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  1. Teroid axe is still 4 ap from what I've seen.
  2. Selling Korriander Axes hit me up
  3. It's most likely a rare homozygous recessive trait of the MC1R gene rather than a mutation due to the phenotype appearing in all of the other seemyool genus. It's highly unlikely that the same mutation would occur throughout the population resulting in camos. Just kidding, congrats man! I've been hoping to get a camo seemyool for a while now.
  4. The art reminds me of Dr. Seuss illustrations.
  5. Love the sketches, Cuff. Time to make one of Gridy.
  6. Thank GOD
  7. I have a pure strength panda and an omni hupper. If you can afford an omni set along with scrolls for all of your spells, it's my opinion that going omni is the best build for a hupper considering the combinatorial aspects of their spells.
  8. Anyone want to team up? I'll probably use panda or hupper.
  9. This guild rocks.
  10. Sup Nexus, welcome back. Get your Iop to 200. And bring me along as your rogue.
  11. I'm down. PM Vagisil
  12. stinky

    1. thesenuts


      !!!! SYD

      How are you??

    2. -Sydney-


      I'm good, living in Cali now, serving in the Air Force. ^-^; How're you?!

    3. thesenuts


      That's awesome man, I've always wanted to venture west.

      I'm still in school, working on my phd.

  13. "Crossing: MP loss can no longer be disengaged and no longer applies to allies." Does this mean mp drain is undodgeable?
  14. Hey guys, as title says, I'm looking to buy an AP exo Hairsh Bracelet. Contact me here or PM me in game on Vagisil.
  15. Was nice fighting with you the other day, Elindir.