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  1. ..Please just make two different classes, I don't care how strong sacs are or aren't, I just want something that isn't a game design abomination, and is true to what the class is about. *cries*
  2. This is how you know you've made it.
  3. If all goes well, I'll be streaming the Dofus Cup tomorrow when it begins. ^^ see you there~ https://www.twitch.tv/snarklesparkles
  4. You guys ruined it, we almost made it to two years! :snarkface:
  5. Shut your dirty mouth.
  6. Then I guess... they could always transfer, if that's something they want to take advantage of? That's why many people went to rushu in the first place.
  7. *laughing at the scrubs who assume real-world copper is the same as what they call "copper" in the world of the twelve*
  8. Tooooootal garbage. Given the outcry they really should have aborted this abomination, but i guess they're too proud to admit they wasted so many dev hours for this result,or something . I stayed away from dofus the past week,mainly out of necessity, but i don't really know what the point of playing this weekend is, when they're just going to delete my character anyway.
  9. Yeah I did too for a moment. That said.. I played around for a bit. Lots of little extra effects, damage is both too high and too low.. there are glaring problems like.. not being able to steal enough hp, but at the same time, you have a healing spell.. which is just anti-sacrier and stupid. With having more range, you could just give those spells hp steal, and not have a self-healing spell, for instance. edit: I'm just going to take a break from testing and this bullshit, wait until they fix some of the spells, and play pokemon in the meantime. >: I
  10. No, sacs are just bugged on beta. I had to log a different account, change the character to a sacrier, in order to test out the spells. :P
  11. Upside: I look great as an Osa.
  12. It's hard to test when you don't have any spells points, so yeah.. You know, what with map manipulation spells like assault, transposition, attraction, and that new bling like attack all dealing damage to targets, sacs are worse off than before at endgame. Addressing endgame dungeons which have trigger effects and punishing melee attacks was the entire point of this stupid revamp (because otherwise sacs were amazing) and I feel this is backwards if not as bad. On top of that, it's just worse before endgame too, as you can't take on mobs like you used to. :( So altogether, if you set aside that this doesn't feel like a sac anymore, it's just a worse class.
  13. Hey but maybe they won't make this change. Oh what am I saying...
  14. Well..it's a higher AP cost. 25% more costly, does +13/16 equate to at least a 25% base increase? I'm not on dofus and I haven't played a cra in while. Also two explosives at lower base damage=/=one stronger explosive+frozen arrow. But yes, you have the right attitude, this -could- be an okay change. :) Oh and 90 base, but with 2 different elements. You can't get as much int/chance as when you go full chance or full int...
  15. With the new way wisdom works with idols/challenges, wouldn't it not really be as worth it to bother with that anyway? Seems to be a patch to a problem that won't exist anymore.. or in the same way. Or did I just misunderstand? o-o I never did that much with idols or OP team comps myself.. I main(ed) a Sacrier without a panda/iop/eni/enu.