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  1. Smart devs are avoiding a Boaty-McBoatface moment.
  2. Finishing the quest Miniature Adventure is required.
  3. Weird. My rogue isn't offered that quest. Are there any known prerequisites?
  4. I found it helpful to make one of each idol whenever I made the artificer lvl for it. Compared to trophies, idols are spread over many different levels, not just 50, 100, 150, so the xp gain can be quite nice.
  5. I like the idea of the server merge. I'm actually looking forward to the influx of players. Yes, there are a couple of issues with harvestable resources but I'm sure the mining bots will duke it out eventually. The only thing I don't like is that we'll have to change the door mats on the lake palace all the time because of all the flotsam from unwashed servers coming in with their "separate instances" of the same iconic building.
  6. I find this move by Ankama highly reasonable and refreshing in a world were all too many games prefer the pay-to-win style. And what else is the over-reliance of overmaged items? For once they give us a purely skill-based tournament and yet people complain.
  7. Looking at you "avatar" pic, the latter may be desirable.
  8. CY@

    Why can't idiots with ig names like baby nazis just quit and be left alone.
  9. Come back or I send my personal hoop snake army to chase you down.
  10. bored

    ..unless you are a sac.
  11. And then have some sympathy for other classes who can't even do that.
  12. That post hurt my old eyes. So i'm glad you quit. Please leave this game to the old people, ok?
  13. GL with elio on 1.29.
  14. ...and then there is but why would anyone pretending to be a needy girl use that when one can make a new thread?
  15. 508 is not the highest combination. Maybe consider Muta, Hoskar, Ougaa, Ultram, Dakid, Aroumb for 521 if you can survive that. Neither MP given nor ranged dmg reduced but some attraction is involved. With the little HP you'd have left it's somewhat mandatory to kill the one you attract before its turn starts.