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  1. all these oldies coming out for my art <3 i kinda feel like bumping this super old thread was silly & i should've just started a new one for a clean slate. i guess it's never too late to do that though... what does everyone else think?
  2. ohhh it looks so nice :0 okay, time to quest! thank you both <3
  3. ooh, it looks nice, could you zoom in on it for me please? :0
  4. i'm looking forward to it! i can always do with more kamas :0 they keep mysteriously disappearing because i don't know how to invest... anyway, here's characters!
  5. as title says, the lack of gear preview option in this game is becoming real apparent with the addition of costumes :(
  6. because 1 handed weapons are designed with the ability to equip a shield in mind, whereas 2 handed weapons were designed the opposite way. they've now made it so that there is no such thing as a 2 handed weapon, meaning that all 2 handed weapons now need to be toned down as if they're 1 handed weapons. the alternative is buffing 1 handed weapons, but it's strictly less complicated and less consequential to nerf something than it is to buff it.
  7. i love this site! i use it all the time, and i'm glad it doesn't make me sign up to do more than one set. one thing, i don't know if it's been brought up already because i was too lazy to look, but cawwot now heals 3% hp instead of a variable amount, so it doesn't need to show up on the spell sheet any more. thank you for maintaining this excellent site :0
  8. here's a finished pic for camogie! thanks so much for commissioning me, baby. you singlehandedly regeared my mask :0 still in need of rupees, commissions are still available!
  9. here's a double post because i rushed off to doodle her my huppermage!
  10. tag your spoilers!
  11. i appreciate the balancing but the complete lack of flavour and theming of the new sacrier is absolutely turning me off
  12. sia! i can't believe this thread's bringing all my friends back into my gravitational pull :0 as an update... i don't have one, i've been playing breath of the wild oops!!
  13. we're probably like 4 or 5 doodles away from them just outright fucking
  14. trying to sort of flesh out gricio's design a little more into something a little more him and a little less "all sadidas"