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      Merry IMPSMAS 2017!   12/07/17

      There's 35mk up for grabs this year along with an Atanip hat & cape! 'Click Here' for your chance to win.  Yule regret missing out.


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  1. Rogue/Panda/Sram would work too. Lots of damage and manipulation and you won't get hit too often by anything pre-frigost so you don't really need an eni.
  2. OMGOSH! HAhaHA Auntie Bessie you are soooo GOSH DARN FUNNY! Pinning this girls
  3. Oh wow, my grandchildren would L O V E this. If only my darned children would hurry and have children :(
  4. It really sucks that they nerfed Shyvanna, she just feels so weak at the moment. Oh wait...
  5. I personally wouldn't use Krutch. A lot of the nice int/agi gear around the 110-130 levels that look fantastic for cra's lacks any wisdom. You'll find yourself stuck with 100-150 wis and really nice stats and feel everything slow down. You're hitting the power farming cra point so banking as much wis as you can is recommended. Dora Bora is a slightly expensive but strong replacement.
  6. It really does take some serious effort to get banned here. There are people with dozens of warning points and a list of offences that we still wouldn't consider banning. But bullying/flaming is a sure fire way to get mod attention quickly.
  7. Oh sweet lord I remember the Shika war room 5-6 years ago. There were 2 or 3 full scale drama wars that Admins/Mods had to deal with. Golden days IMO ;)
  8. Ok, just because this is Persona's post doesn't mean you all get a free pass to be asshats. The amount of bullying and general shittery here was disgusting, we're a small community for sure so the controversial people stick out. That does not mean you can act how some of you did. I've reopened this thread because the discussions are interesting and I enjoyed the stream yesterday, if Persona wants to lay down a challenge this big then that's up to him. If you have genuine comments or ideas to CONTRIBUTE then go ahead, I think it's an interesting discussion on how forced into teams you are in this game. However, ANY flaming, bullying or douchebaggery will result in mutes as several of you just found out. No more warnings from here on out.
  9. How does the new fecas shield reduction work? Now that all shields are mixed are they all still effected by intel, or does each damage type rely on its own stat?
  10. He pays surprisingly well. If you legitimately think that was me then you clearly know nothing about me >_> There's 4 of us playing together, plus the help of some members of Nihil (Alpha mainly) shot us up levels really quickly. One of my first buys was 508 idols, those coupled with double xp last month meant we were able to hit 200 in about three weeks. Kamas from old characters on Shika got moved to Rushu and I fished for about 3 hours a day, late level fish sell for a bomb (cod, 1 sack of cod = 140kk ish) It was a lot of time invested but it's worth it. Only to find out Cra's are useless in 70% of the late game dungeons!
  11. Cleaned the thread. KEEP IT ON TOPIC AND CIVIL. Any more and I'll be dishing out mutes like candy at Halloween.
  12. Been back for about 6 weeks now, started January 1st ish at level 1 :) Any ideas where I can improve? Still need to scroll Str but that's it.
  13. As per market guidelines please add a price, thanks!
  14. If you have US Paypal/Payment cards could you not use a proxy when you log into the dofus website to make it think you're US and see if that helps, US proxy + US paypal and it should treat you like anyone else right?