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  1. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    Google translate does a good enough job. https://tot-prod.blog/category/dofus-cube/
  2. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I've been playing on Fraktal (mono server) and treasure hunt is by far the easiest way to level. From perspective of a new server, it absolutely needed to get nerfed. And if you ask why you gotta be punished for something affecting a new server... we got boned by the recipe changes, so it's only fair :)
  3. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    With the blog post above, it looks like it pretty much confirms that there are no traditional drops (or a very limited number of them), and that must also mean no profs. They mention kamas, but they seem redundant to fragments at this point. I also don't understand how fragments are linked. They would have to link level up fragments to chars and drop/harvest fragments to account wouldn't they? Otherwise, you just use the char level up to get the rare fragment that unlocks new spells and use it on a dif char. I'm going to extrapolate a bit... Their strategy seems to be about isolating progression (like mobile games), which will mean no global marketplace If there is no global marketplace, gear will be linked to the account, which leads me to believe that it will be mostly quest based (or able to be npcd somehow) If gear is linked to the account and achievable via quest, any gear acquired will most likely be equippable on all chars (instead of needing multiple copies) Also, any gear that is quest based will either need a means of improvement, or will be fixed stat This game seems incredibly minimalist. I think that could be a good thing. As someone who would rather be a casual player, this sort of system favors me because it has removed a ton of grindy elements. What that also means is that the game is essentially its combat. With a much simplified system, Ankama will be expected to release quick updates to prevent the game from becoming stale. But isn't making new monsters and shit the most expensive thing to develop? It's almost like they are setting themselves up to fail :o I REALLY don't see how this game will be popular among the 'hardcore' dofus players and I don't know how many casuals you can expect to launch something off their computer. Oh well, not my problem!
  4. I managed to get onto Fraktal and already, the mine I thought would be relatively empty had 5 ppl in it lol
  5. Well every once in awhile, I get past the queue and get a message that says my login was denied due to timeout lol. This is what I get for waking up early.
  6. Well I just got caught up w/ some of the classes. Tested naked w/ lvl 5 spells and looks like Eni, Osa, Feca are the most OP to start out with. Naked Feca does 300 w/ repulsive glyph, but w/o a team mate that locks, I can't really count on it (those glyphs are insane w/ the buff). Osa prob sucks for first like 6-10 hours of play time until you get +summon gear and if you play as a team, the global recasts on all summons are gonna screw you since I bet a lot of ppl will play them (agi build might work tho, but idk how easy it is to get +agi/+summon gear early on). So that leaves Eni. Eni summon seems op and Eni buff is absolutely op. W/ the +ap, it can pump out 150 a turn using that 4 ap spell (note that that will be higher in gob set!). Other shoutouts: Iop divine sword is amazing in group, but the rest of its spells kinda suck till later on Huppermage looks amazing w/ it's steal spell, but that forces 1 range and 1 range = gg when in crap gear (those dudes hit crazy hard) Ougi's stack spells look crazy strong, but they seem far stronger when you get more ap and are with a team (cha ougi 8 ap should hit hard, but getting 8 ap seems a bit difficult in the initial stages of the game). Eca perception is amazing and Topkaj should be pretty good w/ gob set. On Dofus Touch, I farmed sunflowers w/ AoN, but idk if that is still viable after the characteristics change. So I'm thinking I'll start out as Eni and possibly class switch to Osa when I craft a summon set. When I get to 100+, I'll be switching to Cra for farming. Who knows what my final class will be. Yay for disposable kamas on a server that I don't play anymore :)
  7. ah.. I'm guessing they don't give stats tho? That would seem like an unfair advantage.
  8. I'm really out of date with this. Does this mean Dofus pets from the shop? Like Pink dragoone or something?
  9. lmao, I have a 2 week vacation starting this Monday. Why did I have to look at this thread :( I'll think about it...
  10. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    So far it seems ok, but I'm getting way too much of a mobile games vibe from this and that is a bad thing. + streamlining to be account based and not char based + asynchronous combat + spell deck, passives and customization with it + exploration (hoping there won't be annoying RNG stuff with it, but it seems solid) +/- less mp. This should speed up fights, but they will need to do a good job with their spell pool if they want movement to be as big a part of the strategy as in normal dofus. - lack of gear (I guess we need to see the type of gear they make before reaching a final conclusion) - wakfu gauge. This mechanic makes no sense in a mobile environment. If mobile combat is just going through haven world (which I'm guessing is solo), they should ditch the turn timer in that situation. I also am not a big fan of it in pvp, but the reasoning behind it is definitely valid. ? drops and professions. Are they going to exist (less gear and recovery items are an outdated concept IMO, so what can we realistically expect from profs)? ? solo vs multi. If sidekicks are less powerful than heroes, isn't this going to create the same multi problem as dofus? Will we have an ogrines-ish system for purchasing access to multiple heroes w/ the game currency (will we even have markets and kamas :o)? I really hope they don't let mobile game limitations drive too many of their design decisions...
  11. Now Playing, Share your musical tastes!

    The instrumental is amazing and this guy does a good job on it This song emo as fuck, but that chorus is one of the best things I have heard
  12. HELP: Horrible Lag/Ping

    You might want to check the network traffic on the router/modem/whatever when the slowdowns happen. I have no clue how to do that or how to sift through the information it gives.
  13. Dofus Cube (Dofus 3) - Blog

    I think they are going in the right direction with this, but I'm hoping they do similar things to Dofus Touch (hero system is ez money for them, why the hell didn't they implement this before touch release?). Also, if all the characters in a fight belong to 1 account, remove the fucking turn timer! WHY HAVE YOU NOT DONE THIS IN DOFUS TOUCH??? lets see.... Some of that artwork looks like bleach crap Spell decks is actually an interesting idea and allows them to throw shit at the wall for spells 6 elements is going to be a pain in the ass. I hope their characteristics system is improved because this is going to spread viable spells and equipment even thinner (guessing light/dark aren't going to be based on a characteristic, but something else....) Separation of drops from professions means a lot of profs can be leveled purely from gatherables? Separate instances instead of servers = cost saving? Lastly, They say multi account is base of dofus 3, but shouldn't it be multi characters? It looks like they are trying to cripple multi-account interactions so that players are stuck running a single account that manages multiple chars (which they have to pay to do!). This is great, but given how the game is skewed towards larger party sizes, it would be a good idea for them to make max hero slot = max party size or max party size / 2 and if they going max party size route, make the 1st hero slot permanently unlockable via in game quest or something. Along these lines, I feel like they should fuse things like profession levels, inventory, quests, and achievements to the account so that the character you pick is mostly for cosmetic purposes (it will obviously still be the 'main' char to enter a fight though). If they do the above, they will need to limit quest, achieve rewards to cosmetics and dofuses and make them perma account linked where it can be used by full team (that would provide a huge incentive for single account + multiple hero slots vs multi account).
  14. Dofus 1.29

    Damn, gonna try this out next week for nostalgia. 2.x may be a better game and did a lot of work around balancing and adding some form of utility for each class, but there was some goodness that they destroyed in the process. Although I wouldn't be surprised if some of the changes I'm thinking of were already in place by 1.29. For example, I loved the Highly random shit like punitive arrow Unlimited buff/debuff stacking Retarded full heal chance on roulette Absence of exo stat limiters Enu abuse and a lot more that I can't think of off the top of my head. The sad reality is that 1.29 lacks the challenging content to get anything out of abusing the niche team strategies that were murdered by Ankama's balancing attempts. I guess there is still roulette eca team, but with the changes to stat caps/lowering of base spell damages, rekop, roulette, and smell (imagine how chaotic this would have been!), it will most likely be more frustrating than fun.
  15. The good, the Iop, and the Castuc

    FUCK! The stats are same, but level was changed. RIP Hiv-Aids my low lvl pvp sram :(