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  1. I just got disconnected and checked a couple of server status sites which all says its down atm.
  2. Typically soon as I sub a char my Internet breaks so now I have to wait till Wednesday to sort stuff out :'(
  3. So what guilds are active nowadays on shika?
  4. Thanks for the offer, i wont even know till i get my net up and running properly id assume i have some sort of gear on one of my chars and if not i still have most profs maxed anyways so if i did want anything it should be too hard to get :P
  5. Nice to see your still half around REV i didnt necessarilly mean still on shika. I might come back depends if mike left me with any stuff, i was just going to gear one char and just pop on now and then and tag along with some people to see some of the new sights.
  6. Just wondering if there are any old shika folk still kicking about, its been almost 5 years since i last logged in and having some free time was considering popping in here and there.
  7. Yeah that's fine saying that but you can still combine lethaline with full sucker or bearbaric for 2 ap sets, thus getting 12 ap without the use of gelanos and dazzling whatnots.
  8. Awww sad to see you go murz, hopefully you'll pop on to say hello every now and then, If not best of luck.
  9. Nevermind he turned out to be a pussy and i four manned him :P
  10. hey sofu IF i get a message any time back from support to fix my updater, ive got a good few mats to make hammers and such, Think I need some more runes anyway.
  11. Anyone else had a problem with the updater, mine gets about 50% of the way through, they gives me an error message asking if dofus is running, which it isn't then the up loader fails and crashes. Then when I try again, gets to the same point and happens again unfortunately the updater crashing message covers the initial message I get so I cant see what file is not working. Think I caught the file name that time assets_common.swf >.<
  12. Lol Beho now thats someone i kinda miss, eventhou everything about him was wrong....
  13. Yeah you played well bit of luck on your side with alot of skill, damn those pesky enus essentially ruining my fun. :P
  14. From what I remember amkana saying this years goult participates will be drawn from the kolo system ranking instead of the old dungeon speed test, which as it stands would be picking between these chars. Only put top 3 because i dont fancy typing out any more names Sac: 1: Thalion 2: Europhia 3: Veno Feca: 1: Cereal-killer 2: Apex 3: Azrex Osa: 1: Peki 2: ******** 3: Qido-cz Enu: 1: Zarmy-one 2: ******** 3: RMP Sram: 1: Narbzilla 2: Dremon 3: Yaami Xelor: 1: Hokabra 2: Vespal 3: Realmage Eca: 1: Lovle 2: Juva 3: SMP Eni: 1: Canyouhealme 2: Zuccherino 3: Dharani Iop: 1: Cly 2: Mastor 3: Angels-heart Cra: 1: Cezary 2: Pythos 3: ******** Sadida: 1: Ayomi 2: Boogey-man 3: Flo Panda: 1: Nalik-br 2: Karma 3: Sycophant Rogue: 1: Vortex 2: Shalua 3: Calli-bang Masq: 1: Symba 2: Bolic 3: Omanomanom I believe all the stars are recently f2p chars so not sure exactly who they are and also I am aware they are resetting the kolo rating on Tuesday for the revised rating system but this was just to show you who has been doing it, and succeeding the the kolossium.
  15. Awww shame to see you go sven gl in rl and may see you about.