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  1. Just a heads up the mods here aren't Dofus mods so we don't know what's up. Imps is a fan forum.
  2. "As for the game in general, all end-game dungeons have been revamped in order to be enjoyable for as many players as possible. But be careful now: we're not making Koutoulou into a harmless cute widdle thang, we're just making it easier on you to figure out how to beat him. Don't forget that you've come a long way to suffer, and we wouldn't want to take that away from you, now would we?" I think they're making it pretty clear that they're not weakening any dungeons.
  3. This better come with an interface to see name histories because YIKES.
  4. In a word, yikes. Despite what people think, Imps Village is not a space to air your drama. Consider the subject changed, and the previous conversation over. If you try to bring it back your post will be deleted. Thanks! Edit: Also! If I see anyone else use autism as some kind of insult again you will be banned accordingly (which isn't a policy shift, FYI). This is not up for debate. And the racial epithets I saw scattered around are also still against our rules as always and will similarly receive swift bans.
  5. I'm not sure if you read the thread but numerous people posted what you did... The rules we use are nearly universal among gaming interest forums but that doesn't really matter because we do not intend to ever change this policy. Auto-deleting old threads is also terrible for record keeping and history reasons. The Imps mod and admin crew is still extremely upset that technical circumstances beyond our control deleted the 2006-2011 archive of posts.
  6. All in all this feels like a pretty sensible solution to the balancing issue. It'll just be a bit of a rocky start as it'll take time for all of those statistics to smooth out,
  7. There are two active alliances, Cygnus (CYGNI) and Shika Fish-Spotting Society (SHI). CYGNI has ~1k members while SHI has 430, but both are active and maintain a competitive PvP relationship.
  8. Can you post that chart without the key? It's blocking the most recent numbers. It looks like Solar dips after a spike? Also all servers probably spiked mid-November because of the Steam release too.
  9. That sig is vintage.
  10. Yeah basically for gathering professions, you collect whatever you need to collect for the highest XP-yielding craft that only requires harvestable resources. Like, whatever flour or whatever alloy. Use the map to find the best spots for resources. There is nothing to guide there. The crafting professions could use some guidance for maximum efficiency, though.
  11. Games that get marketed to tablets and mobile platforms almost always include microtransactions because that's what's profitable and expected. That's the key difference between Dofus Touch and regular Dofus.
  12. People are upset about the content itself, not the engine Dofus 2 runs on. For Ankama, Unity is just a buzzword to make their cross-platform consistent design choices look a little bit nicer.
  13. My best guess would be to check to make sure the program's set correctly to be able to Read and Write? I mean the actual Dofus game app, not the updater. Right click > Properties and it's under one of the tabs. All of the Ankama Shield stuff is tied to files in your Dofus folder somewhere so if it can't do up the files it'll probably not work. Also make sure you're always running it as an administrator just in case.
  14. Christmas music could have been more obnoxious 3/10.