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  1. Heyo! This hardly warrants an announcement post since it's probably already hella obvious, but we now have a non-default theme! Credits to @Garne for collecting the images and designing the crux of the header (including that seriously slick bobbing airship concept), blame me for photoshopping it all into a nighttime setting and turning it into code :). This actually isn't the final version we have in mind -- the Imps at Night theme was just my prototype for getting all the code put together. There's a very similar daytime theme in the works with a few additional color, icon, and navigation changes that makes this place even more our own. But that one's still in the in the shop getting tuned up, so we thought it would be cool to put some polish on the prototype to give you a taste of what's coming. If you still prefer this night theme when we switch away from it, don't worry -- it'll still be available in the theme switcher at the bottom of the page if you'd like to go back :). The default theme is still there too, just in case sterile and bland is right up your alley! We have a lot of big fans of the old pre-upgrade design (and I'm one of them!), and I know some folks were hoping we could go back to that -- the sad truth is that Invision 4 (our current forum) has a ton of new features and totally different frontend requirements from the previous version we used to run on, so that old theme simply can't be reused -- both from the standpoint of the code itself, as well as the design (which doesn't support the new features). But I'm excited about being able to press forward with something fresh and new :). Hope you like it, and stay tuned for more theme updates!
  2. Thanks for the donation!! <3

  3. That's the problem bobeur outlined above -- if you always visit the site via the /forums URL, you'll be fine -- it's the impsvillage.com/ base URL that's giving you trouble. Still working on this issue, but will have a patch soon!
  4. Oh my god Aza, I love you. This is so much better. Just need to adjust the line-spacing in the new theme so that the gaps between normal lines aren't so huge :)
  5. Ahhh nice! That's the detail I needed! I'll look into how it's handling the session cookie for that URL. Or maybe I'll just move the forums to the root domain and be done with it. For the paragraph breaks in the editor, just hold shift when pressing Enter to make it go down one line only.
  6. 403 issue is now fixed! A few things I'd love you folks to confirm with a keen eye in order for me to attack/replicate the remaining items: On your first login attempt, are you logging in with the username that you've always used on the old imps, or your display name/email? Assuming you're using your display name, are you using a password manager? Some password managers like to input old information into hidden fields you can't see -- let me know which you're using. When you log in the second time, is "Remember Me" checked? Thanks guys!
  7. Bam, fixed! Let me know if you still have this issue.
  8. Hey Otto! The 403 issue is being worked on -- and perhaps the reason the login doesn't work for you the first time is because your browser remembers your old login username, instead of the display name (or email address) that the forum now requires? Being logged out each time you close the browser definitely shouldn't happen though-- that's something I've not experienced. Are you checking the "remember me" box on log-in? And, if so, could you share what browser/version you're using? Thanks!
  9. Hi there, Just wanting to know if there will be any option to change back to the old IV view for the forum at all?




    1. Kyek


      If you're referring to the old forum theme, I'm afraid not -- that theme is completely incompatible with the new version of our forum software.

      We are, however, working on a new stylized theme for the site! Stay tuned :)

    2. Auron


      Blast ok. If possible please try make it similar to the old one, Thanks for the fast update.

    3. Dovahkiin


      Well at least we have a few ne things like a "new content" button at the bottom of every screen <3

  10. Note, there are a couple known issues to keep in mind: - With this new version of the forum software, IPB has chosen to eliminate the idea of keeping log-in usernames separate from display names. Logging in with your username no longer works as a result; you must log in with either your display name (the name you see in your forum posts) or your email address. - Currently, logging in can sometimes produce a "403 Forbidden" error. Refreshing or simply loading any other forum URL after that gets you in just fine. This is being addressed ASAP. Fixed!
  11. Thanks for the bug report! We're knocking them out as fast as we can :)
  12. New design looks amazing. Could we have the 'View New Content' button back? 5lEcngJ.png

    1. Rob


      This theme is only a temporary measure, we will be returning to the previous velvet or similar theme in due course. 


    2. Goatee
  13. Hi y'all, For those who don't know me, I'm the guy who started Imps a whole lot of years ago. I haven't played Dofus for 10 years and haven't considered myself a part of the community for quite awhile, but Imps is and has been my responsibility as the owner of the community to fund and maintain. Approximately five and a half hours before this post, I learned that our site had been compromised by an attacker who took advantage of a security flaw in Invision Power Board to upload and execute a PHP toolkit known as c99shell. This tool gives the user nearly full access to the server machine and the databases it uses. While it does not produce logs of its actions, it's always safest to assume that the attacker got everything we have stored, including information not publicly available on the forum. This includes: Members' email addresses Members' IP addresses The uniquely salted and hashed password string for every user That last item is the big one. Invision Power Board and Imps Village do not store passwords in plain text, however anyone who has the above hash can run password cracking suites on them to try to discover what the password for an individual user might be. Users who use common passwords based on dictionary words with numbers are the most vulnerable. We have evidence that this was done to gain access to two admin accounts, but have discovered nothing further. Regardless, for any Imps members who use the same password here as on other sites (or Dofus), I strongly recommend changing your password on those other sites. Please consider using a password manager such as Lastpass or 1Password to enable you to use highly random passwords for each site you have an account with. I also recommend all Imps users change their password for this site as soon as possible. Immediately after discovering the breach, I built a new server for Imps independent from the one that had been compromised, and installed a fresh and brand new version of our forum software on it, with that particular exploit patched. I'm also in the process of utilizing an external file store for user-uploaded images, that will prevent any similar exploits from affecting us in the future. The transition to the new, uncompromised server is still in progress (he says, at 3:30am local time), and that's why things look all crazy here! The newest version of IPB treats images differently, and our old theme is no longer compatible. Please bear with me and the staff as we spruce the place up! I thought it would be better to open our doors in the current condition than leave the site offline until it was fully stylized. I apologize deeply for both the lapse of security and our under-construction appearance. While no organization can honestly promise security issues will never occur in the future, we are making the best efforts possible to reach that goal. Optimistically, Kyek
  14. For SHAME
  15. Update

    We ran into a bit of DB corruption that I'm continuing to monitor. Hoping we've seen the last of it!