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  1. Looking at you "avatar" pic, the latter may be desirable.
  2. CY@

    Why can't idiots with ig names like baby nazis just quit and be left alone.
  3. Come back or I send my personal hoop snake army to chase you down.
  4. bored

    ..unless you are a sac.
  5. And then have some sympathy for other classes who can't even do that.
  6. That post hurt my old eyes. So i'm glad you quit. Please leave this game to the old people, ok?
  7. GL with elio on 1.29.
  8. ...and then there is but why would anyone pretending to be a needy girl use that when one can make a new thread?
  9. 508 is not the highest combination. Maybe consider Muta, Hoskar, Ougaa, Ultram, Dakid, Aroumb for 521 if you can survive that. Neither MP given nor ranged dmg reduced but some attraction is involved. With the little HP you'd have left it's somewhat mandatory to kill the one you attract before its turn starts.
  10. With the merge of the farmer and baker professions the entire category of flour has been removed from the game. Farmers now use alchemist harvestable resources and those dropped by monsters in containers to make higher lvl bread. So even if you lvl an alchemist along with the farmer you need to do PvM to drop the containers.
  11. Yes, I have a few accounts with > 1 dolmanaxes on them.
  12. Can't seem to arrange breeding items anymore.
  13. What am I doing wrong? I have no mount. I have a Seemyool Capturing Net equipped: [01:44] Wild Orchid Seemyool: 500% Power (1 turn) [01:44] Wild Orchid Seemyool enters the Tameable (1 turn) state. [01:44] Wild Orchid Seemyool casts Water-Butt. ...still the same turn... [01:46] --VU-- casts Soul Capture. [01:46] --VU-- enters the Soul Seeker (4 turns) state. [01:47] --VU-- casts Backlash. Critical Hit! [01:47] Wild Orchid Seemyool: -100 Strength (3 turns) [01:47] --VU--: 100 Strength (3 turns) [01:47] Wild Orchid Seemyool: -328 HP (dead). [01:47] --VU-- casts Blindness. Critical Hit! [01:47] Flauticultist, Prolette has dodged the loss of 3 AP. [01:47] Flauticultist: -82 HP (dead). [01:47] You have gained 65,149 experience points. [01:47] Your guild has gained 8,794 experience points. [01:47] The fight has ended. No capture.
  14. I'm drowning in Pony sets and items. Also got quite a few Dragorace sets and items, Bulbuttings, harnesses (incl. 2 Shell Seemyool and 1 Sufokian Seemyool), Borbats, a Fosfor, 2 armored DTs and a Razorbuck.