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    stuff, more stuff<br /><br />I own a Wii (online)<br />and Foips on Xbox Live

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  1. Hells yeah I was in Einherjar, think I was an officer at one point. I remember you guys well! Einherjar still going strong? Or did it get disbanded years ago :p Jeez, how do y'all even talk without IRC? Anyways whatcha up to dude? Still playing on that old Ecaflip? He must be almost 10 years old now! I may be going insane here but yer ign does ring a bell - though a very faint dangly one. Great to think someone remembers me from all those years ago! You've put a smile on my face :)
  2. Hey peeps, it's been a while! My name was Dungo, I was one of the founding mods on these forums. My highest level character was a lvl 83 Brakkmarian Xelor on Rushu. Don't know if there'll be many of you guys still around, but if you are I'd love to reconnect! Have we still got an IRC?
  3. I started this thread more than 7 years ago. Does that count as owning?
  4. what the hell? you look like your from the beatles... hell, you look EXACTLY like ringo starr
  5. hopes
  6. nah, it's clearly a dildo-pen
  7. lies, your cat doesn't have paws the size of elephants
  8. Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat
  9. While we're all on Cat pics, here's mine: he likes playing with gasoline
  10. 1/10 robbeh sucks :wub: (he's gonna stab me)
  11. Fishys!
  12. seriously, we've been stuck at 700,000 for ages now, its not that far off! refresh for your lives guys!
  13. :/ Hope your doing good :3
  14. errors... http://www.impsvillage.com/forums/index.ph...nts&entry=7 wtf time paradox? also, when copy and pasting, the rich text editor adds HTML to the line breaks, but the HTML doesn't work in the blogs, so it turns shit... oh, and why can't the blogs be ordered in newest comment or newest post? it'd be MUCH better to view.