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  1. Amakna Castle zaap.
  2. Those look awesome! What about the stats? Do they only have the new stats or also the common stats on them? :o The middle shield in the third row really reminds me of Destiny o.o
  3. My poor Atchams. But my Koutoulou bow got a buff! Any pictures of the shields since I am at work? :D
  4. Screw trophies :x Love everything about this update though.
  5. Uno the movie Have fun D:
  6. I am waiting for five drawings kthx.
  7. True. On thebwrong server for that thou xD I am on a x4 multiplier until 199 @.@ currently at 142
  8. Ouginaks are so much fun. mine is currently still a leech thou ;-;
  9. hell yes. this is amazing.
  10. It is the same market. I want a coloured in piece of course. I can definitly afford it though it will take a little bit of time.
  11. Just tell me how much and I'll arrange it :3
  12. I am on the Shika's currently :x
  13. Bae. I missed you. You draw my Rogue? I'll get some screenies tonight and we'll settle on a price :3 I can't waitnto play with you again as soon as the servers merge @.@
  14. Holy shit he back
  15. It doesn't have to be. I was there with the Elio playtest. Also the same ruled applied. ;)