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  1. Search for the duo on cap on youtube. Most of them have panda and rogue, or panda and cra, but I even did it with cra/eni, so you should be good with what characters you have. Level cawwot to 6 on both. Recommended high range and agility on Cra for plaguing arrow . Tap away and after 5 turns, repeat. When possible, push Cap away when crystals disappear. Eni can heal, boost power, shield, etc. Prior to nerf, the push back spell on eni was nice. Some say pushing Cap back isn't necessary, I but I found it helpful. On the videos, you will see the back two spots/cells that you will be standing on for most of the match. Dokoko is also helpful if you are worried about health. It will take some time to learn, but probably the easiest of those dungeons under the water.
  2. R.i.p. chance cra. Wtf are you to do when 2 out of 4 of your spell's are on cool down for 3 turns and you only get one slowdown? Stay in range for a weapon hit? 3rd official rise of omni cras will began shortly...
  3. Enurado -15, 35 77 uses left
  4. Mixed feelings on this if true... But hey, paired with golden and I guess it works.
  5. Would that mean last gen will be critical resistance and pushback resistance? Was wishing for an ap one......
  6. Enurado Portal: -21, -55 126 uses available Sorry, weird..left the portal, came back out and it wasnt there anymore. Some way, it moved to here.
  7. Xelorium Portal: -6, -38 106 uses left.
  8. So i am on the part where you have to fight the quartet of Trituns. It is quite frustrating for my underpowered characters (and I would admit, not the strongest strategist). On top of that, the enemy A.I. is smart, while the NPC ally A.I. is dumb as a brick. The NPC focuses his attacks on the Octodoll at all cost if no other enemy is in range. He would run the Octodoll down, even if it puts him in sight of the Crabtun, which would put him in the pacifist state and make his nothing but a meat shied that dies quickly and leaving my character to kill off 4 enemies. Any suggestions? I past it with a cra, but now I am working on this quest with an Eni, Enu, and Panda. And i think the quest after would allow access to the next level. Would be great if they nerf this quest and allow others to join in on the fight, and maybe allow lifting word to work on the NPC. Binary-Fairy
  9. Thx!
  10. Hi all. I was wondering if capture requirements have changed on some of the Muldos. I have tried to capture a wild ebony about 5 times under the previously posted requirements with no success. Can anyone confirm? Also, is it like DTs where you can't have a DT in the slot if you want to capture? Thx Valcyrie
  11. Xelorium Dimension -11, -20
  12. SramBad -53, 21 (one below Tynril Dungeon)
  13. Enurado 32, -34
  14. Enurado 7, -3.
  15. Srambad -19, -22 cyclic power 66 uses left