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  1. I'm fairly new to playing a Rogue and I wanted to ask about Kaboom and the bonuses. Most of the time I don't really bother because wall damage is so sweet, but I've thought about leveling the water bomb just to give AP bonuses? Also, right now my Rogue is agi and I like it for the most part, but do hybrid rogues work? Seems like the secondary spells would be nice at times, the agi spell damage isn't that great and kinda awkward to use.
  2. I like the idea of everyone having equal gear. Not having to equip X ring because it's your AP mage opens up a lot of possibilities for people. I wonder, if you have gear that has AP < 12 on, can you still use whatever bonus they're giving? That would allow combinations not usually possible...
  3. Hmm, I guess I thought there would be more info about Dofus 3, what's to come in 2017 and whatnot? It looks nice, but it seemed Tot had inferred that a lot of stuff we had questions about would be in the Gamakna, or am I missing something? edit: looks like the french edition has a ton more sections
  4. Very helpful! Sometimes I don't even try to craft some things just bc this didn't exist :D
  5. Finally! Only took...how long have I been playing this game??
  6. why does everything gotta have skeunk skin to make? #jewllerlevelingwoes
  7. Works good now! I couldn't think of anything more complicated than inky veil, but I tried head band and a few others, no problems :)
  8. Awesome, I like the treasure clues as well btw good work!
  9. It seems to work great for the Abominable, Asphyxiating and Pestilential Fish Juices, but it blows up when you pick Noxious Juice or Inky Veil (which requires Noxious Juice), but yeah that is exactly what I was wanting!
  10. If a craft depends on other crafts, it''d be nice if there were a tool or setting in game to show all the total mats needed, without having to check each other dependency. For example, Noxious Fish Juice. Its recipe is...three other juices: 1 Abominable Fish Juice 1 Asphyxiating Fish Juice 1 Pestilential Fish Juice And each one of these has a whole list of needed items. There is a similar setting for sets already, would make life a bit easier. Or have I overlooked something and it's already in the game?
  11. Here's the JOL link to the spells: http://forums.jeuxonline.info/showthread.php?t=1349217 Unfortunately they're pictures so they won't translate, guess I'll have to wait
  12. Is there a spell breakdown for Ouginaks anywhere? Can't really sign on atm
  13. I was hoping they would do this, yay 12/6(effectively)!
  14. Sound's pretty cool, I like the idea of the plague state. Seems like it would go well with panda and iop vulns
  15. Started Fire Extinction yesterday, beat Bolgrot tonight! Only took around 30 tries :D I had 1 HP left..