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  1. hey! so we're post-merge by a decent while now actually and i'm happy to say that i'm available for commissions prices remain the same because, i'm lazy! and haven't been keeping an eye on markets at all so i don't know how they've been affected by hell, etc.
  2. #FirstFuji feels like i'm on shika!
  3. you know what? i'm disappointed
  4. it's not against the rules and won't be part of the rules until 2.0 comes out sometime in the next few years ago
  5. a vote for droopik is a vote for droopik
  6. imps is moving in the right direction one tumbleweed and baby hand at a time
  7. all these oldies coming out for my art <3 i kinda feel like bumping this super old thread was silly & i should've just started a new one for a clean slate. i guess it's never too late to do that though... what does everyone else think?
  8. ohhh it looks so nice :0 okay, time to quest! thank you both <3
  9. ooh, it looks nice, could you zoom in on it for me please? :0
  10. i'm looking forward to it! i can always do with more kamas :0 they keep mysteriously disappearing because i don't know how to invest... anyway, here's characters!
  11. as title says, the lack of gear preview option in this game is becoming real apparent with the addition of costumes :(
  12. because 1 handed weapons are designed with the ability to equip a shield in mind, whereas 2 handed weapons were designed the opposite way. they've now made it so that there is no such thing as a 2 handed weapon, meaning that all 2 handed weapons now need to be toned down as if they're 1 handed weapons. the alternative is buffing 1 handed weapons, but it's strictly less complicated and less consequential to nerf something than it is to buff it.
  13. i love this site! i use it all the time, and i'm glad it doesn't make me sign up to do more than one set. one thing, i don't know if it's been brought up already because i was too lazy to look, but cawwot now heals 3% hp instead of a variable amount, so it doesn't need to show up on the spell sheet any more. thank you for maintaining this excellent site :0
  14. here's a finished pic for camogie! thanks so much for commissioning me, baby. you singlehandedly regeared my mask :0 still in need of rupees, commissions are still available!
  15. here's a double post because i rushed off to doodle her my huppermage!