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  1. I'm playing, every once in a while. IGN - Power.
  2. AHK is the best. (Like literally, after checking every software/method people suggest, they all have weird downsides. AHK's "downside" is getting the correct scripts which are readily available.) And if you have a gaming mouse, you don't even have to use your keyboard to switch windows :) So there's that as well. You can literally play 8 accounts 1 handed.
  3. And then give it to me.
  4. PvP aside, where do these classes REALLY fit into the PvM world. I literally just created one, read all the spells and killed a few things with portals and logged off. So I'm not really sure. But do they fill the healing / damage role to a degree that they could be simply dedicated to it? Mainly interested in healing but I'm not 100% sure because of the portal state requirement. Or is it just another class that can do a few things but just not quite good enough? Either way they seem fun, if only because it's something new. #videomontageofportalplays
  5. Well the first thing you need to do if you want to be successful at pvp is know how each class works. Each class only has so many spells accessible to them so learning them isn't hard. But if you don't know that a sacrier can pull you or that a sadida can soothe you, you're going to have a bad time. I would suggest just taking a quick look at the wiki at each class and look at any spell you don't know. Every spell falls into a basic category of how it works, so it's not that hard. A) The effect/damage(-AP, -MP, -HP, States, -Resistances) it does, B) The angle (linear, diagonal, circle, cone, etc), C) Movement (pull, push, displace, swap, return to position at end of turn, etc) Then I would suggest, just go pvp. You don't lose anything for trying other than time and bread? Although I think you heal from kolo fights IIRC, so not even that. I would say experience and strategy can carry you through a lot of fights unless you're going vs people that outlevel and outgear you to a high extent just to wreck at that level pvp. You can build your set and stuff as you go, there's nothing stopping you from doing it right now. Will you win as much as you would with the perfect set? Most likely not, but you can still win some fights, get xp, monies, and street cred.
  6. Remember when we used to do rats and just cast poisons + Sylvan. Those were the days :^]
  7. ? What koda posted was why he didn't add a vit build to the guide. What nume asked was why would you go vit when you get huge resistances from boozer and have those sexy soft caps on all stats (aka increasing damage of spells). To which I say, because most people that use pandas in pvm just seem to vuln spam / map manipulate every turn. -_- Unless they're a solo panda. But either way, if your panda is rarely attacking, why not be some tanky thing so you can be more aggressive / safe at the same time. Only pandas I really see attacking are people that solo/duo account or have multiple pandas. But I don't play with many other people :) Oh PS. Nice guide :D but why no vit build? (jk)
  8. After playing around with a lot of sacrier builds it just seems int makes it easier to keep your HP up to where life transfer is still good. With a lot of the later enemies reflecting spells within 1-2 range and stuff like that. And sacrier's already troublesome ranges, I merely meant that int can definitely be a decent healing machine. I mean they all have their ways to regenerate HP, but depending on what you're fighting some just cost a ton of AP to set up to steal enough back. Int is just consistent as it has the most range (unless we're counting fury, but let's be serious) spell-wise and it's non linear. Then again maybe I just suck at other elements of sacrier :^]
  9. What's with all the troll posts anytime people post things now? Jeez. Anyway, cool guide if i had any suggestions it would be more spell icons and rather than how you did the elements maybe break it down into something like Intelligence Positives: blahblah Negatives: blahblah Just seems weird to see Intelligence Positives, Intelligence Negatives, etc when we already know its all going in a certain order. Just looks cleaner. Also possibly moving the spells (attack spells) to those sections based on element, that way you don't have 2 sections splitting up the elements, everything for each element is all together. Rather than Str/Neut spells up here and then a section for Str sacs pros/cons later in the guide. Also being as my sac is int, I think you should also point out that even WITHOUT healing weapons, int sacriers can be amazing healers with only Life Transfer leveled. At least in general pvm. There's nothing like healing 500+ hp in a decent AOE and then healing it back because absorption is OP. And another note that possibly grabbing that +dodge -lock trophy makes all sac builds fairly viable. Mine is int with that trophy (I think I might also use the other dodge trophy but meh) and it can dodge roll pretty much most things pre-frig 3 like nothing and some frig3 stuff enough to not get 100% locked. And being that sacriers are such a low range class, locking/dodging is a huge deal.
  10. Basically no matter what form of pvp you choose to do. You're either top knotch or going to get spanked, at least on main servers because some people are just so far ahead with their kamas they have anything they need for any scenario and those are the people constantly pvping. Attacking / Defending percs usually is pretty lame. Even if you do it in a group it's either vs a bunch of crazy pvpers or just a few scrubs that weren't busy at the time. There's rarely a middle ground where it was like "Wow nice fight" it's either "WTF they're op" or "Why did they even bother defending." Dunno about alliance stuff though like KOTH, cause #notinterested.
  11. That depends on what they're doing. Because if by doing so preventing people from doing anything else inside the maze, then I'd say it qualifies.
  12. He's already got a set silly. He just wants to know a good class to toss it onto. Int/Cha support masq op. Ez dmg with pushback, heals from weapon. leek pie for ranged destruction. And dem shields. Now this sounds more original.
  13. Sorry my cra has long since been cha/int.
  14. Hi, is there a new cheap ez panda set that allows 10-11 AP, 6 MP with class boots and no weapon? By cheap and easy I mean.... doesn't require lvl 200 or eggs/exos. Elemet of your choice. Preferred no weapon required for the AP or MP so I can use it for souling and not lose a vital stat. Any level < 199 but something 19X+. I know I normally make sets for people but I haven't played in forever and don't know if there are any new items or cool set combos that I didn't think of :D Oh and I guess I should also say with decent range, as I believe that's pretty much a req for any panda but then again I'm not picky. I'm just using scrap gear anyway atm.
  15. Probably doesn't count but you can't stop me from posting it anyway. My brand new iop eni and panda. I'd hate to see what people are getting with actual wis maged gear and candies and 4x XP.