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  1. Are they seriously going to abandon Rushu? It is the definitive name for the English Dofus community. Seems a bit drastic, like they're nailing the past into a coffin, destined to decay on the wikia until everyone forgets it ever existed.
  2. So, once this is all done and dusted, and all the forum boards for individual servers on here get merged into one, can we replace them with dedicated 1.29 ones?
  3. A server is more than just the few people at the top. As with every server I mentioned, those people end up being left on their own, just like 2.0.
  4. You're respected players, but that doesn't make up for the fact it's a minor server. I did the jump from Rushu, the Rosal, to Shika, to Solar meme when I was 16, and while it starts out fun dominating a minor server, eventually you realise that the lacking playerbase is actually an inconvenience, and you question the value of what you've accomplished is when there's no one to compare it against. It's just not worth it.
  5. eratz

    If you hop on discord and get verified, you might be able to flag one of us down if we're offline.
  6. eratz

    What's a character name I can try to contact you on? Otherwise try finding someone from Intercontinental and ask them for an invite. Everyone is able to.
  7. Absolutely not. There is no reason to besides for the few of you who decided to go there for some reason.
  8. Support your local not-a-bot lumberjack. Need small quantities of wood for a craft? Shoot me a PM and I can hook you up at a competitive price. This isn't an offer to fulfil bulk orders. Thanks!
  9. eratz

    People have been asking for ranks for a while, so they are now based upon XP contributions and imply commitment to the community. These are the standard tiers that will be set for you, but you may ask to have your rank changed to any below your current tier* (based on rank order within the game): 0 XP Apprentice 10,000 XP Initiate 50,000 XP Treasure Hunter 100,000 XP Spy 150,000 XP Scout 200,000 XP Guard 250,000 XP Reservist 300,000 XP Protector 500,000 XP Treasurer "Manage the ranks" At 500k, you may set your own rank at your leisure*. It does not permit you to change the rank of another player. *The following ranks, however, are reserved for official guild business: -------- Second in Command Diplomat Secretary Governor Counsellor Chosen One Recruiting Officer Mascot Dogsbody Additionally, we will now begin periodically selecting a Chosen One and a Mascot. Dump your votes here in the thread.
  10. They won't sell them again because they're bugged, and they won't fix the bug because that would mean patching the game, They can't stealth patch the client like they can with their back-end, so just imagine the drama of them showing that they have full access to their old code and can still compile and distribute updates. If they can do that, why stop there? They'd never hear the end of it.
  11. It was supposedly an engine limitation. Somehow.
  12. eratz

    I'm heading out of the country and won't be playing for a bit. Will be back around around new years.
  13. And to my shock, it's open on 1.29.
  14. I actually like the simple design aesthetic. What I'm not so convinced about is everything else. The fact it's going to be F2P is a massive concern.
  15. But CAFATT, don't you understand? There's nothing they can do about it under the current circumstances. Nothing! They're not software developers or web technicians. They certainly don't have any income from selling a service, for example. What can they possibly do under the current circumstances?