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  1. http://forum.dofus.com/en/2-general-discussion/114390-farewell-players To all my friends in the international community, I must sadly announce that I will be leaving the moderator team at the end of summer, as I have a new job in meatspace that does not allow me to continue working for Ankama. For now, I'm stepping down as head moderator to allow [MOD]Themis to take over. Everyone give her a warm welcome - I'm sure you'll all love her! It has really been quite the ride working with all of you for the last three and a half years. We've been through a lot together, adventurers: community managers, tournaments, scandals and updates. The Dofus world is changing, my little pingwins, and I truly believe it's all for the better. The moderator team is in your corner and getting more effective all the time - do your best to support their efforts, or even better, join them! They're great people, and I truly appreciate all the help and support they (and you) have given me. Themis and I will be around IRC over the weekend if you would like to reminisce or meet and greet. Play on, and thanks for the memories!
  2. My moderator work has a prominent place on my resume. It actually goes over very well in interviews; it shows I can work with diverse groups of people in an international, high-pressure customer service job. If you're stuck in the unemployment line in real life, working as a mod can be a good way to add skills and references.
  3. According to my records, that bot was banned by a moderator at 4:20 Dofus time and hasn't been online since. You're saying it's still there? If you talked to Glantoir, please keep in mind he is assigned to Dark Vlad and can't ban bots on international or UK servers. He'll pass it on to us, but there may be some delay. Also, moderators can only kick bots that are currently logged in to the server. If the bot is logged off when you tell us about it, we can't ban it until it logs on again, which can also result in a delay.
  4. The wisdom of the ages is here, grasshopper. Edit: too slow! I will add there's a web-based widget you can use if you don't want to download an IRC client.
  5. Hm, I just checked with my team and you didn't even bother to report this to the moderators. For this reason, the moderator team is forced to conclude that you are in favor of bots, and you want us to not ban them. Instead, we're all headed off to our fabulous villa in bwork village to be fed grapes by well-oiled and scantily-clad Xelors. P.S. Ongry has now been banned. Reporting the bot is much easier than following it around for two whole days.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. :D We're aware of this lack, and we're working on it. It doesn't solve the immediate problem, but you can leave the bot's name with Glantoir and he can pass it on to us when we get in.
  7. I know bots are annoying. Believe me, they annoy us moderators more than they annoy you! But you need to help us out by reporting subscribed bots to the moderator on duty on IRC. We know about the ones in Astrub, but the subscriber area is too huge for us to patrol effectively. Just come by IRC and stop by the Mod Office and tell us where the subscribed bots are. All the information you need to find us is here.
  8. Great job! I just wanted to add a quote from the Terms and Conditions related to your first paragraph. It explains why you have to show ID and why you can't submit rude tickets.
  9. Sorry, the blowing of you is now an official function of Ankama games. Please post in the "contact a moderator" thread when this service is required.
  10. I wonder what this "ban all" button does... S'il vous plait for the fixing of the title pronto kthxbai.
  11. Hello. I'd consider it a personal favor if you would include How to Change the Game to English. That and how to download the game are the two most frequently asked questions on the official forum.
  12. Fixed, thanks. ;)
  13. I've already passed all the facts (not just the one side presented here) onto Support. They will reconsider the matter and get back to the people involved. As I told the map, I have asked Support to reverse the honor loss and gain, since it was a game bug. I can't comment beyond that it was a tough call and I was trying my best to be fair to all parties. You all are, of course, entitled to your opinions, but I do appreciate constructive criticism. I have no way to act on comments that I am a moron or ass. As a moderator, I am supposed to try to help in situations where there are bugs. I am happy to listen to any suggestions as to how you think I can improve at my job.
  14. I've modified the URLs in the first post to point to the threads on the new forums.
  15. Hello. Please use the contact a moderator thread for your server, or send a private message to one of the moderators (not Kaoly, she's an admin). Please do not post in this thread, as it is just FYI and not something that the moderators will check regularly.