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  1. 11.22.63 Chance Seinfeld has every season on there, and thats my favorite show
  2. I've been good this year Santa! except that I'm a Jew and Hanukkah Harry wouldn't be pleased with me saying such atrocities.....
  3. Now can you make it strobe different colors? ;P
  4. Keyboard, case, and mousepad lights directly correlate with the amount of ladies you can pick up tho.....so i've heard. Most razer keyboards have a macro button which you then can either program to one of the extra keys or on a key on your keyboard. I made a macro back when i was playing pokemon uranium to auto rare candy level my pokemon without my physical input. Im a lazy bitch
  5. I saw a couple news articles today talking about 3D models for Zygarde and 10% Zygarde. Also Models for all pokemon for following the trainer (like Yellow and HG/SS). I'm excited if they're going to support this game with updates like it seems they might be, but this could also be files for the nintendo switch version coming later.
  6. LMFAO wow that looks super promising. Going off of people saying Razer/Logitech are expensive....You can often find the keyboards pretty cheap on ebay. I got my razor keyboard for like 1/3 the price when i bought it (it was a new unit not used). Razer software is kinda limited and has a learning curve on how to use it, but it works once you understand it. Just look around for prices, Razer has christmas sales going on now, which is offering some pretty kickass deals on some nice boards
  7. I have the Razer Blackwidow ultimate, which was extremely clicky when i got it, but i O-ringed my caps to dampen noise. I love this thing, but regret not getting the chroma version
  8. we lost over 12 hours of work from yesterday....is it even worth trying to advance anymore doesnt help that nerodos is being a complete dick on the ODF instead of being helpful and trying to find solutions
  9. and now no one can move with 45k ms ping WOOOOO
  10. now if they start all level 200's off with level 1 spells i think people will be really upset. They should handle it by leveling the spells you had spell points invested in. Because I'm going to be pissed when i log 6 months from now (because no one quits forever) to find i have to level all my damn spells in order to play again. Well, they got me.....
  11. I welcome all the new players coming to 1.29 after this update haha I do actually like this idea honestly, it brings much needed variation in PvM, maybe not PvP because now things may be unbalanced and less predictable, but that could be a good thing. PvP hasn't exactly been balanced for awhile so maybe this could help balance things in the correct direction. just my two cents
  12. Well shit....gg pebble prices gg
  13. 1.29 Servers are down now too Hi Bochi