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  1. Aww damn, oh well, I'm still playing Andromeda right now anyway. I wonder how they decided on Echo, since the survey was to pick your top 15? I guess I'd assumed there would be another poll after they narrowed it down.
  2. We deserve a Dofus God name!
  3. I just need someone to do all these old quests for me now :3
  4. Great changes, might go with an Az'Tech after all this time, was always one of my faves!
  5. I've been using this script to log in for a long time: it allows for 8 accounts and encrypts the passwords in a separate file. It takes some customization to get it to work, and I changed several things myself such as hard coding the hotkeys, but I recommend this. The post I linked doesn't have an attachment, you just save the code to a .ahk file. Here is my version, I had to change some of the timings to get it to work right. It assumes the game is installed at c:\dofus, but this can be changed to whatever. I've left out my changes to make the hotkeys permanent since that is dependent on your window names (character names usually), and wasn't part of guybrush's original script anyway: https://pastebin.com/y0zemFGj
  6. AP/MP shields?
  7. wow, new stats too. a lot of possibilities with the +ranged damage/+melee damage/+spell damage stats.
  8. Wow, totally unexpected but looks great!
  9. Ok, I guess I assumed that if three people are in the queue, Sadi, Iop, Sram, and Sadis are very good against Iops, and all are the same level and rank, you would be paired vs the Sram?
  10. I think they're being pretty lazy with the balancing. They're going to just let you "skip" certain classes instead of doing alternate spell versions for pvp which is probably the only real way to balance it without screwing up pvm. It'll be fun, just might get boring if you're paired vs the same classes all the time.
  11. I like the artwork, but I hope it's a little more accessible than some of the other epic content.
  12. Probably similar to how they will treat mounts in public paddocks. You might go over the limit of how many characters you can have but you'll still be able to access them, just not make any more.
  13. Pretty excited,I haven't been playing much in anticipation for this!
  14. I guess they're stuck on this "state" idea, oh well, still a lot better than current. It seems too similar to masq gameplay imo, what happened to "i get stronger from being hit?"