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  1. Haha. Before using that amount of kk try one run and see if its good for you, and by yourself other dungeons or zones. I recall rats on brak/bonta sewers with sadida+damage strat was amazing but not sure if it applies for 1.29 or older versions. As I always say when someone asks for leveling places, search good stars for bonus and do it efficiently/according to your team characteristics. But I'm pretty sure blops are very good if you manage to get good clearing speeds.
  2. Before 2.0 I remember doing tons of blop dungeon, which was really easy for my str sadi to clear fast and safe. It was also really easy to recover the mats to make the keys, drop the materials or simply drop the keys. It yielded the best xp while keeping it easy and cheap. Raised my whole 8-man team up to 100 there, before frigost came. Now, I honestly think you should raise one of your characters first to a decent level (100) and put the rest on wisdom. That way you will save tons of time. After level 60 it will becaome tedious and you won't see much progress. I also recommend to get an enu (ditch one of xelor/cra/feca/eca) and perhaps a sacrier. I remember the holy grail on 1.29 being panda-eni-sacrier, plus enus are amazing in keeping enemies at distance and drops (which I guess is still really important there without achievements). Anyways, having a main character that can carry your whole team is the best strat. I think there's no superior leacher than sadida btw, both in 1.29 and 2.4x.
  3. I tried last weekend on the dungeon rush and no, its impossible wether the you are out of the whole area or in the next map.
  4. This so much. In fact the description is not clear at all. It should say "At the end of the objective's turn...." because you are the one casting the spell, not the enemie/ally.
  5. Hi folks. I'm doing But Where Are the Dofus? Achievement on my team in order to search the dofus. So far I had no problem with any char but with my Panda. I can't seem to complete Pandala: Its Goddess with him. It requires 2 previous missions (Medical Visit and Pandala: An Island Like No Other). Strangely the Pandawa's class basic mission seems to replace Medical Visit since is very similar, but named Mysteries of Pandala, but still no Medical Visit mission so I guess its impossible for pandawas to get that one. For An Island Like no Other, I talk to the gueard but he doesn't give me the mission (I already completed Pandavignon). Rarely enough I can still make Pandala Its Villages and Its Fresh Air, which require Its Goddess to be completed beforehand. I guess I'm good to go with my Pandawa for the Achievement without the first mission?
  6. Honestly the best place someone can level (wether is solo or un group) is where there are more stars and you can rotate or kill the mobs fast enough. What I mean is that there are areas like alma's cradle and asparah gorge (at least on my server) that give nice xp but many people go there so the mobs have no stars. Remember that a 10 star mob gives 300% xp compared to 100% for a mob without stars. That's 3 times thexp. So, maybe you are tempted going to petrified forest or alma's cradle but maybe in some pandala/cania areas you can yield more xp per minute than in frigost. When I was leveling alone from 188-196 I got up to 1m xp per minute WITHOUT big idols, an average of 400k which is really nice when alone but it was because I always searched for areas with "effective" to kill monsters and many stars (for me it were the bworks new zone in cania and arachnid forest). Take into account is easier to make challenges on lower level mobs than the usual with less failing potential aswell. Also I higly recommend using some low level idols. You can easily get 100 score (hence 100 bonus xp and drop) with some of the cheapiest idols and with malus not that bad like +1MP and 10%reflected damage.
  7. Hi folks, I'm looking cheap ass sets/builds for my Panda, Iop and perhaps Eni (Have okish set on her; there's room for improvement but piority is Panda/Iop) for PvM only. My team is Str Sadida-Cha Enu-Int Eni-Cha/Agi? Panda-Str Iop. Before anything, what element should I work on my panda? I lack from agility and there's already 2 strenght chars. Pure Intelligence and Agility look uncomfortable so I was thinking in Water+Agility, since water has the best dmg after str and agility is a nice stat on pandas anyways. Class: Str Iop+Agi/Cha Panda (but if you have better elements for panda, let me know.). I might make an agi Elio on enu's account so that might influence.Kamas/time available: 20-25mk (I know its not that much but I could gear up my Sadida and Enu with that amount). Gathering mats if possible with my current team.Current team: Str Sadida-Cha Enu-Int Eni-Cha/Agi? Panda-Str Iop.Lvl range: Up to 200 for Iop . Around 198-199 for Panda.Extra comments: Okish dmg for Panda. For Iop as best as posssible. 3.5k HP on both. Obviously no hard getting dofus (Ochre/Vulbis/Cloudy/Dolmanax/Ice) or exos. Might get Emerald and Crimson dofus soon. Vitality and main stats scrolled. BTW I have spare Fuji cape/boots - Spore boots - Amulet Cetera - Turbine Belt - Tash Ring, those are more for 190ish tho.PvP or PvM oriented: Full PvM oriented. My goal is making every dungeon up to 190 and perhaps complete frigost. Thanks!!!
  8. Not sure if its too late but many old resources that got revamped like planks and meats can be double-clicked or right-click-->multiple use to get their current or similar equivalent. By the way, does anyone know if Wild Golden Dragoturkeys are used in any quest? I have some in my shed but might sell them instead of reproduce'm.
  9. bored

    Most annoying things for me are mobs/characters with extremely random/stupid features or strategies. Greedoblops coupled with the pink glifs are just dumb. Even with a sadi and enu is just plainly dumb. But the zone I hate the most is kimbo's canopy boss stage and regular mobs with more than 1 snailmet. If you are in a small team (2-4 chars) if there's one pikoko and snailmet there's a high posibility 2 people will insta-die on the first/second turn. Don't let me start with kimbo stage. Even if you manage to kill the other mobs and play perfectly, you may insta-die in any turn. The other area I hate themost is the skeunk dungeon. You can't teleport/prism so you need to take a long ass road of at least 50 maps filled with mobs that will aggro you. The dung by itself has retard mechanics/maps. No wonder why skeunk/kimbo resources are the most expensive up to F3 dungeons.
  10. Hi impsvillagers. What does this mean "After checking his records, the paddock keeper tells you that he has released "?", a mount that you had left with him. He had received no news from you or the new owner within the set time limit." ? For some context: This is my second month of playing after 3+ years without playing. Back then I owned a guild (which I think only consisted of my alts accounts) and had a paddock with 10+ dragoturkeys, but with that amount of time without playing the guild disappeared (I think) with the paddock asell I believe. I can't remember the position of the paddock. I've been capturing and selling wild dragoturkeys and have some wild and non-wild on public paddocks but I'm sure all certificates are still valid. I got about 5-6 of those mesages in the last couple of days. Thanks!!!
  11. Hi folks. I know there's a general "what team should I use" thread but is kind of dead and this is a bit more wide than "add this". My main char is a Sadida. I wanna be able to do all PvM content with him so I need to build a team around him. I also have most of my 200 professions and started dofus quests on him (almost done with ochre one) so I can't ditch him, and they are really good at PvP. Since I can only suscribe up to 5 acc (3 with $ and 2 with kk) I was wondering firstly if a 5 team is viable instead of a 4 man? Sadidas are really meh in PvM so in a 4 man team I would lack either MP rape, heals, damages or map control. If a 5-man team is viable, which should I choose and what elements? Is it still at least one character per element needed? I wanna have a versatile roster where I can have 2-3 classes on a same acc if needed (like acc5: iop/sram/huppermage). This is what I currently have (but it doesn't matter if I need to 1-200 new classes): acc1: 198 Str Sadida. Cha/Int/Str or Int/Str on the future. acc2: 190 Cha Enu. MP rapist in PvM. acc3: 187 Int Eni. Heal bot. acc4: 187 Agi Sacrier. Sacriers seems to be not so good for PvM now. acc5: 187 Cha/Wis Panda. acc6: 184 Cra. acc7: 167 Iop. acc8: 140 Feca. What I'm looking for in terms of PvM role and/or PvP usage: acc1: Sadida for PvM and PvP purposes+Secondary PvP class (huppermage) acc2: Enu. acc3: Eni. Heal bot. acc4: Control/Buffer Character: Sacrier/Panda/Elio. Might be full or hybrid agility because of the other char. acc5: Damage dealer(s). Mostly sure Iop with perhaps sram/cra/eca. Might be used in PvP aswell. The team I'm thinking WITH its elements: acc1: Multi/Int+Str Sadida + Huppermage (because it looks fun af in PvP) acc2: Cha Enu with high MP red. acc3: Int Healbot Eni. acc4: Cha+Agi Panda + Elio. Agi hybrids or path for elemental balance and dodge/lock. acc5: Str+Int or full Str Iop. Perhaps Str+Agi Sram. What do you think about it? Please include each account´s elements. Thanks a lot!
  12. I second Trump Pepe. Unless you use pots it is the easiest rute. Since I'm part of the dominant alliance, when I finish feca's temple I do haven bag/recall pot to [-2,0]>prism in front of sadida temple. BTW, how do you get to sacrier temple from masq's? I thought the only way was going from crackler's zaap. Also, I'm coming back after a 3 year hiatus. Why is my "An excessive dozen" quest bugged? I don't do dopples that much since is kinda easier do kk and buy the scrolls atm, but every time I start it all dopples arechecked in the quest page and is a bit difficult to track the progress. It seems I receive the rewards as intended after actually defeating all dopples.
  13. Hi folks. Coming back after a long dofus vacations, I haven't maged anything since 4 years ago. With the new orbs I was wondering if I could exomage some str or power ring for my main (sadida str or str/cha/intin the future), possibly to AP. Since it will be my first exo I don't wanna try it on a 6mk+ ring, so my options are: Fahter Whupper (nice dmgs, but no range/summons) Missis Freezz (similar to father, no cha/int dmgs) Broucey (Great stats+range but only for str build, cheap AF) Bearbaric Band (similar to missis but int isntead of cha, %air+water resist) Hail Ring (Similar to father but with range instead of crit hits, easier to control +dmg sink since is +all dmg. %water resis) Fuji Snowfox (2 summons and power but not cha/int dmgs or resist) Taking into account is probably gonna be a multi sadida, the price and the overall stats I think the best option would be the Hail Ring, but since I haven't maged in years, I was wondering if the +Range or +Summons stats make it extremely difficult? If so, which would you choose? Imho, the best option would be hairsh bracelet but can't afford playing with a 6mk ring on my first exo. Another also: After rolling a MP/AP exo, how difficult is to mage the stats of the item? Since orbs reset any previous mage, using runes before exo seems useless right? Thanks!
  14. So, are you 100% sure I can get 5 dolmanax on one single account and sell 4 of them after 4 months? A guildie said it wasn't possible but now I'm not sure. I know you can still make the daily quests on a character that already has a dolmanax. Is more about getting 5 dolmanax at the same time on one account.
  15. Hi folks. Is it possible to get more than one dolmanax per account? If it isn't, what about almonokens to buy other things like the emote scrolls? Thanks!