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  1. I've got tons of the old preserved meat in my bank from before they screwed with all the recipes, and none of it seems to be used anymore. Is there SOMETHING I can do with all this stuff? I used to make a lot of the pork loin*** and have thousands of them still :(
  2. I wonder what the new Dofus will be like? Hard to top some of the trophies that you can get now. Whatever happened to making a quest for the Vulbis?
  3. Anyone have a map on how to get there? Edit: nvm, found snark's awesome guide: http://snarkposts.tumblr.com/post/104704432204/merkator-area-labyrinth
  4. I found this tool today at work while and thought I'd mention it, basically it is a gui for creating auto hotkey scripts: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pulovers-macro-creator/?source=typ_redirect I already have an AHK script I use to sign into my accounts, but this would have made it easier.
  5. Very sad to me that Rosal has less people than Solar, though it explains why the sellrooms are so pathetic. I will say that the new Incarnum is a lot better than the old, but once you are done with the tutorial, you're on your own - and it doesn't give you a "class" tutorial, which might be a good idea.
  6. I reposted Tot's comments into the official forums where his original "Letter to the Community" was, since none of his longer posts were in there except for the original. I'm hoping that the International community can get upset about this because they should. I doubt anyone wants frigging dropped spells ffs. Here is the link: http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/326707-reviewing-2016-previewing-2017
  7. "We think the spell system is too complicated." "Let's make it way more complicated!" I really don't understand their logic sometimes. Spell variants is one thing, but having to drop spells? Effects dependent on some elemental meter? Wtf Edit: just have levels over 200 add more spell points and/or give more points pre 100
  8. I still think that making a new game just to test out a new engine is a waste, but we can't change their minds it seems. Porting Dofus should start now or sooner than 4 years from now for sure. They could just have an alpha server where subscribers can test out Dofus a module at a time - start with Incarnum, then add Astrub, then Amakna, etc. Or, just make some other game that doesn't leech subscribers from Dofus and Wakfu to test out Unity.
  9. True, sorry to speak for you. What I meant I guess, was that Dofus 3 might actually end up being a fun game, but if Ankama had asked the community what they wanted, a new game sharing the same name as Dofus is probably not one of those things (why call it Dofus 3 except to create all this confusion?) Just stating that they were going to start working on moving Dofus to a new engine would be awesome and interesting, I love some of the concept art from Dofus 3, but hearing it's gonna just be a new simpler game is (for me) a huge letdown.
  10. Ankama has a history of not listening to the fans and doing whatever they want and that seems to be continuing. No one wants Dofus 3 unless it means the current game in a new engine. And it doesn't really make any kind of sense to make it anyway unless they just don't want people to play Dofus 2? Sure it would be a huge job remaking the game again, but it was their choice to go with Air way back when and the game could really use some technical updates and maybe an art change too.
  11. It would be nice if there were a tool where you input your group level and it tells you the best aread and dungeons to do for xp. Maybe also am option to consider team element composition.
  12. Hmm so it does seem to be the DPI scaling...when I set it to 175% it seems to work correctly. Gah
  13. here's some screenshots: At the bank, notice no icons in the upper right either Here you can see that it is half screem And here is what it looks like if I open it maximized: Not really sure what else to try, though I havent restarted since I changed the DPI Scaling (it was at 200%, I set it back to 100% for testing which is tiny on this screen)