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  1. It's in French, but this lists lots of the quest items. http://tofus.fr/fiches/indices-chasse-au-tresor.php
  2. I'll help out with tile sitting. I can bring some female characters across a variety of classes to tile sit. Would anyone be able to use a level 199 strength cra in a group to kill Kralove so she can finish EH too?
  3. To celebrate Ankamerica month, and the upcoming weekend of free access all areas (3:00 PM GMT Friday, August 30th until 7:00 AM Tuesday September 3rd), I am offering to take anyone on Shika through some of the Amakna dungeons. Provisionally, this will be dungeons listed on Team Search up to level 120 (not the pet sanctuary though). Each day I'll add myself to the Team Search. Dungeons will vary each day depending on what keys I have and how long I can be online. I cannot provide keys for other people, so to come on a dungeon run you'll need either a dungeon key or an unused key on a 'Bunch of Keys'. I cannot guarantee exactly what times I'll be online over the weekend, but I'll make sure I'm on for at least 2 or 3 hours each day. Bring your alts! Bring your friends! Hope to meet you in-game soon!
  4. It's set by Kerub Crepin (6,-16) in Astrub. You can do it once per week. Don't make more than one blibli wax at a time as when you finish the quest it takes any extra wax out of your inventory too.
  5. For folks like me who get totally disorientated on Wabbit Island, this French website lists most of the Wabbit Island quests with screenshots showing directions to get around. http://dofuspourlesnoobs.weebly.com/icircle-des-wabbits.html
  6. We have filled all the Expert room. If you have any characters or alts lower than level 150, then bring them to the other rooms, please.
  7. Sounds like a good idea, the earlier the better so that we can start on the achievements...
  8. Sani's updated his slabroom tile checker. http://mondestia.com/glamdialogue/slabroom2013/ A big thank you to Ala for helping with updating the information. Position of the rooms matches the position of the rooms in Pinki Crater. So left-hand room is Amateur (level 51-100) Bottom room is Tourist (level 1-50) Right-hand room is Expert (level 151-200) Top room is Specialist (level 101-150) Once you've entered your stats, gender etc, click on the radio button for the tile you want to stand on, and it'll show you how many free pods you need. We definitely have all the backpacks we need (Chay has 13, and Sani and I have 12). Now we just need to work out who is able to tile sit, and for which tiles...
  9. Glam Dialogue moved wholesale from Rushu to Shika a couple of years ago :) If there's any problem with the slabroom calculator, give me a shout in-game (Aldarana) or contact SanityClause who wrote the calculator and we can try and sort out any issues. Sani and I have definitely been on tiles to open G & G for the last two years, and are happy to lurk again if we're online. Judging by previous posts, Shika have enough backpacks. Does anyone have level 50s who can wear the backpacks? If I remember rightly, sorcerer bandit weapons are really helpful for getting characteristic stats for the backpack wearers... Are we going to try to aim for opening G & G this weekend 13th/14th July? Do we have someone who is co-ordinating which players are available and when?
  10. The achievement ladder is way too buggy to be helpful. My score wasn't updated for days, and then I disappeared (and still haven't reappeared). SanityClause has gone too from Shika's ladder. For those Shikans keeping track of the top of the ladder, Sani's over 4,500, but under 5,000. :-)
  11. I'm actually really hoping they might be chameleon style pets. If you click on the banner, or the round button, the banner, iop and pets change colour. Looking forward to new pets.
  12. Erm, yes on both points. :)
  13. I've done impertinence on Wa Wabbit. AP rape all the way.
  14. I can't remember the exact co-ordinates, but it's the map where you go down to the laboratory just before you fight the GM Wabbit.
  15. I won't vote for 'Pangeae' either. I hate the spelling of it. A lot of folks in the International community don't have English as a first language, and I think the combination of vowels at the end would be a disaster for forum posts. Rogue causes quite a lot of problems as it is. The name Eirene is already used by a German Christian charity. It's a nice idea as it's the name of the Greek goddess of peace. I'm leaning towards Adventuria at the moment.