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  1. Disbelief for xelor
  2. I'm glad I could help someone! :D Hopefully more people will realize this. Dragon turkey's are not artificial intelligence game creatures. They have emotions and souls. Treat them accordingly.
  3. Get a dragon turkey and breed it with another one. This gives you a brand new baby dragon turkey. You can name it if you want, and even stash your cool loot inside of it. I named my Craig, and another one Felicia. But besides that, you should all start making your own dragonturkeys. They sell for a good profit if you don't beome too attached to them. That's the number one rule, really. NEVER get attached to your dragon turkey babies. They are strictly for profit, because you can only use one dragon turkey at a time. You can also sell your dragon turkeys to a NPC for scrolls, but be careful, you'll never see your dragon turkey again if you choose this option. The fun in making dragon turkeys is that you're breeding two dragon turkeys that have never met before. You're kind of like OkCupid. You put the male and the female in a pen, and hope that they're compatible. If they hit it off, cool. If they don't, that's cool too, atleast you tried. Don't give up. Put another male in with that female and see if the mood is right. The most important rule here is, if the mood IS right... LOOK AWAY! Don't, and I mean DON'T watch them do the baby making. DON'T. Your job is merely to set them up and steal their babies, NOT watch them get it on. I have a friend named Dan that made the accident of watching the dragon turkeys spoon each other. He now suffers from ED on several different levels. So, DON'T watch them! Also, you can make your paddock accessible to guildmates if you want Suppose one of your guildmates has a ravishly strong alpha male turkey and you have a beautiful blonde slender dragon turkey. Why not see if they hit it off? That is sure to make a super strong dragon turkey. That's all for my dragon turkey breeding tips. I hope this helped someone, please like, share, and subscribe, and don't forget: Dragon Turkeys need love too.
  4. I think we can make an unbeatable team like Water eni, int eca, Str enu, Agi Panda and Int Iop. I really dont think many can beat this comp. edit: Gobball Warchief reporting in.
  5. coopers everyone bullies you because they've seen your facebook and know you could never defend yourself.
  6. you heard anything back from them?
  7. Another hidden osa nerf. Everyone keeps getting more HP, and gobball still hits for 40hp ;_;
  8. Bye

    peace out douchebag -stockton
  9. wheres the ap
  10. Thanks for the website that is helpful but I still dont understand why impsvillage.com is saying wine village. Did wine village buy this domain? Can we continue to talk about dofus here or is this strictly a community for wine people?
  11. Hey idk what happened but yesterday when I typed in impsvillage.com I was brought to impsvillage, but today when I type it in, I'm brought to this forum. Does someone know if my router is bugged, or whats wrong? Im just trying to find out where enurado portal is atm on America Thanks Edit: I had my mom call our ISP and the problem isnt on their end. My mom said I dont need to be on websites that support wine. Idk really what wine even is. Is it a new diet?
  12. I know a guy that knows a guy
  13. anyone get this to work on a mac? Cant get the dofus page to show the 1.29 client download... Can't seem to find 1.29 client for mac on google either ;x
  14. I couldnt get it to show up. It's the same dofus client as 2.0? I have 2.0 installed, logged in with tunnelbear activated in mexico, changed dofus to espanol, but still didn't see any eratz server, just the 2.0 servers??
  15. this server seems neat. Is it pretty popular? Lots of players?