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  2. Does anyone still play Hearthstone other than me? Admittedly I didn't play at all between msog and un'goro (meta got really stale for me, no control at all and I had no dust), but I really like un'goro so far, especially since I actually have dust after disenchanting all the cards that rotated out. Except rag and sylvanas. I'm finding most success with freeze mage atm actually, with favourable rates against aggro (Warrior/hunter mainly0 and quest rogue. Quest warrior can be hard if he armours out of range, though. Haven't been matched against much else, just win-streaked from rank 15 to 9 with it. What do you think of this expansion?
  3. Today
  4. Can't get in. Can you?

    1. Pantaleo




    2. Youbutsu


      Ah well, tomorrow ^_^

  5. Title says it all, Will be paying in the range of 32-34mil for one. Msg me.
  6. And new one for Romo... ... Also the one I maged while back...
  7. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/news/announcements/680562-dungeon-rusher-14-ush
  8. bump
  9. As the title says, I'm buying Ochre Dofus, Ice Dofus(es) and Crimson Dofus(es). I'll be paying 33mk for Ochre, 24mk for Ice and 7mk for Crimson. Feel free to leave me a private message if you're interested in selling any of these or message me in-game when you catch me online. IGN: Euphoria
  10. Bump! Moved merchant back to [-1,0].
  11. Still for sale?
  12. Yesterday
  13. .
  14. And.... Every osa just got a boner.
  15. So yeah... One more hilarious try... Well Romo, you owe me for this one.
  16. They announced it to be on 2nd May. Everything is in the thread.
  17. thank you , maybe ill come back in late june then :D
  18. Probably :D :D :D :D
  19. It will be probably in May.
  20. The Server Fusion will take place in several waves. We'll start on April 18th with the fusion of the following servers (which will be grouped together to form a single server): Rushu (int) Rosal (int) Solar (int) Aermine (int) Zatoishwan (int) Shika (int) Dark Vlad (nl) Ereziah (it) Nehra (de) Padgref (ru)
  21. i did , then i read the replies and got confused again , anyway is this already on or its still not happening ?
  22. Try reading the first page of this thread that explains it all?
  23. im sorry i dont understand , what servers are grouped together exactly ? like solar , which server would it be in , i havent logged for over a year now :D
  24. Bump Lowering the price to 280M any offers?
  25. 8 versus 5 typical Platinum, scammers guild i dont recommend
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