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  1. Are you? #Nubster
  2. Bump. Prices change way to often with certain import nubs. So if you want one, I will sell them cheaper then cheapest market price (that obviously reflect their mating status).
  3. Bump, support my cause :D
  4. Buying the following resources: -62 Holy Bambooto Amber -90 Revish Stapes -20 Soryo Firefoux Fabric -80 Ardonite -40 Sylvan Substrate Pm me in game or post here if you are selling. IGN: KILLERANGELX
  5. My gosh..........top pro advice over here. You must be one of those great Dofus players x)
  6. BUMP
  7. I'm sorry, but do I even know you?
  8. Thanks guys, but these are sets I had already, thought there was something better. Its funny because the only difference in my sets was that i use CB ammy lol.
  9. I'm sure this was asked somewhere in this post, but I didn't go through every page to find it. I'm looking to update my Enu's mp rape set and wanted to see if anyone had a better idea then what I already have. Class: EnuBuild: MP RapeKamas/time available: Unlimited...kinda Lvl range: 200Extra comments: Looking for like 230+ Mp rape (using 100 candy is fine), 11/6, and trying to aim at like 1700+ init (but init is not a big deal really). Thank you in advance
  10. #1 Cheater, but Grats still :D
  11. Hey, sorry but I took some time off, but I don't have it. If I get it, I will PM you. BUMP................all non-breedable Generation 8 for 5mill each now.
  12. Bump, prices changed and added breedable final generation
  13. I'll buy all the fish if available
  14. Why jump the bandwagon when you could be different and not sell them? Also we will require prices or else this is not a valid post and should be ignored :D
  15. Sorry about wait, but been busy. I have the mount, can you pm me next time your on. Also, breedable plum and emerald mounts available now.