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  1. Hey you probably won't remember me, I was a Sadi, Slaze, for most of my Dofus career. Good to see old Shikans back. There are a few old players playing Dofus touch. I'm actually in Jedi Mind tricks, which Hologram is the leader of. All the best
  2. bored

    Multi accounting in Dofus Touch. Now i'll agree to being a hypocrite here, i started 2 alts, but only because i felt i'll be left in the wind if i didn't. I had never heard of emulators, so i just naturally presumed it would be a solo game (unless you had more than one device). The game progresses way to fast with the xp multiplier and the ability to multi account. I just wish we could all get along like we used to in '1.29'. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy.
  3. I played solo for a long time, but that was many years ago when the servers were more populated and less people multi logged. 90% of my reasons for quitting were due to being unable to efficiently do stuff in game. I ended up with a playing two accounts for the majority of my time playing Dofus. It did help indeed, but i wish i had just gone for a four man team. It takes a little longer to set up, but will help loads in the long run. If i could have played solo (the reason i moved to Dofus Touch) then i would have, it just wasn't viable for me and my goals. I found duo enjoyable, i would use 2 sidekicks to help for most dungeons. I would recommend Kamus rex, he is a great sidekick! I played Sadi/Cra up until 200. Then changed to Eni/Panda in the hopes of finding people to play with and always being useful. But i changed again to Feca/Masq. Whilst i only played this combo for about a month before quitting again, it was a lot of fun. The survivability is superb, and its generally a fun combo. Its useful in epic Frig 3 dungeons, is yet to be tested (i doubt very useful), but for most other content its great. Feca's can work well with most classes, if its int and has a healing weapon, you can go for a more damage orientated second class. Srams would probably work here to help keep enemies on Glyphs, similar with iops. Or you could go for a Panda/Eni for a more all round duo. My advice would be to just bite the bullet, make a 4 man team, get used to playing four, and reap the rewards in the long term. Atlas
  4. This seems very confusing, but i guess it will make sense when we play it. It also sounds like how Dofus 3 is going to be, so why change normal Dofus to be the same as Dofus 3 (since they are going to be different games, surely you want some differences? Thats how i read it anyway.
  5. That was a fun read, thank you. I've never played Rushu so we have never met, but your feats are inspiring. I have only ever duo'd in Dofus, and found that tricky enough. To see pictures of your team is incredible. It shows true dedication to this game. I hope you can continue to enjoy Dofus, I like your current four man team, it looks simple yet fun (the same team i would have if i could have four), which is maybe what you need after years of hard work. All the best. P.S PLUG If you're looking for a fresh new adventure, try out Dofus Touch
  6. Ah awesome, I recognise your name in the guild. I've had a busy few weeks but when i get back (next week) we can start to sort some stuff out. Shouldn't be a problem for you to join us. Myself and Seren will also have a similar times t being online (myself/Bef/Seren are all from the UK)
  7. I'll just throw in my 2cents. Myself and Bef are both from the UK, and what we did was change our itunes to a have a Canadian location (you dont need to provide a credit card, just address), once the game was downloaded we simply changed it back. We can buy goultines this way. The International release should be within a month or so, thats what they said a few months back. Myself and Bef are apart of 'Project', which is an English speaking guild, you are more than welcome to join. Myself and Bef (and a real life mate of mine) and also a team, which you are more than welcome to join as the 4th member (we could do with a damage class), we'll help you get on your feet. Like Bef said, the only way to multi log is via more tablets, or to use emulators (there are quite a few multi loggers on Touch, but the majority are solo). The server is still small, but growing fast, and i expect it will explode when the server goes international. The game in general runs and plays great, they are updating it weekly. You can message me in game, or on here. Hope to see you around! Atlas
  8. Welcome back, I remember the name Xanis and hat you were a Xelor, but i'm not sure we ever properly met. Anyway, good to see an old Shikan back playing, have fun on Rushu. If you're looking new adventure, you could always (providing you have a teblet) try Dofus Touch
  9. Yeah was thinking just going Str Sac from the start in full adv set, maybe even mage some Str/Vit on too it too. I'll give it a go and see what happens. Yeah i would need to kill all dopples, thats my current problem and why i want a alt to farm doploons on.
  10. Thanks, ill keep that in mind. Was thinking of an even lower lvl to be honest, in like ADV/gob set, if there is one. However if there are no other suggestions i'll try the Sac. Thanks
  11. Hey guys just wondering what class at a low level would be the quickest at farming dopples. Also what Lvl range/set would you reccomend. Excluding Huppers/Eliatrope and I won't have access to OP/Magee sets. Thank you in advance
  12. Yeah i didn't think you would recognise me, i;ve changed my name since the good old days. You might remember me as Slaze, a Sadida, back in the Knights Templars and Jedi Mind Tricks era. I'll add you when i log
  13. Hey Boom, not seen you around for a long time! If you change your app store to the Canadian store you can download the game. You don't need a VPN to play anymore. Once you've downloaded the game you can change your app store straight back.
  14. Just a little update guys, Dofus Touch will be getting its full release tomorrow. A new French server will be opened for French players. The current server (Grandapan) has lost its IP lock to Canada, so all international players should have access. I believe that it will appear in all app stores outside of Canada too.
  15. For a long long time it was Sadidas. It was my main until level 200, and when i first made an alt I made another Sadi! However Sadis have always had drawbacks when looking for groups (even more so when you have two). Players would rather take many other classes over a Sadi. I changed classes shortly before the Sadi rework so haven't had chance to play them yet. However my fav route class at the moment is a Feca. I think they are a great alround class, fun to play, effective and versatile whilst not being too complicated.