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  1. 17mk, Bump!
  2. Yo, I would like to buy Dolmanax, paying 16mk pm me here or in game: Ularis
  3. Like Mikefield asked, I would like to make PvP Feca too, was thinking on sth like this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/qZfQz/edit/ Do you have any other ideas? Maybe str/int instead of str/agi? although agi gives lock and octoset is really good so I dont think so :/
  4. 70m. pm here here or in game: Ularis
  5. Class: Sac Level: 200 Time/Kamas Available: A lot. Every dofus except vulbis&cloudy. PvP or PvM: PvP Extra Comments: I was thinking on Int set with a little agi/lock/dodge, sth like this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/9KeYX/ Would add also Vit OM or %res and trophies/dofuses/seemyool are changeable, shaker on sac is better than ochre too yea? Want good set on 1v1/3v3 and perc fights
  6. Bearb Band & Ellie Deluxe Sold, prices even more lowered :)
  7. Yo Im looking for Tal Kasha Boots/Hat/Cloak, good stats/close to perf with 3% or more air/water res ea. for 3% res overmag; Boots 20mk bought cloak: 22mk hat: 20mk tread amu + belt: good/close to perf stats with magged crit res to 0 amu:13mk bought belt:10mk bought Prices are ofc negotiannable, and will ofc pay more for better mage, pm here on in game: Ularis
  8. Cats Axe sold Lowered cost of the items for 0,5-1mk, added kou bow (vit overmaged) for 16,5mk and hairsh ap ring 18mk Everything u can find right now in market.
  9. Yo, merchant is on [1,1] You can see stats/items and prices. We can negotiate but not so much, cos the prices are already very low, feel free to msg me here on in game: Ularis
  10. Yea, after 3rd try I connected to beta
  11. Thanks man, really needed site like this!
  12. Hey, I have problem with bonta quest (72#?) Judge for Yourself There is no information on wikia, and unfortunately I can't figure it by myself I need to get Shambrosia from Gordo McRamsay's Wine Cellar, he said to enter there(through the boulders) i should use any old pickaxe, but unfortunately Unlucky Pick (low lvl pickaxe) doesnt work or i dont know how to use it? So whats the problem, is there any other pickaxe that i have to use? If you guys could help me I would be glad, Cheers
  13. Yo its me again, this is my current eq: http://dofp.la/rhKhk/ Last trophy M Vigour is changeable, most of the time dokoko or 11% res, sometimes i change Karmeleon for Orchid and Crismon Seemyool + then i can change nomad too for another trophy, also shield is changeable and Catseye Axe for Koutoulou Bow sometimes.. Here's my question, excluding abyssal/cloudy dofus what could i change next? Was thinking in Dofusteuse, a bit lower res, but more crits and could use +300 stats, also dont need that much range cos now i've got 7-8. What do u think? I could change catseye hat+boots for tritun like someone mentioned before but i would had to change 100 stats to 110-120 str/agi/cha/int and use dolmanax to equip weapons, dunno if thats worth it. Cheers
  14. 1v1 and team PvP like kolossiums, percs, Koths etc Both sets looks great! Will Euphorias set be good in 1v1 also? Damage&Crits looks amazing, altough Im concerned a little that this set has low resists,range and also that I cant use trophies like 12% res for example. Elyroths set has definitely lower damage, but 2 more range and better resists, also I could change single parts easier(like weapons, trophies I suppose?)
  15. Hey, I'm looking for decent PvP set for 200 eca. Probably omni cos its the best? I've got Ochre,Turq,Emerald,Crimson, Inky, Exo Bearb and could spend 80-100m more for set, hope u'll help me:) Thanks