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  1. Just wait a few months, as the servers will be merged together anyway.
  2. Multi-accounting as defined by Ankama for this competition: having one or more accounts that belong to same owner registered, even if they were not used to accumulate achievement points
  3. How ironic it is that Shika, the dead server, is still able to have the most qualified and succesfully registered guilds of all Pangean servers.
  4. I've been good this year Santa!
  5. I would just like to point out that there were very similar outcries when osa changes were announced with no details. Maybe wait to pass judgement and then be very active/vocal during beta to help things in a good direction.
  6. From the change log: The bonus for the Dofusteuse Cloak and its recipe has been changed, its level is now 200. The improvement of effects is not retroactive, you need to use a New Leaf Orb.
  7. No, but like Fyorl mentioned in the thread I linked, it was tightly coupled with the wiki structure so it is not a surprise it isn't working after a few years of no maintenance. I would suggest reading through the thread as it might give you insight to his methodology.
  8. Fyorl had done something like this a few years back: He posted a link to his code on github on page 3, in case that might be helpful as reference.
  9. You mentioned in another thread. http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/150074-first-harness/?p=1475012
  10. They aren't Shika players anymore then are they?
  11. Like back in the day with Ougaa or Kralove? I understand your point but disagree because similar situations existed before server transfers and there still wasn't a huge difference in prices, among international servers at least.
  12. Prices weren't all that different before server transfers though. Some differences sure but nothing significant and there are still differences even with transfers.
  13. Thanks for the awesome drawing!
  14. The impact of having +1 crit maged onto gear under the current system is quite different than having +1% maged under the new system. Seems a good reason to review the rune power.
  15. I don't recall reading about any change to the rune power of the +crit stat. Are we to assume it will remain the same?