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  1. True. On thebwrong server for that thou xD I am on a x4 multiplier until 199 @.@ currently at 142
  2. Ouginaks are so much fun. mine is currently still a leech thou ;-;
  3. hell yes. this is amazing.
  4. It is the same market. I want a coloured in piece of course. I can definitly afford it though it will take a little bit of time.
  5. Just tell me how much and I'll arrange it :3
  6. I am on the Shika's currently :x
  7. Bae. I missed you. You draw my Rogue? I'll get some screenies tonight and we'll settle on a price :3 I can't waitnto play with you again as soon as the servers merge @.@
  8. Holy shit he back
  9. It doesn't have to be. I was there with the Elio playtest. Also the same ruled applied. ;)
  10. The point is that I have no idea (as many) what this means. The thing that irritates me is the passive agressiveness all throughout these posts. That's no way to treat a loyal playerbase that's only trying to protect their best interests. Sure. Class revamps are another thing. They need to happen. And balancing will always piss off someone or a group. But people adapt. People will be pissed when Osa's are going to get a big nerf. But we all know they deserve it. Instead of this vague communicating they should make a video with concepts so we can all judge the actual things they are suggesting instead of the lack of information given, which seems to be the biggest annoyance of all. (I mean. Again. I was on board with the secondary spells, as opposed to many others. Because it was too vague. Then they made it clearer and more people were interested in it. Now it seems they scrapped the whole thing which resulted in a great outrage once again. The idea of a pre-test server is interesting and a step in the right direction. The thing that makes me scared is that after the effort of making a thing they will actually push it through because, hell, they made it so why waste that time? We will have to see how it goes. I have been through over 10 years of changes and nerfs and buffs and all of that stuff. I just hope they won't break it beyond recognition.
  11. What is the point of revamping Osa and Sac and creating a new class though if they are going to undo all of that half a year later?
  12. How did we end up from 'secondary spells based on the standard spells which you cen choose between' to 'you have 5 base spells and the rest you drop' in like a months time? '6. I would also like to take advantage of the server to offer a "starting zone" to each player. Everyone would start on an island, with a house, a Market and a zaap. The idea is to make it much easier to travel around the world.' Lakeside palace people gonn' be pissed.
  13. I've been good this year, Santa!
  14. So for which phone is it actually compatible? o.o
  15. There are the sets on the main page. Is it possible to do a search feature on that? Like for class/level? Or is that already there and have I overlooked it?