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  1. There's a 10% chance of passing on a gene per parent.
  2. You didn't explain how ok also stop quoting the last post or you can consider yourself reported
  3. What Rob said, maxing only 1 parents' energy will give you a 50% chance of an extra baby. If the second has 1k energy instead of the full 5 (assuming it doesn't have endurance) you get an extra 10% (20% of the remaining 50%), etc.
  4. cenks ankama
  5. Because they want to organize a tournament for the "middle class" as well. Personally I find it sad to see everything has to be overmaged with %res to even compete in the higher leagues.
  6. Lmao this bot keeps passing on one side of the map and the devourer on the other side :^)
  7. They look very good cap, I can't tell the difference between yours and a Rembrandt.
  8. idk what incest you talking about ^___^
  9. Does anyone have purebreeds with more than 1 mating? It keeps going down for me and ends in 1.
  10. omg Choum, don't forget the A-Team ^__^
  11. This was the first thread I found so I'll just bump it. Anyone up for opening it sunday evening? I'll be away for most of the weekend so I'd like to run it last minute cause this shield looks funny.
  12. Impressive drawings
  13. omg no that will ruin the market ^__^
  14. No, there's a chance of getting chameleons out of nowhere, it's like 5 or 10%
  15. Don't listen to him Aaron his eca is weak ok :^) Do what youb said it's not worth restarting in 2.40, especially not with your level of dedication ^_____^