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  1. what up

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    2. hosshulk


      We are good! We have a cute little girl that keeps us on our toes for sure! I got out of the active duty military and we moved back home. I do the reserves thing but I landed a good job and Becca is a teacher now. Glad to hear you are doing well brotha. I actually logged in yesterday when I found dofus on steam but no one was online so I just kinda gave up on it. Becca, Josh, and me have been checking out the dofus touch thing though

    3. Youbutsu


      How old is she? I think just about everyone you actively used to play with are gone apart from INU who recently came back. I haven't heard from you since 09-10 I think? We've gotten old :-)))). I know a few old-time players who do dofus touch. Terak and Juvel i.e (if you remember them from GH?). You know they released the old version too?

      Haha, I forgot you and Josh are irl friends =). You have to give them my regards! God, the three of you could have so much stuff to do together ingame now a days. It's like a completely different game with a touch of nostalgia. You leaving for the military was the reason you quit in the first place, no? I think you and Derrick (Xx-Silence-xX the osa) went to the army the same time. What is your daughters name and have you introduced her to her creator, dofus yet?

    4. hosshulk


      Her name is Kaelyn and she's a little over a year and a half old, but she gets tons a bad habits from her cousin who just turned 3. So no video games for her yet haha. Uhhh na I played for some time even after I joined the military back in 07 and quit several times between then and '10, but yea the last time I played was around '10 or possibly '11. Becca played for a bit longer after that until maybe around '13 but yea I see there are new Dofuses and what not. Some of the stuff looked interesting, but with no one being around anymore I know I would get bored fast. Most of our chars are ransacked and we aren't in any guilds anymore so it would be too much effort just to check out the new content lol. When I looked at when Dofus came out it really did blow my mind how long the game has been around because we started originally in '06 I believe....which is nuts! Trying not to think I'm getting tooo old but I did turn 30 last year. Who knows maybe we will try out this dofus 3.0 thing when it comes out, but you guys are really what made the game fun.

  2. awwwww i miss drisk:(
  3. Im way to lazy to take screens an post wins:'( I have my fair share of wins an loses(no unb sucks) Syds team was prolly the most interesting team I saw in the past two days. About 4-5 teams of invincibility. First one got kinda close and well second one I didnt feel like thinkin lol. Ill come up with something for you syd! same chars though! If I get another close map I think I got it!
  4. I know it sounds low but all I can do is 40mk. No insult intended. If not...GL selling man Im sure someone will pay more than me::S
  5. I think its the only one that still has MP reduction on it...cause I didnt mage it any:S Oh I guess it sold already^^
  6. Hey dont talk crap about the CB hat I have for sale!!! ( haha we bought a better one an that one is to make up for the lose actually) But its not horrid:'(
  7. Hes gonna need them for alts. He just happens to want them in numerical order:p Hes lookin for more like 20mk for your 13 so he can sell it for 30! Buttttt I might be interested in your turq for real...I need to calculate how many crits I need for cra but a 13 should do.
  8. prolly someone who uses glad set for ap bonus and ochrid. I had no problem selling my crimson once i put it on my merch...whos the idiot that would have sold you that crimson for 15mk? Your building a good reputation for trying to rip people off on imps here:p
  9. Sold on merch....35mk for those that were interested:p
  10. I guess no one needs crimsons these days with the server changes:/ Well it have it up at a lil over 30mk atm so go buy it off my merch or message me on on my chars:p
  11. I could trade you a crimson +kamas for the set if you like:p
  12. damn wish I saw this:'(
  13. Still for sale....just shoot me an offer...worst I can do is turn it down^^
  14. Lots of good memories there back when I had feca still:'(
  15. Bump. Ill be back on playing later today probably. Had a long weekend away from dofus with friends so I had no time to log:P