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  1. I think the higher your rating, the harder fights you get and the longer you can wait. I can wait from 5 mins to an hour, usually a lot longer than 5 mins tho. P.s Welcome back!
  2. Getting a full team for Goult will be difficult, people just can't be bothered. Takes long enough to get a damn Kolo fight these days.
  3. Woo Snorrick baby, that sounds like a good plan to me! ily <33
  4. Hello! Coming back to Shika for a while, might come back perm if I can get a set quick enough before I lose interest :P I doubt many of you will know me, all I see is new people these days.
  5. Time has come for me to get my RL back on track, I've got a great new job and it's time for me to move on. It's been a laugh and I've had some really great times. I've met some really great friends on dofus, too many of you to mention, you all know who you are. I'll miss you all! I might pop on from time to time to say hello but don't count on it :P P.s Nihil ftw!
  6. Shika! :)
  7. We never really spoke.. but it would be a shame to see you go. Good luck with whatever happens, I hope by some chance Ankama are able to help you, but won't count on it. :/
  8. Well that can be sorted ;) *sexy duck pose*
  9. Haha! It's true.. sorry Snorrick!
  10. Welcome to Shika!
  11. Hmm, where to start? I gave Seti a very clear answer about my situation, the only thing I wouldn't be online for was the snapshot of the equips, that's it. I told Seti this in the most simple way I knew. It was unclear for about half a day if I could or couldn't make Goult, when I knew for sure that I could I posted it on the guild forums and let Seti know straight away. This drama was not needed and uncalled for. That's all, I cba with this drama bullshit.
  12. Yeah higher levels will be able to collect from lower level Raw, but they will only be able to collect 1 heart per Raw instead of 2.
  13. Where does it say petsmounts are limited? O.o
  14. Haha! Congrats you sexy dofus dropping bish! I <3 how you pm'd me straight away, that's real love right there. xD
  15. Pretty disappointed tbh :(