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  1. Mom! I did it!
  2. I'll be away for awhile so the service will be temporarily stopped (1-2 months) ●﹏●
  3. I've been good this year Santa!
  4. Sounds cool! good luck guys ^.^ Int 2.0
  5. It's funny because he's actually decent, everyone was laughing about it including him, even when the whole fight's outcome depended on that turn and man it's been a while since I've laughed at the fails of someone who isn't a fool (◑‿◐)
  6. Sincere thanks to everyone who made this event such a success!
  7. Howdy Rushu! I had the idea of making events on Rushu ever since I came back to Dofus a few months ago, and now that Evulhealer got kicked! I have enough kamas to keep up with my subscriptions and stuff, I'm able to hold some events every now and then! The main reason is obviously having fun but that's not all! the event will also be very rewarding due to the fact that a lot of people would rather not take part because they've been waiting so long for the weekend to come so they can hunt their items, level up their character, etc ( I know a lot of people that didn't care about the dungeon rusher events for the same reasons ) so I figured making the rewards kind of valuable would allow these people to consider joining an event that could serve as an alternative (if not better) than what they had planned for that day. The event will be composed of 2 phases : Phase 1 : Find the Trollo This will be held at Amakna, I will chose a map to hide at, and I will provide hints on /B or /R, the very 1st person to show up on my map and exchanges me earns a certain amount of kamas depending on how many hints I provided for the same spot I was hiding at. the person that wins can no longer take part in the next 'Find the Trollo' I'll repeat this phase a few times so make sure you don't lose hope! Phase 2 : Trust the Trollo This is going to be a daring game! one you should think twice before taking part in! I'm not going to talk about what kind of dares I'll give people until the phase starts, but here's how it's going to work : Example : DARE 1 = 200kk The player interested in taking part has to give me the amount of kamas (200kk for instance), then I will dare him to do something, if he does, he gets his kamas back + 25% of those kamas! but if he doesn't! he only gets 50% of the kamas he gave me back! DARE X = 2MK Juse : I WILL TAKE PART *gives Chrollo 2MK* Chrollo : I dare you to kick Evulhealer Juse : I CAN'T Chrollo : *gives Juse 1MK back* Note that this is a mere example, I'm not going to give any dares that aren't reasonable, some are harder than the others but everything's going to be alright! trust the Trollo! The event will be held at Sunday 11th (Tomorrow) at 19h:00 Dofus time [-1,0], so that's it! I really hope many of you attend this event! Ps I'll record the whole thing so this can be remembered!
  8. Try not to overthink things as you're most likely to find more than one keyboard that suits you perfectly, opinions will always differ and you'll end up with different choices that you were told they work best, making the choice even harder to make imo just check some good reviews of the suggestions mentioned above on youtube and see which one works best for you and if you end up with more than 1 keyboard that you really want then all the more reason not to worry and just go with whichever. I tried both Corsair strafe and Razer black widow and imo the corsair strafe doesn't come any close to the razer one but that's the case for me, I also found this very helpful before I went for the black widow, good luck!
  9. The answer will always be kick evulhealer
  10. I don't even know how they expect success like that, I mean it's cool and all but it's bound to rip and will totally be not worth the effort Imo, but on the bright side...atleast Ankama has something other than the current Dofus to go ham at p2w content hueheuhe
  11. Was gonna say my famous quote ok I just did But then you said Au Revoir which stands for See you again more than it does for goodbye, so it appears you understand! cya soon and pls another speech when you come back, it was a good read!
  12. When he said that 'Shika's been going from bad to worse' he was clearly talking about the low population there making the game unplayable, Rosal has twice the population of Shika which is barely what he might be looking for (4500 to be precise), also it's really funny how you're trying to make Rushu look like especi- BRB GOTTA DEAL WITH DRAMA O SHIT I GOT D/C'D MUST BE TIMELESS!
  13. Shika currently has 2000 p2p players while Rushu has nearly 14000, IMO you should definitely give it a go if you're looking for a better economy and more people to talk to and so on, besides Rushu has more old Shikans than Shika nowadays.