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  1. Well.. the stats were removed in the event that PVP reverts to the way it used to be. /fingers crossed.
  2. Yeah, the STR annoys me just a little bit. ^^ NOTE: Some stats removed due to PVP reasons.
  3. Yeah, I changed the image on the 1st page as well. The shield before was a simple Inn shield.. this is better, so I updated my "guts". Simple, really. And yes, PVP is getting overpopulated with people who have much larger wings than they should have.. Hopefully they will bring back 1v1 sooner rather than later.
  4. Exactly. I already had the Gelano.. I love having 10 AP. The added MP is just a bonus. ^^ And for each class there are different bonuses that each class likes, whether its crits, range, summons, Ap/Mp, etc. I just think that having an extra MP is a great bonus for my sac. Oh, and for those who asked. The shield is the only difference. The only other things that I am interested in right now is of course a turq and vulbis, and perhaps an Emerald/Crim Turkey (Yes, another MP) and I don't know when I will have those items, so it'll be my last update for a while, I suppose. So don't worry, byte. You won't have to hear from me or see my silly ring for quite a while.
  5. Umm.. yeah.. post your guts.. it's part of my guts. would you rather me break down every piece, including dofuses as well?
  6. Updated
  7. Nice Guts, Byte.
  8. removed
  9. I have 391 Wisdom (unbuffed of course) in moo set. Could I get better wis in different gear? Sure. But I like my Vit, STR, 10 AP, range, etc of my moo.
  10. Easier said than done. And still with 4 MP, huh? 4 Mp with a Turq though :P Want it in full fighting gear.
  11. Impossible. Just trying to be the best that I can be :blink:
  12. Updated: Killarious Note: 2 Levels from 4000HP Club (without Peki)
  13. I've never had mine rated. Please note the coathanger. <_< Edit: Hehe, oops. 9/10 I like it.
  14. Is that on the test Server, Splat? :P
  15. Same here.