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  1. It doesn't have to be. I was there with the Elio playtest. Also the same ruled applied. ;)
  2. The point is that I have no idea (as many) what this means. The thing that irritates me is the passive agressiveness all throughout these posts. That's no way to treat a loyal playerbase that's only trying to protect their best interests. Sure. Class revamps are another thing. They need to happen. And balancing will always piss off someone or a group. But people adapt. People will be pissed when Osa's are going to get a big nerf. But we all know they deserve it. Instead of this vague communicating they should make a video with concepts so we can all judge the actual things they are suggesting instead of the lack of information given, which seems to be the biggest annoyance of all. (I mean. Again. I was on board with the secondary spells, as opposed to many others. Because it was too vague. Then they made it clearer and more people were interested in it. Now it seems they scrapped the whole thing which resulted in a great outrage once again. The idea of a pre-test server is interesting and a step in the right direction. The thing that makes me scared is that after the effort of making a thing they will actually push it through because, hell, they made it so why waste that time? We will have to see how it goes. I have been through over 10 years of changes and nerfs and buffs and all of that stuff. I just hope they won't break it beyond recognition.
  3. What is the point of revamping Osa and Sac and creating a new class though if they are going to undo all of that half a year later?
  4. How did we end up from 'secondary spells based on the standard spells which you cen choose between' to 'you have 5 base spells and the rest you drop' in like a months time? '6. I would also like to take advantage of the server to offer a "starting zone" to each player. Everyone would start on an island, with a house, a Market and a zaap. The idea is to make it much easier to travel around the world.' Lakeside palace people gonn' be pissed.
  5. I've been good this year, Santa!
  6. So for which phone is it actually compatible? o.o
  7. There are the sets on the main page. Is it possible to do a search feature on that? Like for class/level? Or is that already there and have I overlooked it?
  8. Dofus' problem is our problem. (Even though I don't see it a problem.) Sure. If you play Rushu. You are probably fine. But as a Shikan with no desire to move over to Rushu.. I would love for them to make stuff like this easier so we could get new blood in. Hell. I would start to invite people I know to play. Because at this point.. Where would I start with explaining what to do and how to do it without them feeling like I am doing all their work for them because it is too much to take in at once? Take a look at Rogues. I enjoyed playing chance a lot. It's a build I would suggest if people are interested in that based on my own preference. Should I tell those people 'yeah. Right now you level extraction because there is nothing until boomerang daggers to do direct damage with. (You want them to be fine on their own. Nobody wants to learn how to leech.) But later we do some dungeons and we go to otomai to unlevel those spells so you could level what you are interested in.' (I count the last spell update as a simplifier already so yes I know that exists and choose to ignore that right now.) I would personally back out/lose interest at that point.. And then I am baming one of the simpler classes to play. I mean. Just go out to a friend that doesn't know the game and explain to them how a Xelor works. I dare you. I think the game is too big and too complicated to just drop someone in without guidance like a lot of us did. And Ankama realizes that.(offering potential rewards for staying in incarnam and helping steam players.) So I think this is a step in the right direction for making it more accessible. While at the same time making it more interesting -after- 200 (When you should be understanding what the game is about for a while.) to make it more interesting for us long-term players. Which to me makes it look like they are starting to think about both groups.
  9. I think removing spell leveling is a good way to make the game more accessible for new players. I mean. Let's be fair. It's difficult enough to stwp into Dofus completely unaware of what the game is. For younger people just looking for a fun game it's a lot to take in. I am very much looking forward to alternative spells too. Just something new to do. Something original to play around with. Honestly elemental diversity is mostly gone with all the omni sets out there. So the only thing setting people apart is the amount of kamas to spend and their brains. If there are different ways of ppaying a class I applaud that. And if there are more elemental changes in spells (Like the Iop one.) It might mean the return of more pure builds which brings a lot more diversity to the table.
  10. Quite obvious that it was a mistake, come on guys.
  11. iirc any dimension quests will do.
  12. I really wonder what happens to buffs and like.. class defining spells after 200. Like chamrak/karcham/rogue bombs/invisibility/masq and feca shields, etc. But also it would be cool if for example you'd be able to get 30 MP reduction instead of bow skill or whatever. this is rrally interesting. And if there are more spells changing elements it could meanthe return of more pure builds or 2 element builds. While for classes limited to 3 elements it might add in a fourth one ( Changing explobomb to a strength bomb for example :o ) You'll never know what you face in kolo because there will be so much more diversity.. I think it's really interesting. I am wondering if the same will happen to summons and class spells though. It would be a cool way to bring back prespic/boar/crackler and/or bwork magus for example :D
  13. Thought they were bounties as well.. But now theres a teaser for the second monster.. Looks like the same monster family. So maybe a kanigrula size update with a new area and dungeon?
  14. However adding the %damage buffs from Kaboomed Explobombs would be nice!
  15. And now compare that to the Osa Emote :') I mean. The Osa god coming up through the grownd and swirling around the character and then looming over it would be nicer.. (Looking for a job. Ankama hire me plz.)