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Everything posted by Seri

  1. note to self. stop being a loser at life lololk i'll be back in a couple of months still being a loser
  2. Don't buy three months on two accounts and then only play for one. Are you made of gold? Question. Is IRC defunct? 4am me can't compute Google. I don't understand!
  3. every time i relog back into dofus, i have to relearn everything lol im
  4. i downloaded lots of viruses from Limewire
  5. maybe I shouldnt have come on april fools to try and read the threads
  6. Isnt it like that game the used to have and it's no more. That game. So they went back to the drawing boards
  7. This is a different Sydney from the Sydney my eyes know. It feels like everyone went forward visually
  8. you need to log in with your screen name on imps now
  9. Eyyy. Anyone bilingual or on the journey of multilingualism? I paid a bunch of money to learn Mandarin and so far, all it was good for was to be insulted in Chinese, get told I'm ugly in Chinese and have my evil neighbours bother me in Chinese. So, a very good investment.
  10. Can I have that one warning I received in 2006 removed? It was for posting a user's penis with super mario draw onto it. (can I clarify we had a totally platonic bro relationship and it all transpired via ventrillo immaturity)
  11. I know leeching was a thing back then but now it feels like that's all there is. Is there anyone who wants to play lots, chat some and sometimes try and do challenges? I just didn't pay money to leech or leech people so, and when kanigers used to be a thing I used to force people to play even if they ruined the challenge. muahahahaha My time zone is GMT. I play usually 7pm - midnight or 9pm-midnight on week days if i'm online (sometimes im online but doing something else, Ive turned off all notifications). On the weekend it really depends what else is going on in my life but if anyone wants to play with me, you will be updated anyway. I am currently playing on my eni LimeWire and sadida Mothernature.
  12. I tried to play Dofus in China and it was shit. Didn't work so I gave up trying.
  13. I cannot deal with this new merging stuff. If you gonna merge, merge then innit
  14. How much for that crimson Dofus? 那个血淋林的DOFUS多儿(多少)钱? That's too expensive! Can you make it cheaper? 太贵了啦!便宜点儿呗 I'm lost. 我迷路了 It wasn't me, I swear. 不是我做的,我发誓。 Wanna go out some time ;)? 约不约 ;)? Oh ok, I understand, I had to wash my hair yesterday too. 哦,理解理解。我昨天也是在洗头发呢。 呵呵。真有意思
  15. oh for bloomings heck sake. i just relearned how to play my enirispa. now they changing my osa.
  16. me but eating food so me right now
  17. ahahaha this is amazing. is there any way to make this phonetic? Gosh, I don't even want to try with Mandarin, I will most probably translate it like some obvious Mandarin newb. let me try
  18. because why not right. How are people falling for this scam
  19. Yeah, I do quests and achievements here and there. But since I play in the evening, they get old real quick.
  20. This whole time I thought I had some 12x or 14x int shoes but turns out my highest level shoes are level 100. Does anyone have any suggestions for shoes that do not require me to go to any new areas? For me frigost is new... or is it soft oak all the way for now? Until I go to new places...
  21. I actually went to frigost but Im only on the frozen lake. perhaps I can get some mastogob boots for my lower level chars. I remember I used to farm soft oak dungeon with my guild mates, I have no guild and it seems /r is always about leeching (my work colleague who just so happened to have played rushu in the past said leeching is life and that I will get no where without it but I refuse and also he wont let me his crimson, rude)
  22. Let's apply these language skills to life and Dofus: How much for that crimson Dofus? That's too expensive! Can you make it cheaper? I'm lost. It wasn't me, I swear. Wanna go out some time ;)? Oh ok, I understand, I had to wash my hair yesterday too.
  23. It's never too late to pick up a language! I had classmates who were grandparents..
  24. No, my colleague is Czech :)