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  1. [22:22] (Guild) Bootiful: Hendz or Jeremy [22:22] (Guild) Bootiful: Update the live blog [22:22] (Guild) Bootiful: Or get kicked [Click here to apply to Rosautocracy]
  2. how i did f3 duos with a cra, if anyone is interested. this was pre-fancy trophies and before softcap and crit rate changes etc etc and wow bob pretty much remembered that whole set even though i still get ridiculed for using a "support sram" <_< also i recommend trap sram for count now, should be much smoother
  3. :ph34r: edit: nothing to see here stop imps censorship
  4. brb booking my ticket to finland so you can open packs for me
  5. can confirm /w nicholas works; i got 10k achieve leech, full set of eggs, and unconditional love :wub:
  6. i'm having fun with pve, doing dungeons and getting better at them is great - but yeah i understand frustration with the grind, it's why i quit before.. not so interesting to log on and do the same things everyday.
  7. necroing cos this is where i spend my time now - anyone playing? especially with the steam release and the new class, it's becoming more popular and stuff. i'm on NA, valley of titans come play with me
  8. hey!!! message me on skype sometime! let's catch up okokok
  9. i assume 800 is with powerful shooting and bow skill, because i can't get anywhere near those numbers without buffs. http://dofusplanner.com/1Suhd/ this is 849 average pre-turq update 11/6
  10. maybe this? http://dofusplanner.com/1txqV/
  11. /w jesuisfandebaguette
  12. brutt-os was trying to motivate me to do it a few weeks ago, not sure if you'd be interested in an enutrof?
  13. bb

    i'm gonna be that guy posting on the quitting thread without ever having had contact with OP...... but you're one of those people i've never stopped hearing about since i moved to rushu. even before the move, your imps posts had made an impression on me as being intelligent and thoughtful. when i did move, a lot of the people i met made fun of me for being "jon 2.0," that is because of similar (??? i don't agree with this assessment ok i just admitted i'd seen your picture but i'm not creepy i promise someone linked it to me to prove their point) physical appearances and apparently behavior, too. hope you stick around on imps, enjoy real life, blablablablablablalbalba :) also, thanks a lot for dofusplanner. it's a really great tool; when it first came out, i was reluctant to use it because how accustomed i am to dofusbook, but not needing to delete my sets has definitely grown on me and i visit it every lecture i attend. :lol: edit: you could say i have 100% attendance