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Everything posted by CAFATT

  1. I can already hear the air rushing to inflate people's already massive egos
  2. Theyre really running out of ideas, if they have to turn to the bible for content
  3. Anderson Paak and Logic ftw.
  4. If you want an easy time, with easy leveling I would suggest cra, sadi, or iop. All classes have rather high base damage starting out and each have their perks. Cras are easy to play and have range advantage over all enemies, making mobs go down quickly and without much effort. Sadis have the damage sadi side that becomes available in the mid 40's that makes leveling a breeze on rats. Iops have high base damage and are naturally quite easy to start out with, but may require a bit more thought and input over cras.
  5. I think you entirely misinterpreted what i meant there...... Eratz is largely French, and its no secret a lot of the french community buys kamas. I was in no way saying forgotten empire or Tazed (now) was full of kama buyers
  6. foolish-duck and Xeanhort. Feel free to add me, and if you need a guild Intercontinental is becoming more active once again and we are super chill. Also not full of kama buyers like many eratz guilds ;D
  7. As per all rules of marketplaces on Impsvillage (found here): " Always include a sale price or an offering price." Please read guidelines before posting, it makes the process of selling/buying much more straight forward.
  8. Not all items are in the store currently. There are going to be about 60 but right now we can only see 16. Still hope for livis
  9. GG livi prices GG
  10. I know this is a difficult request and might not even be possible. But could you by a chance make like a 1.29 filter? So all equipment from 2.0 era gets filtered out, classes have their old softcaps and spells. It'd be extremely useful for someone like me who plays 1.29 and might prove useful for the private servers
  11. Try messing with the chat channel autojoin in settings, turn one off and try that. I have issues on playstation on occasion where it stops working. I typically have to leave the voice channel and rejoin then it works. Obviously im just making suggestions based on the ps4 platform which is entirely different, but you never know if it might translate over.
  12. Make sure your mic is your default input? Have you tested it on skype or discord or something to see if it works there? I know in the past for other PC games of mine i have had issues with inputs defaulted wrong, so i could hear, but my mic wouldnt work. (never install voice meter its a shit program, pure shit)
  13. Im anxious for next season at this point. Season 3 has been riddled with no-mic, bad team comp, and leaving teammates for me. I'm still very salty about having my teammates leave and it punishing my SR for losing. Hopefully come next season with the changes to D.Va, Roadhog and Ana the 3 tank meta will go away. It gets really dull playing filler and always having to fill the meta.
  14. Comp system rating still needs butt loads of balancing. I frequently hit gold/silver in all medals besides healing for all my placement matches playing winston or zarya and friends who played roadhog/d.va (who i would beat out in all medal catagories) got ranked 600-800 higher. I ranked 2154. Good thing my group is good enough to win and get me back up to diamond where i belong. Let it be on the record that in season 2 i ranked high platinum playing only hanzo with flipped controls and my controller (i play ps4) upside-down. Yes, I'm entirely serious, but i played the objective real well.
  15. 11.22.63 Chance Seinfeld has every season on there, and thats my favorite show
  16. I've been good this year Santa! except that I'm a Jew and Hanukkah Harry wouldn't be pleased with me saying such atrocities.....
  17. Now can you make it strobe different colors? ;P
  18. Keyboard, case, and mousepad lights directly correlate with the amount of ladies you can pick up tho.....so i've heard. Most razer keyboards have a macro button which you then can either program to one of the extra keys or on a key on your keyboard. I made a macro back when i was playing pokemon uranium to auto rare candy level my pokemon without my physical input. Im a lazy bitch
  19. I saw a couple news articles today talking about 3D models for Zygarde and 10% Zygarde. Also Models for all pokemon for following the trainer (like Yellow and HG/SS). I'm excited if they're going to support this game with updates like it seems they might be, but this could also be files for the nintendo switch version coming later.
  20. LMFAO wow that looks super promising. Going off of people saying Razer/Logitech are expensive....You can often find the keyboards pretty cheap on ebay. I got my razor keyboard for like 1/3 the price when i bought it (it was a new unit not used). Razer software is kinda limited and has a learning curve on how to use it, but it works once you understand it. Just look around for prices, Razer has christmas sales going on now, which is offering some pretty kickass deals on some nice boards
  21. I have the Razer Blackwidow ultimate, which was extremely clicky when i got it, but i O-ringed my caps to dampen noise. I love this thing, but regret not getting the chroma version
  22. we lost over 12 hours of work from yesterday....is it even worth trying to advance anymore doesnt help that nerodos is being a complete dick on the ODF instead of being helpful and trying to find solutions