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  1. Less wasteful than going for pefect+ stats the normal way. It is theoretically possible to just keep sticking res runes until it's perfect, but I imagine the costs of those tens of thousands of runes(an estimate) would be more than getting a 1/100 exomage
  2. Aftermarket wrist wrests are pretty easy to come by. Of course, you shouldn't be resting your writs while typing and your hand should be 'floating' over the keyboard
  3. day 24 is the pine tree and the prize is a boss saw shield
  4. day 22 is the peki with a cactus hat
  5. Day 21 is count harebourg prize is platypus set shield
  6. Day 19 is the leaf to the left of the snowman prize is plum shig
  7. Day 18 is the pyramid and prize is treechnester
  8. Day 17 is the wine bottle and wine glass
  9. Day 16 is the present box and the prize is The Hive
  10. Depending on how fast you can take off the keycaps
  11. It's kind of subtle, but does work
  12. Day 14 are the jellies
  13. Day 9 is the bomb with a scarf at the top Day 10 is the lantern at the bottom OS X is lame and won't let me paste images for some reason
  14. I ordered a set for my G710. It takes 2-4 weeks to ship from China, but I'll update you on how it goes
  15. Programmable keys are usually found on the more expensive keyboards with in-house software, but aren't really necessary when you have key remappers like AutoHotKey