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  1. If crims hasnt completely messed up my sram I'd come back and partake. Coy :)
  2. Sooo many hating on dusk... Maybe we're just tired of all your bullshit and drama, hence the reason why we're aggroing =) Think imma host a guild even where we all sit in bont arena and aggro everyone who comes haha.
  3. I mentioned ougaa and mush staff because I can, and am willing to get a turq. Just other dofuses are breaking the boundaries at this time. I know based off the way I play I would lock a feca such as this with some sort of summon, hence the reason I mentioned ougaa hammer. Not really impress by any gutton tak pieces. The 5 ap bow seems pretty meh, especially when I have bubble/blindess for ranged attacks (the main purpose of cha on feca is for range). For some reaosn kolosso seems really appealing, but in the back of my mind I feel like I'm missing out on a bunch of stats and could prolly accumulate more crits from other places in order to get 1/50. Haha is it even feasible for me to attempt to get 1/2 on a weapon such as ougaa or should I stick to a lower end weapon like aggravating. While we're on the subject I have used aggravating before. Sexy heals/ap rape, pathetic damage on non-crits and stands no chance of hitting through shields. Sounds like a pretty situational weapon to be honest. I suggest ougaa because of the neutral damage as well as the steals (which any feca knows are a godsend). I dunno, maybe I need to pull my mind away from ougaa. I appreciate the input so far guys. Definately starting to consider those daggs the more I think about the steals. I guess I didn't mention this, but feca is 198 and ALL gear is available to me.
  4. So I've been thinking about final sets for my nub feca lately. There are sooo many possibilities I honestly can't decide among which would be the best. Pretty much any set is available to me excluding ochre/crimson/exotic mages (turq is doable). I'm pretty sure I've decided on str/cha for the nice CC damage as well as ranged damage. I lose AOE damage from glyphs, but it never really was that great anyway. I'm basing this set around PvP mostly. Anyway here is currently what I'm thinking Hat - CB headress Cape - Hail, Preposter, rough lee, XA no clue tbh honestly preposter looks best for crits Belt - Turbine, kolosso Ammy - CB (for mp), kralo, sinous, erocerlite Boots - hail? ring - x2 awmg/ kolo Weapon - ougaa hammer, mish mush staff, contemporary bow, aztec, Another big unknown I guess Meh i dunno, i'm lost at this point and I really don't have the time to research everything to be honest. Game time fairly limited atm but I can farm pretty much anything. Please hook me up and tell me what to do. Maybe at some point I could buy an ochre exo mage but lets leave those out for hte time being.
  5. Thanks for the replies about farming the amulet. The reason I want the amulet is so I can pull my overall stats all up to around 500 (using % damage as well). WIth borealis + scrolls I'm at about 350 of each stat. Ellories would bring me up to around 420. Add an AWMG and i'm at about 460 stat combined with % damage. That leaves a weapon/cape slot. I'll be rolling with xa cape for 10 ap and currently been using aztec for a weapon. I can farm any piece of gear and a turq is possible. I'm basically trying to creat my cra into an omni build as cra's have such great versatility in their spells. All stat points are wis for dungs like kolosso where the extra mp rape is needed. If anyone has any other suggestions as to gear I'm open for it. I am interested in the ammy because it gives the most amount of stats possible for that slot (or any slot acutally). Thanks for the help so far. I will try my luck with the quest.
  6. What would be the best way to go about getting this amulet. I have a borealis cra and this amulet would go perfect with my set. I've tried spamming buying channel for frags, but not much luck. If all else fails can anyone suggest a better ammy. I'm currently using Kralo btw.
  7. Class: Feca Build: Int (currently wis/leech) Kamas/time available: Lowish amount of kamas, same with time Current team: 15X Cha/wis Cra, 14X Str Sadi, Level: 85 Extra comments: Right now I'm just leeching my feca. I'm thinking about resetting around 112 and busting out creizy wand. I feel like the int damage would help me to farm mopy and the last remaining moo mats (scalps/fabs). Would it be best for me to stay wis and get int/damage gear and 1/2 on creizy or should I reset and go full int to help with BG damage and such. Also, would a 10 ap set be better (PDB/PDC) or should I just go with a 8 or 9 ap set. Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated. (server Zato if it matters)
  8. I am currently using a str sadi(13x) and a cha cra(15x). Right now I am a little uninterested in my team (mainly the sadi). Both of my chars could use a set upgrade for starters, but I'm really considering swapping the sadi out for another char or adding a new char. I'm wondering if I'll see a noticeable increase in the use of my sadi once I swap to moo or if this is a losing battle that I'm just prolonging. I really enjoy pvping (which I do on my cra) and my sadi doesn't fit that category very well. I also feel as though I'm lacking damage in my group. My cra is cha scrolled and I'm nearly finished with wisdom. If I were to swap the sadi out I would like a char who could deal out descent damage while not being in my cra's way all the time. Basically, should I swap out the sadi, wait till moo, or add another char (if so which class)? Thanks for the help. I feel if I continue on the road I'm on I'll probably just abandon this game.