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  1. For what it's worth, I've run another test in the new area. I autopiloted to the dungeon entrance (or what I though it would be, couldn't find an NPC to talk to). That worked without aggro. I then ran around the area, even collecting the odd Waste Item for a quest, talking to NPCs but never standing still much and was not aggroed either. When I ran past mobs they started oggling me but left me alone. So something has changed for the (marginally) better.
  2. Suppose I arrive at a map in an aggro area. I stand still for a few seconds because map loading takes time, lag etc. Even if I'm not aggroed in those few seconds, the instant I try to move, I'll be hit. That is wrong. I recommend you do some testing yourself.
  3. Was the beta supposed to be updated with the 60sec immunity to aggro? If so, then that didn't work at all. I made it 4 maps into the new area before I wass aggressed, not even 5 seconds after I entered the map.
  4. Another consequence of this hare-brained idea is that it's impossible to take a map for KotH anywhere with aggro mobs. I've just tested this theory in the bandit territory. After a few seconds some shitty lvl 40 Rogue Bandit attacks. Update: the exception to this rule are aggro areas with a dungeon because dungeon entrance maps have no mobs. So whoever controls that map is probably going to win the KotH.
  5. I conducted another test. I ran 4 chars into the new area. Monsters there are aggro. Running as fast as I could, I made it half way through the third map in before all 4 were aggroed, some on the 4th some of the 3rd map. One of the chars got lucky and won his solo fight, but of course he was insta-aggroed by a big mob right afterwards and was kindly informed that he couldn't use a recall pot in this phase of the fight. This is unplayable.
  6. I've tested this unvoluntarily (on the test server) by stepping out of the lake palace door. I was insta-aggroed by koalak mobs. The second a fight finished, thanks to the usual lag, I was aggroed by the next mob. This went on for about 20 fights or so, before I got lucky and managed to hot-key a recall pot. My level did not protect me from those pesky koalaks. I find the overall idea interesting but the current implementation is total BS. There should be an extended truce period after the first aggro or the trigger times should be much longer than they are now.
  7. And I can now reveal that I could not be bothered to play at all. (In terms of strategy, I would've had to go in much earlier with announcements and also post them on official forums in all languages.)
  8. Let's get the fun started. I've used some alts to tip the first 11 eligible numbers.
  9. Technically, optimising your guess could be based on applied game theory, which is a branch of mathematics.
  10. Notable omission from the changelog: "we fixed the fricken disconnections." Because they didn't.
  11. That's what Scampihirse does. You need to be done before it starts its 11th turn.
  12. The minikrone cannot be picked up by a panda but it can be pushed/pulled to safety.
  13. What's the role of the Minikrone Razof summons into my team in turn 1 and then hunts down?
  14. Smart devs are avoiding a Boaty-McBoatface moment.
  15. Finishing the quest Miniature Adventure is required.