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  1. Hey there folks, looking to get back in to the PvP scene a little and was wondering if anyone had some tips for me. Class: Feca Build: Int/Agi or Int/Strength, Kamas/time available: Tell me what I need, I'll figure out the rest. Current team: Solo Lvl range: 198 Extra comments: I was Int/wis, with an emphasis on +heals when I stopped playing a couple of years ago. I was the most useful support feca ever :(. ​Wellp, times have changed and my set is nigh on useless now, since I can only cast ONE GLYPH AT A GOD DAMN TIME, I need a new set. PvP oriented.
  2. Class: Feca Build: Wis/Heals/Int Kamas/time available: Just tell me what I need, I'll figure the rest out. Current team: Readily available 196 feca and 200 enu, the rest will be friends :D Lvl range: 196~ Extra comments: Looking for a build that maximizes +heals, and Wis (For mp/ap rape), with Int as the primary damage dealer. I dunno much about any of the new sets or what they have to offer, but I would love to hear any suggestions. Edit: try for at least 9ap, 4mp. Generally, dofuses are out of my reach, but suggest them anyways if you think they'll help. PvP or PvM oriented: Support oriented, so would work well in both methinks.
  3. Universal cooldown means what exactly?
  4. Was there any particular reason they made it so that SR wouldn't reflect traps/glyphs? On Topic: SR shouldn't be able to reflect unbewitch since that effectively gives you two immunities in PvM.
  5. I don't think you can make big big money with farmer/baker combo, it's more of a steady stream of income kind of thing, where you'll constantly be getting kamas in small increments if you keep putting bread up for sale. I myself chose to do a butcher/hunter combo that way I could have my cake and eat it too. I can still farm mobs, and level my profession at the same time, not to mention that certain meats like croc steaks used to go for ludicrous amounts. Also, certain bosses will drop meats that can replace scrolls, the only real downside to butcher/hunter is maging a hunting rune onto one of your weapons, but It's not too hard if you've got the money for it. Crarckler doesn't drop any meats, and I never tried farming diamonds, so I wouldn't be able to advise you on that. Here's a list of all the awesome meats you can get, and from what monsters http://dofuswiki.wik...unter/Gathering
  6. It's mainly because they're under the false impression that ONLY guys play videogames, in reality it's just that very few girls play. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_and_video_games is an interesting wiki article to read if you're interested. Also teh b0obz, but that's in real life too :I
  7. How long should I expect to wait for an answer to a ticket I sent about Amakna Shield, also, is the support any easier to work with?
  8. Good to see you around again :D Amazing as ever, keep up the awesome.
  9. Count me in should I ever get my amakna shield unlocked in this country/subbed.
  10. Oh god, there's no way I can update this x-x... Well, time to get to work *Cracks knuckles* Gahhh you guys keep posting links to sets that you've changed already ;-;' If possible, PLEASE post a summary of the set along with the link, thanks ^^
  11. That's the main reason I got so upset at the statement. She made a sweeping generalization about every person who wasn't rich (Your definition of rich was correct for the context of the class). My family doesn't have tones of money, we're 4 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment. My mom doesn't have a job because some asshole crashed in to her car while texting, and now she can't do what she used to do. Did my mom make poor life choices? Sure she smokes, but that's not why my family is in this situation. I agree with everyone who said that correlation doesn't necessarily reflect causation. Oh and my teacher rectified her statement the next day to make it seem less ignorant, that doesn't change the fact that she said and then defended the statement the day before though.
  12. This exactly. I want to know who the hell payed these guys to say this. No one in their right mind would ever come out publicly to announce this, unless you're an idiot and don't care about your career... On topic: I believe abortion is fine until the point where you can prove the fetus has developed a functioning nervous system. Killing babies is fucked up no matter what some Oxford professor says.
  13. So I heard something that bothered me today, but got me thinking about what other people think about this. I know I haven't posted on imps in forever, but I've always known you folks to be a thoughtful and well spoken bunch (lets ignore La Madre/Dofus "NERF TH1S NA0W!!" topics...) so I wondered what your opinions on the topic were. While sitting in Economics today the topic of socioeconomic status came up, and my teacher said a comment that bothered me. She said: "I believe [that] poor people are poor, because they make (excuse the pun) poor life choices. Just look at the statistics of how many poor people smoke and drink, obviously they're poor because they made worse life choices than rich people". Now I happen to disagree with this point of view. I think their are factors out of ones control that can cause them to be poor, and I don't think as a percentage that poor people make worse life choices than rich people. Though the point that poor people smoke more cigarettes than rich people is a valid one. Enough of my jiba-jaba (that one's for you Kittenpaste) lets hear what you folks have to say on the issue. Please keep it clean, I doubt anyone on the interweb would offend another person with flaming or trolling, but it never hurts to be safe. Right?
  14. Gonna wait till it's cheaper since I have no interest in the multiplayer, even if horde mode does look pretty epic.
  15. I'll be picking it up when it comes out, gamertag is IMyEndI. Got a few folks from IV added already, look forward to playing with you. Ewww, this topic has been dead for a while ;_;