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Everything posted by Kiba

  1. Better buy those cheap af Dofus eggs before more people notice
  2. I moved this here because you posted in Ankama Announcements for some reason. I assume you're on Echo.
  3. Can someone explain how this works? It hits like a truck but I have trouble making it behave like I want it to.
  4. There's that one player who has been playing on-and-off for years as a "pacifist." As in, never ever ever killing monsters and progressing through the game via other means. They've made it quite far, and did a bunch of it before achievements and Almanax came into play. I think the "added challenge" style of roleplay, think Pokemon nuzlockes, would be an interesting thing to do as a group/guild. The idea of super intense roleplaying like the Mercenaries is dated.
  5. It is not a traditional 2 cell AoE. There's a "bounce" mechanic in play, and I'm struggling to understand how it prioritizes bounces, and how many bounces I can get. Sometimes it doesn't bounce towards enemies that would be within the given AoE and I'm not sure why.
  6. I took this name in the Naruto fan channel of Pokemon Netbattle in 2006. True competitive Pokemon fans know Netbattle as *the* competitive battling software of Gen 3. I was introduced to Dofus by friends from there using the names of Shikamaru, Temari, and (I think) Kankuro.
  7. ^I changed the thread title to be more descriptive.
  8. Textbook example of hacking someone's account.
  9. Cherry bags are dropped by Kitsous which are hardly "high level" monsters (according to Wikia). Gotta remember they're not exclusively balancing around the monoaccount servers.
  10. If we're voting for it, it means there's a history of player opinion on what should change about a given system. It's all the excitement of requesting features anyway - you can suggest something and they'll maybe implement that suggestion but awfully. rip team search
  11. Update: When using the monoaccount server forums, please put your server's name in the thread title. Our current solution is to keep the "Ilyzaelle" forums as a catch-all monoaccount server section, but this may change. The forum titles will probably change soon. Server merges with little delay, free monoaccount server transfers, and more are on the table according to Ankama, so we'll keep track of what's happening and make adjustments to the monoaccount server sections as necessary.
  12. It'll either be up immediately, or it will take many hours for it to open. Or it'll open and be down for maintenance a bunch of times. There's no way of knowing, part of the fun :D
  13. Wow thank you for keeping this so up-to-date and at such high quality :o
  14. Not changing but adding a second orb type.
  15. You can make a new phone number for free with Google Voice, so that's not much of a restriction. I don't think there's any feasible way to prevent folks from multiaccounting with minimal investment of time and effort.
  16. Reminder that interpersonal drama should not be aired on Imps Village, and that accusations of scamming must be posted with proper proof in the Scammer Registry.
  17. Interesting direction. People looking for a true MMO successor to Dofus 2 will be quite disappointed. But the overall concept is really neat and I think Ankama will be able to pull it off very well. It feels like a take on the concept of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer in a way. That said, I've been fine with Ankama's artistic direction lately but I'm not a fan of the aesthetics here. I could never get into Wakfu's overall aesthetic when it came to how they designed all the areas, and it looks like they take it to the max here.
  18. We used to have pre-2011 archived, but there was a technical issue that wiped it out... But some larger, active threads were kept during the changeover because they were actively being used. Maybe you're looking for something in this? http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/50910-woot-numberlology-post-all-your-666s-and-777s-here/
  19. You can create a phone number in seconds for free with a Google account, at least in the US. There may be charges associated with receiving text messages from Ankama's services but they'd likely be minimal.
  20. Just a heads up the mods here aren't Dofus mods so we don't know what's up. Imps is a fan forum.
  21. "As for the game in general, all end-game dungeons have been revamped in order to be enjoyable for as many players as possible. But be careful now: we're not making Koutoulou into a harmless cute widdle thang, we're just making it easier on you to figure out how to beat him. Don't forget that you've come a long way to suffer, and we wouldn't want to take that away from you, now would we?" I think they're making it pretty clear that they're not weakening any dungeons.
  22. This better come with an interface to see name histories because YIKES.
  23. In a word, yikes. Despite what people think, Imps Village is not a space to air your drama. Consider the subject changed, and the previous conversation over. If you try to bring it back your post will be deleted. Thanks! Edit: Also! If I see anyone else use autism as some kind of insult again you will be banned accordingly (which isn't a policy shift, FYI). This is not up for debate. And the racial epithets I saw scattered around are also still against our rules as always and will similarly receive swift bans.
  24. I'm not sure if you read the thread but numerous people posted what you did... The rules we use are nearly universal among gaming interest forums but that doesn't really matter because we do not intend to ever change this policy. Auto-deleting old threads is also terrible for record keeping and history reasons. The Imps mod and admin crew is still extremely upset that technical circumstances beyond our control deleted the 2006-2011 archive of posts.