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  1. A little update, guess this is the final set, at least for now...
  2. Play at Elbor (the spanish server) :ph34r:
  3. Ready for Moon Island :ph34r: (hope so -_- ...)
  4. Now do it killing Owl first... Just Kidding Guess it will take some lvls and new equip to do that...
  5. It´s been a long time since i was here at imps... First time doing HC and BUM!!!
  6. This is my build, soo happy until now. Just missing dolmanax adn vulvis, turq is only+17 and crim 37%.
  7. Yeah, i changed OMG ring for an AP Sleet ring :)
  8. After see some guts here, i tried a similar set-up Missing 1 crit on weapon :(
  9. You can get it only at the hispanic servers, usually comes with events.
  10. Very happy with this set, only missing lvl spells :)
  11. 1299 around 300 per char :) no candy.
  12. Well only a few stones and only 4 chars, and 17 crit :)
  13. Anyone has got a dofus with just a "4 man team" BTW wich is the fast way now to farm turqs?
  14. Well, i know ppl who made a shield smith in one week spending 30m to lvl up 100, and they got that money in 2 days... and they are still making money!