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  1. Do you need to repair the healing turrets more than once? They always kill 1 Spookkoth and leave the other at 1k-2k HP and then become broken again and eventually die without killing the other one. Or is it just luck with their damage rolls and hope they kill them?
  2. Got it from one of those maps! Thanks!
  3. Is there any other prerequisite than being on the correct step of the quest to drop the Work Contract? I have even dropped the Textbook that has a lower % but cannot get the Work Contract.
  4. Speak to the NPC at [-37,-54]
  5. Need to beat all F3 bosses but Nileza in a specific order (Ice Dofus questline) 1.5mk Sylargh / Klime / Missiz Freezz 2mk Count (500kk for a quest battle in between Missiz and Count) /w Inescapable
  6. I've been good this year Santa!
  7. When you don't know something related to Dofus, ask JOL: http://dofus.jeuxonline.info/article/14237/quetes-saharach
  8. Quests done thanks to Mystic-water! Thank you Captain-Gale for also contacting me :D
  9. Basically a friend and I are doing Ice Dofus quests and we have reached a point we can't continue do to insane fights there. We need to finish two quests: Armarines on Strike, where you need to survive 11 turns to 5 Black Legion monsters. Recalled to Life, where you need to kill a 20k HP Snowdew that hits A LOT. If someone has a team willing to help, please send a PM to Inescapable or my friend Black-Wizard. Thanks!
  10. To all seemyool breeders: Which quests/achievements from New Sufokia do I need to do in order to be able to exchange seemyool certificates for pearls?
  11. Alright, just checked with Defuse and it seems Int bombs work perfectly but Agi and Cha bombs are a few units off when calculating explosion and 'very' unreal when calculating wall damage. It may be that I have messed up and I don't know where. I will try to correct it and edit my last post, as this is a topic for Dofusplanner and I dont want to hijack it more with this topic. EDIT: See post above for the last version of the excel sheet (hopefully with no errors)
  12. Good for you I had it done (but no excel god, sorry). https://www.dropbox.com/s/oovdryh40l966iy/DAMAGE_CALCULATION.xlsx?dl=1 Changed it a little bit so others can understand it and not only myself. You just need to change blue cells. It may have some errors, I did it a long time ago and only played with it for some days. Maybe someone interested can check in-game if the numbers are correct, and if anyone wants to update it with more features, feel free to do it. EDIT: New version uploaded
  13. Bump! New price