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  1. Today
  2. all these oldies coming out for my art <3 i kinda feel like bumping this super old thread was silly & i should've just started a new one for a clean slate. i guess it's never too late to do that though... what does everyone else think?
  3. Bump! Dropped the prices on all equipment by 1-5mk. Check it out!
  4. Rocks Den! I remember you, and I think you might remember me as well. It's a completely different game from what you used to play. It got more content then you can imagine, so it isn't possible to become "game over" anymore. Everything has changed, and so has a majority of the classes - if not all. Can't really catch up from a post at a forum, haha! As for Equinox, you and Reda can have so much fun together the few hours every month he logs on :-)! Most of our older guilds are goners. We've gotten older and boring. We're still here, but not actively recruiting so the inside communities are a bit more quiet then you get from the newer ones.
  5. Protozash SOLD thank you to the buyers of my item so far!!
  6. Hi, Really nice you wanna play Dofus again :) But I honestly wouldn't recommend the PC version. They have changed so much that you would be in shock. I would recommed playing Dofus touch. Dofus touch is almost a new community (servers excist like 6 months, some are older). Dofus touch is from dofus 2.19 everything above I wouldn't even consider to play. If you gonna play dofus touch and you need help just send me a message and I will help u :) Ingame name: Frits-English Server: Dodge Skype: guinneshitter
  7. I found it helpful to make one of each idol whenever I made the artificer lvl for it. Compared to trophies, idols are spread over many different levels, not just 50, 100, 150, so the xp gain can be quite nice.
  8. Buying the following resources: -102 Holy Bambooto Amber -21 Short-Tempered Dark Treechnid Amber -40 Soryo Firefoux Ghost Bone -45 Mastakly's Disarmed Trap -47 Treecherous Root -10 Thermite Carapace -105 Putchup Leather -90 Revish Stapes -47 Rampant Bearbarian Leather -16 Ancestral Wood -42 Holy Bambooto Wood Pm me in game or post here if you are selling. IGN: KILLERANGELX
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hello Imps! I'm an old timer. When I started Enis and Enus could go invisible, and by the time I quit everyone was raging about Dofus 2.0! I just regained access to my account, but sadly my level 199 characters might have been wiped in my 6 year hiatus (funny how I had 10+ support tickets to recover my account from people I've never knew!). How's the game today? Any exciting class changes? Are Fecas still the most under rated class in the game? Is Equinox still the most badass guild in the game (trick question, of course it is!)?
  11. I rek enough osa's in beta with my full crit damage set up on iop xD
  12. xdddddddddddddd ikr bro
  13. Gl finding that hhhh
  14. Hi, I am looking for a Giger's nightmare blade exo with 1+ range, and rather good stats, atleast 11 in all damages including 4 MP red minimum. got it? show moi /w bulgari
  15. I main a Feca int they are really fun and easy to level up :D
  16. agree to disagree, id be tempted to say try an agility tank build if you want to deal with osas and see were that gets you, or just do enough damage, and i see alot of trash osas in kolo
  17. Which OS are you running?
  18. well that is bullshit because equipment can only do so much you won't be beating osas as an iop no matter how much money you put into your character actually half the classes won't be able to deal with osa
  19. Heya guys, i got one problem. Last time i changed my laptop for new pc, and when I tryin to play multiaccounts i got disconets all the time. What is it? Internet connection? Cant play at 1+ accounts coz i got dc. PC is better than my computer before, alrdy got internet with wifi. Or i dont checked option for it? Maybe port? ... Halp.
  20. Oh hey it's Cuff *hugs avatar*.
  21. As Spacetech said, try to find a good guild / alliance :) You can also try saying hi to people in public chat and being friendly (I hear talking to people is a good way to make friends). After the server merge there'll be even more people to be friends with running around :D
  22. Iron also is very beginner friendly, just /w Nada for tips & tricks.
  23. your best bet is to join a guild or an alliance like int or onelove
  24. Bump! Ran out of Tal Kasha Hairs. More coming on Tuesday. SPECIAL OFFER: All boss resources from my merchant are cheaper by 20kk/each until Tuesday. Check the merchant out, buy while it's cheap!
  25. Bump! Added Dantinea's Dentures, Meno Hairs, Tal Kasha Hairs, Count Harebourg's Scapulas.
  26. Iwant you to know iam your biggest fan


    1. Jappar


      I am urs <3

      no homo


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