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  1. Today
  2. anyone still play here? ive just started a character :D
  3. Yesterday
  4. I'm not ending my story with dofus yet. Just selling teams gear, gonna play a solo account :P
  5. See you in 2 weeks mate
  6. A tad distressing to know :/ Suppose to maximise the output I really do need to couple it up with my Reproductive one. Then hopefully I can have the highest chance to pass it on. Thanks for the info though :)
  7. There's a 10% chance of passing on a gene per parent.
  8. You didn't explain how ok also stop quoting the last post or you can consider yourself reported
  9. Iop/Elio all duos K2lu impert with cra but it was a mess :^) And this one was the toughest one from all achievments, even duo was easier
  10. Added Thekinslayer (Carver/Carvmagus) to list.
  11. Lol no I am far too poor on Rushu to go anywhere near a camo fish. :P
  12. Hello need 3 Lv 200 Carvers with Lv 200 Carvmagus and need 5 Lv 200 Smiths with Lv 200 Smithmagus. Please leave your name and profession if you want to help. All participants will be paid. Pm Aerafal in game for more info if needed. Thanks! Carver/Carvmagus 200 Thekinslayer Smith/Smithmagus 200
  13. Hi thanks for your over engineered post.
  14. What Rob said, maxing only 1 parents' energy will give you a 50% chance of an extra baby. If the second has 1k energy instead of the full 5 (assuming it doesn't have endurance) you get an extra 10% (20% of the remaining 50%), etc.
  15. Yeah it's a shame they only pop out 1-2 per birth, means that it takes ages to get a good stock up :/ But definitely worth it in the long run! I'm just surprised that Camo is a natural mutation on Seemyools tbh, as for DTs you needed to buy that magazine thing that gave you a Camo ginger DT to breed. If you're breeding any camos give me a heads up on how many times the gene was passed on. Would be nice to have an idea of how many I can get out of it.
  16. Good info to know, thanks :) To be fair I don't lose much from sticking my Fertile seems in a manger paddock whilst I'm raising the others, good shout.
  17. You won this game
  18. - Making the assumption this works the same as Turkeys. The formula includes the energy percentage of both the male and female. So you want to max both. Rather than feeding fish, try using mangers in public or private paddocks instead? Much cheaper in the long run if you don't mind leaving them there for a couple of hours. http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Manger
  19. Hey there. Basically I wanted to know about energy's contribution to the number of births from Seemyools. I know that maximising the energy bar provides them with an extra birth, but do you also need to feed the males fish, or just the females? I'm hoping to save on Fish by only having to max the female's energy.
  20. I'm not 100% sure exactly what you mean, but I suppose you should just try and if the game gives you the achievement it's fine and otherwise it's not?
  21. lel didnt even know camos exist on seem's xD
  22. I recently got a few cheapie ones out of the sellroom and am sticking them together in a paddock to see what happens because I love stupid looking mounts, apparently. The low number of breedings on the fish does makethings difficult. D:
  23. Hi folks. I'm doing But Where Are the Dofus? Achievement on my team in order to search the dofus. So far I had no problem with any char but with my Panda. I can't seem to complete Pandala: Its Goddess with him. It requires 2 previous missions (Medical Visit and Pandala: An Island Like No Other). Strangely the Pandawa's class basic mission seems to replace Medical Visit since is very similar, but named Mysteries of Pandala, but still no Medical Visit mission so I guess its impossible for pandawas to get that one. For An Island Like no Other, I talk to the gueard but he doesn't give me the mission (I already completed Pandavignon). Rarely enough I can still make Pandala Its Villages and Its Fresh Air, which require Its Goddess to be completed beforehand. I guess I'm good to go with my Pandawa for the Achievement without the first mission?
  24. You are too good of a breeder.
  25. Selling Dolmanax for 20m, can nego a bit :) PM me in-game Phreed or reply
  26. cenks ankama
  27. I'm really proud to annunce you version 3! https://dofusgo.com You can finnaly see all the resources on the same map if you click on the ones having a white circle on them indicating how many different types of resources are there! And you also have beautiful tooltips while moving your mouse around! Enjoy!
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