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  1. Do you have trouble finding a group? Have you defeated Kolosso, but are you stuck in Celestial Bearbarian? I'm here to help! From today until the release of Frigost 3, I'm offering my assistance to help take you through every Frigost dungeon so you too can enjoy everything Frigost 3 has to offer! The price: It's free! But because the Bunch of Keys is not unlimited, you must provide my characters with a key to the dungeon you wish to run. I will bring seven characters, unless you want to bring two or more of your own. You may also keep the resources you drop. For further information and if you have any questions, shoot me a message in-game (Ralfeh) or at my Ankabox (Ralfedeh). I'm usually online between the hours of 21:00 and 12:00 DUT (Dofus Universal Time).
  2. I loved my Iop's color so much that I decided to copy it on my other characters. Plus, Ogrines were selling 700 for 140,000 Kama today (45% off!). No way I could pass that up. New: Old: Even older:
  3. Congratulations to both teams for putting up a really good show for the Tier Finale! I thought the second fight was great so I'll try getting that up on YouTube soonish.
  4. I spoke with Cham and Sjena about the possibility of extending the Semi-Final but neither of them could agree on a time to fight, so there is no option for your team other than to forfeit the match.
  5. Your team lost by forfeit since Cham is unable to play.
  6. The Final wouldn't be much of a spectacle if your team didn't show. Will Monday work for you and your team?
  7. k then, the fight between Team 1A and Team 7A will be postponed. I'll extend the Semi-Final indefinitely until Glyph of Blindness is fixed (or until Team 7A is willing to fight without using the spell). There will be a maintenance on Tuesday which may fix the bug.
  8. Hmm... Well, if Cham is unable to play because he has no internet connection then his team will automatically lose by forfeit, but... I could extend the Tier A Semi-Final to July 17th at the latest. I spoke about this with Mr-Fuad and he told me the same thing. I still need to speak with Genesis-Bsho before a winner of your match can be decided.
  9. The second round of Rosalfest has begun. I've updated the first post with the full schedule, two new maps, and details of the Lower Brackets.
  10. The first post has been updated with the new maps. There will be another maintenance in 12 hours so it's likely the maps will be changed again.
  11. Some maps and starting positions have changed because of the recent maintenance. Give me a couple hours to find new maps.
  12. At last, registration has ended! Starting today, the first round of Rosalfest finally begins! All teams must schedule and complete a 'Best of 3' Match with their opponent before Relegation ends at midnight on July 1st. If a team is unable to complete a Match before the end of the Round, a winner will be chosen at random. To make it easier to organize a match between different teams, I ask that all players specify a time below during which they are usually online: 00:00 DUT 04:00 DUT 08:00 DUT 12:00 DUT 16:00 DUT 20:00 DUT (DUT refers to Dofus Universal Time. To learn more, visit Ankama Support: How do I find out the game time?) For time conversion, see here. For a list of players, teams, and times at which they are available to fight, see here: Rosalfest Registration List The first post has been updated with the Match Bracket and Maps.
  13. Make that 14 teams in Tier A - Pep/Bolik/Carles just withdrew their team from the tournament.
  14. Hurry and get your teams sorted. Registration ends in 20 hours!
  15. This is answered in my earlier post: