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  1. hey! it's been a while! lotta art, not a lotta dofus. now the other way around. and hopefully i can make it the other other way around again because that was much better for my finances. here's gridy!
  2. these total cowards don't want to invest money in us. they don't want to invest money on a mega server for the mono account servers. you know what kind of servers can get pulled out of the anus of a borderline indie game dev company? the kind that used to be rushu, shika, etc. that they purposely got rid of because they weren't good enough to host everyone in the event of a merge. unsurprisingly they decided that the feature that many, many of us have been requesting for years (but they don't actually care about our suggestions - someone at ankama thought of this, autonomously) wouldn't be popular enough to warrant a megaserver. OOOOOOOOOOPS! now they're pulling server after server out of their anus wondering why these servers that can't actually host an entire community and are being asked to host every community at once can't handle it the brainboxes over at ankama really are boggling their collective spaghetti over this one, telling us they're trying to figure out what the fuck exactly to do every five minutes. here's what to do: stop being so cheap and get a megaserver like echo, or, split us up into regions and give the french 8 servers and we'll just have the one that says "no french players allowed" which will host all the rest of your withering international community quite comfortably. pick one, tot. chop fuckety chop.
  3. they do, but to get them to even survive long enough you need to either devote them your constant attention for 21 days or shell out. so by all means if you get a pet from that app into the game you kinda earned it.
  4. there's a mobile app which is a pet raising game called Dofus Pets, where the pets you raise can be transferred into the game if they survive long enough.
  5. i'm joining in on the solo server but i don't know what name i'll be using. huppermage, cycling through elements as i level with the new magic orb thing & just whatever gear i can get my hands on. in the meantime, add Erlandson to your friends list on echo on the account you'll be using on the solo server and you'll see me on.
  6. i play mine in pvm she's the hardest hitting single target damage dealer on my team and her kit is bloated with all kinds of utility for weird situations. someone needs a heal? she can do that if it's urgent. mob needs to be moved? she can coop, telefrag, push and pull. someone's locked? she can make mobs in an aoe unable to lock. just about the only thing she can't do is take MP to prevent approach (water spells are mostly CC, so water/earth combo is more to prevent escape) and summon. huppermages are consistent dps, not burst dps. they ramp up and then stay like that mostly for the rest of the fight. ramping up is easy and because all your buffing spells are also attacks you're not sitting there casting a bazillion buffs (which turns me off of iop and cra). it's a lot of fun just jumping straight in with fighting things on turn one. she's also tanky as all hell, elemental shield buffing her res to 50% across the board, and she's able to steal fuckloads of agility to lock while reducing the boss's final damage and just sitting on it while the rest of my chars go to town (and not even doing bad damage while stealing their stats). i've used her to tank bosses you're "not supposed to" tank, because i don't listen to cowards who don't have a huppermage. to more directly compare her to an iop (since they're both melee damage dealers), i would say. pick a huppermage if you don't mind sacrificing some damage to gain all the utility and tankiness in the world. pick a huppermage if you want to play something that's more interesting than an iop. pick a huppermage if you want to finally play the meme chance iop.
  7. hey! so we're post-merge by a decent while now actually and i'm happy to say that i'm available for commissions prices remain the same because, i'm lazy! and haven't been keeping an eye on markets at all so i don't know how they've been affected by hell, etc.
  8. #FirstFuji feels like i'm on shika!
  9. you know what? i'm disappointed
  10. it's not against the rules and won't be part of the rules until 2.0 comes out sometime in the next few years ago
  11. a vote for droopik is a vote for droopik
  12. imps is moving in the right direction one tumbleweed and baby hand at a time
  13. all these oldies coming out for my art <3 i kinda feel like bumping this super old thread was silly & i should've just started a new one for a clean slate. i guess it's never too late to do that though... what does everyone else think?
  14. ohhh it looks so nice :0 okay, time to quest! thank you both <3