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  1. went down around 9am (4hrs ago). got a message that the server will reboot in 35 seconds lol
  2. we're still waiting for you cas... and topi came to chat but made a new team. warning: 1.29 is fun.
  3. believe it or not we are probably one of the most active guilds now. we hit 24+ online the other day and still growing. come play!
  4. bumping for exposure. some players in 1.29 found it by accident looking for private servers. official servers exist! we are proof. Under The Edge in Henual server is recruiting! come join and afk with us! maybe even grind if you like. We are very casual players these days but pros are welcome too. /w Ownzored or message me here
  5. Under the Edge still here. Not playing as much but Dan, Simon and I still play.
  6. caj, gyhl, gidgy and pets... come join me in 1.29 henual. leech me pls
  7. me too!
  8. use panda that has more ini than fuji. also, keep panda close to fuji (out of fuji's mp range ofc) because recruit likes to run up to fuji. take an mp raper and a hitter to make fight easier. (you can bring 4 + recruit)
  9. it was a fun run but my current real life schedule prevents me from being The Elkamysts supreme leader any longer. I have stepped down and appointed topi, nevah-vulns, as the new leader. All hail Leadernator! ps. i'm still around and with kick rights. ex-supreme leader out.
  10. @jules and @dopie pop in once in a while! we miss you. caj occasionally stops by to show us his new porno cd's. :) to be fair i don't do much leading; the guild manages by itself. once in a while i'm asked for my executive decision to which i always reply "kick!" ( the question doesnt really matter. kick always solves the problem xD ) also, twist logged and he's still nub. teeeeemuuuuu!
  11. just got back from my trip off the grid and you wonderful elkies dinged the guild to my surprise. congratulations to all of the elkamyst members, past and present, for contributing to our goal of 200. thank you ultimateinsanity for letting me in this wonderful guild (kindest leader ever. ulti would always drop an alt to let a guildie tag along). i'd also like to thank julie (gyhldeptis) for being such a great leader and mentor. she is also the haxest dofus player i have ever known. true story. thank you to all the members for your hard work! i can't name you all because we are not a small guild anymore! weeeeee! all you multi-accounting machines and dedicated solo players, thank you. thank you! congrats! thank you! congrats! i can't emphasize that enough because now i can rest and play dofus casually and for fun again. by this i mean ZAAP DUNGY! supreme leader signing out.
  12. gogogo! everyone on 90%!
  13. 2 to go... 198~!
  14. 197! Gogogo Guild!
  15. Congratulations!