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  1. Pinning this to the top for the duration of goult. pvp is a big enough part of this game now, and seeing as this is basically as high level of competition as dofus will allow, might as well make sure its visible. daps to modra krev [edit; and everyone else~] for uploading!
  2. I subbed for another month on a whim yesterday. Add Rokra, I'm halfway to 146 and not really sure if i just want to grind frigost or do something else or i dono lol \o/
  3. Str ECA a billion years ago when everyone was first starting noone had more than 300 hp at 36 when AoN came online and ecas would just wipe teams. I remember seeing a 1v8 go in the 1 eca's favor
  4. sent. wheres my baby boy susugam?
  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Acton if you have room for a level ~106ish panda in some groups give me a shout! im also fooling around on rushu for a minute
  7. Looks like this whole thread is fairly outdated with all of the changes to (most?) classes there's also totally different pvp / pve setups and lots of different ways to swing a character, not to mention much more hybrid typing towards endgame. I'm getting grips on my panda right now for the month, maybe longer but i'd love some experienced people to drop some knowledge here (masq / fogger could use some love too!)
  8. Never sure if back. just kind of fooling around. recovered my ish but do people even play this anymore? rushu?? also lol activity ps who wants to hook it up with approximately 900000 boomerangs to feed this koala pet of mine
  9. got talking about this game to friends of mine and decided to dig up all of my old info (short of my alt account which I cant remember for the life of me) WHAS GOOD INTERNET??!
  10. suprisingly sober
  11. hard paper, professor critisized the entire class for fucking up the chicago style works cited / notations, etc. i get mine back B+ citations are perfect suck it
  12. AWoQf7-AZ7k but more importantly, going to see THESE guys this sunday; http://vimeo.com/groups/21594/videos/5936810
  13. PJ22yurhM0A gimmie some o them magnum faggots
  14. Getting ready for casino night me saying something; likely degrading women.