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  1. Past hour
  2. Bye bye hupper's 2ap variant spells.
  3. Today
  4. Bought. Please close the topic.
  5. Hey I'm selling some Equip: Nidas Ring: 2.4mk Age Old Amulet: 1.7mk Jammy Jack Glove: 7.6mk IGN: Reach
  6. Hi there! I was wondering if there is anyone that leeches people through nidas 300+ idol score, Just doing it for that Exp Willing to pay! Cheers!
  7. Sold for 143mk to Reliv. Thanks.
  8. Hey there, I'm looking to sell my cute Jumbo Bow Meow. Price is set at 50M - negotiable. PM me on Imps, in game (Seyif on Echo) or on the Dofus Discord server (also Seyif) ! Cheers, Seyif
  9. Looking for someone with a team that can help me pass this mini dungeon, can pay if needed, also i have keys for all chars that are coming. Pm ingame: Veis
  10. Still Looking for it
  11. Yeah, but the change to the Rogue's class set pieces is also on the beta. Since they're changing what Fuse does, they're also changing how the class set modifies it.
  12. Yesterday
  13. You're talking about the beta changes. I'm talking about 2.45, where Fuze and Gluing don't work together at all.
  14. You cannot target anything but your rogue with Fuze. It has range 0 and area of effect: everyone. It blows up bombs outside of l.o.s. 27 squares away.
  15. It is correct, the wording is a bit off imo. Fuze doesn't blow ALL your bombs, just the ones that are targeted/in range as any other detonation. Now I don't know if that's a bug, if it is there is still use for a no LoS Fuze in combination with gluing bomb on a target.
  16. That can't be right. Fuze explodes all your bombs and hence doesn't need a line of sight to begin with.
  17. Just did this fight yesterday. Succeeded with two different summons hitting the pathogerms. They must've fixed it.
  18. all gone, can be closed
  19. Hello everyone, currently at Qu'Tan's Ascent ( Bonta lvl 86 quest ) at the step where you have to do the mini dungeon. Looking for someone with a team to help me or leech me thru it, willing to pay if needed. Pm ingame: Veis
  20. Hey I am selling an Ivory Dofus for 150mk. IGN: Psi-Origin Thanks.
  21. Now that the beta server is open again, gonna give it another shot: Can someone please confirm: Ecaflip Rekop -- base damage of Turn 2 & Turn 3 Rekops, at Level 1 (character level 92+) & 2 (character level 141+) Sadida The Inflatable -- The Inflatable gives 2 MP for 2 turns, at Level 2 (character level 112+) Xelor Xelor's Sandglass -- base AoE damage, cells adjacent to a target in Telefrag state, at Level 2 (character level 65+) Thanks!
  22. That's correct, and after placement 10 you go back to 1. The positions increase individually, meaning every char can have a different position. The most occuring placement will be used, or in case of a tie, the highest placement is used afaik.
  23. Congratulations to everybody, the opening of kralove yesterday was sucessful! For those who missed it we are trying to open it again Wednesday 17/1/18! around 19:00 dofus time, everybody join together and we will manage it again, send me a pm in game for more info. Terminator-Gr
  24. The only time I even have disconnection problems in KOLO is when I click that little red X and throw my mouse at the wall. I would clear my cache, then try again. If it continues, maybe reset your router.
  25. Every boss battle has 10 different starting positions. With more loot, monsters are added and previous monsters stay in the same place.
  26. Last week
  27. Hi all, Just got a quick question as to how many different placement positions can a boss mob have (including dimension) on 4 loot (if it makes a difference). Cheers, Auron.
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