just 2 people teaming up.
  8. "selling kamas pm me" this guy does not give a shit lmao
  9. dat place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. I would say this is the absolute best (maybe change stats a bit idk): https://www.dofusplanner.com/Qyk7u/ Personally I use this: (it's cheaper with similar results) https://www.dofusplanner.com/GLU2Q/ I don't know the new sets, so there might better combos by now
  11. I'm pretty sure they did through some FR ambassadors, Gravestorm and Nerodos. The sad fact is, the entire INT community is much smaller than the french one, and more importantly WAY less involved with stuff like this. The international topic had like what, 5 pages? The french one has 80. You never know with Ankama but I assume they pick the most wanted ideas that are realistic to be implemented and drop (or maybe keep other good ideas for later date) the rest. (At a ratio of approx. 1:15 clearly we're outnumbered). I've been through the english and french forums about it, and it's no surprise that the international communities ideas did not come through because most wishes were made from personal perspective or little to no use to 99% of the game. Like "Discord shield pls". I mean, if that was your contribution you just can not complain about not being listened to.
  12. @white cat 22 These are actually all (maybe not 1 on 1 but still) from the players' wishlist. Did you even make the effort to put up your own wishes? I agree with Fravanlan, imo your post belongs on the french OF under a new devblog/changelog, not here.
  13. absolutely rigged, my ign is brutt-os thx for donate