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  1. Today
  2. Are huppermages good in pvp or pvm? What role they play in team, damage dealer or some kind of a support? What builds are best for them ? I have seen many full agi in PvP videos, i have seen couple as full cha in kolossium and i heard from friend that huppers should be atleast hybrid or omni if possible. Some example builds would be nice also.
  3. For sale at 60mk Up for grabs
  4. xd.
  5. https://www.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/dd331162-d0a2-463e-9737-99fb56931237
  6. Amber's probably one of the most trust worthy people on the server tbh. She's organized another tournament for her guild, without a hitch. Not to mention she decided to donate basically all her kama to make it more appealing. Assuming a min. of 8 teams, and no additional donations, it's still a pool of 82m, which isn't shabby.
  7. This is nothing compared to what Rushu was like back in 1.x days. Foreigners attempting to scam with phishing links left and right. Wouldn't be surprising if one of the current phishers just kept changing the domains, text in '/c,' dm's' to obtain accounts. Usually, after obtaining a victim's account, not only do they take the gear, but also keep sending the links to their friends and in community chat. It may seem like a lot of people are doing it, but I think it's just a few.
  8. henlo amber will screen your donation and post it on imps and the official forum (: If you feel more comfortable with giving your donation to one of the referees that would be fantastic as well!
  9. Henlo how do I trust Amber to hold my donations.
  11. Recently came back and I've noticed that the amount of scammers has risen, even from after the merge. People "trading kamas", "deactivating shields" apart from the retarded scam attempts posted above. This is actually out of control. During the evening you're guaranteed to see a couple of the above scams advertising in the chat without a care in the world. We really do need a mod or two, or alternatively a goddamn report button.
  12. idk what these things go for nowadays and it really depends on how good you want your exos to be. Without the eggs I think you're looking at like 70-80m including normal exos and non-overmaged items.
  13. pc on this build?
  14. Yesterday
  15. S> 5 Large houses in Madrestam at [8,-3] with 2 floors and a basement, each has 2 chests and is conveniently placed 2 maps from the Madrestam Harbour Zaap. You may purchase them all with alts to have your own hub of easily reachable free storage with 10 chests (1,000 slots). Message me on Impsvillage (Gravestorm), Discord (Gravestorm#3334), Ankabox (-Gravestorm-), or in-game /w Gravestorm if interested.
  16. ikr same
  17. That banner made me nut
  18. omg amber big fan , this is great and awesome
  19. go eat a whistle ugly
  20. if anyone wanted to 3 vs 3 they'd kolo, which is why there was a lack of people/interest..
  21. > alb organised 3v3 tournament > got cancelled cuz lack of ppl > now ppl organise 4v4 with more restrictions (multilog etc) > ???
  22. then it'll disappear just like brussels airport did!
  23. Don't let Joost hold the prize money, he might give it to Steam-Alb to hold.
  24. sorry kikn> your enu ( rob best qot enu world )
  25. dont forget my enu you cuck
  26. they dont allow 4X feca team so we didnt reg :[
  27. Also, where is Astrology and Laura in this? This tournament will not be as eventful as having the #1 Qot Feca and the #3 BB/Tread Feca that Wakfu has ever encountered.
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