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  1. Thank you people for sharing your views about this. Glad to hear some old friends and new ones aswell ;) Anyways..when i find some free time i might start playing this game again,give it a shot, why not? Still, it would be nothing ambitious, just chiling-type play meanining no lvl and equipment farm.It would be a completly new start,once i was pretty skilled with knowledge and tactics but now im nothing more than a rusted noob so i have much much homework to do :) If i encounter any of you people ingame ill make sure to say "hi" :) Cheers
  2. Hey people Some of you may remember a sram named "Balkan-pride"and some new players might not, anyways i quit dofus long time ago when i tought i achived everything there is to achive in this game. The game become boring to me, so i sold my char and my 4.5 years investing in it and i never regret it becouse i tough i was done for good with this game,and i was! So lately i considered playing this game again, starting everything from zero,and my question to you folks is --Is dofus worth of coming back these days? I left dofus when it was "original dofus" not his dofus2 crap, i say crap becouse i hated every second in this "new dofus", old version was so much better for me, it had much more "soul", but thats my opinion and now i wanna hear your's. What became of dofus during my absence?( aprox.2-3years , maybe less) hope u could understand my question, cuz they are not always easy to understand :) p.s. "hi" to oldschool rosalians ;)
  3. He has the right to do that... U should name the post "IopX dosent let me win and now i bitch about it" Oh btw....HI PEOPLE OF ROSAL!! :( :P
  4. Hmmm, i wonder who this Freztyler is .... :wub:
  5. haha, this is awesome
  6. similar thing happened to me,and also a sadi....what to say, i think only a douchebag can do this
  7. gorlam is just a hacking douchebag, no skill on any honour in him... gr8 win neko btw
  8. this LOSER comments coming after fights are priceless... i stand by my opinion that 80% of dofus population are retarded children/grown ups/grandpas ...and whales :huh:
  9. LOL ...btw cani... could u sleep after bayern? XD
  10. well aint that a bitch! its interesting to see "our" chars fights haha :mellow:
  11. no it is a pvp, (player versus player) :lol:
  12. expect this wasnt me..... im not talking dutch am i? :lol: :) :P but good thing u posted this...after hitting 200 i told "people" nobody pvp with balk anymore..no more selling balk dignity in pvp,but it seems people dosent listen to me....a change of pasword will do the thing,so i wont see myself here losing if i didnt even know about it.. acctualy i lost more than 2000 honour points thank to "pearls" like this....
  13. hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah Persia really needed to post this!! gz on nice win, i hope u feel good now hihihihih ;) and yea...pocas underestimated me and the worst happened for him...looking for a rematch, was a nice and quality fight.. and now since xp dosent matter again, win or loss in pvp dosent give me any hard feeling, just a puure pvp enjoying... looking forward to see some sexy screens in here ;D enyoj guys
  14. i always have bigger ini than jseu, and i won him like 4 times in a row...he won before, but that dosent have nothing to do with this what am i trying to say here... first, i think people get this topic name too serious...i think naso made this so people can put screens of good epic fights, you dont need to OWN somebody so u can put a screen here,there is no rules about this topic so plz chill out.... secondly i see most people who think that 199 winning a 200 lvl isnt a big deal are people who's lvl are under 170 lvl, no offence, but u first gotta lvl some and come in that 180+ category where the " big boys" pvp... i can say for myself that every single pvp i win , i respect that more than anything... and maybe i trash talk somebody sometimes but i can guarantee you i respect every opponent i fight... and every win when you are 180+ is A BIG DEAL... so dont bother yourself with this "OWNING" in the name too much i enyoj every screen i see here and i find them all interesting, so dont ruin things saying "oh this isnt a big deal, this isnt a owning" i know my english is full of mistakes but i hope you understood me atleast 50% what am i trying to say :D
  15. wow, if you all think winning a 200 lvl isnt a big deal, then i guess this topic isnt for me, there isnt any 250 lvl to own to impress you... Scorpionxelot i tottaly agree with you..