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  2. Ah thank you for the explanation! I hadn't noticed yet that clicking on the ore would give even more information. Good job this map!!! Really excellent. I will take this advice with me :D
  3. Today
  4. When I was trying I noticed the same thing, I honestly had no idea why but if you think about it you need to attract it to a glyph every other turn. So it won't make you lose, you can do it next turn.
  5. Thank you, [26,-45]: I went inside and Dolomite it's still there, probably it's the same also for [29,-49]. Clicking on the ore sometimes gives you more informations
  6. @Xelorsrule Prices in main post are current prices.
  7. ap fuji ring

    Price changed
  8. Yesterday
  9. idols and boss last, becouse who dont like 1.5h fights?
  10. backish, put score 300 on hold till I feel more comfortable , also lowered prices
  11. bump, backish, can fit in some runs if needed. Tend.
  12. Prices still the same ?And do you leech vortex now?
  13. Thank you very much!
  14. Pretty much correct yes. The tree shows the two parents, grandparents and great grandparents of the respective new born. So to reach a pure tree you'd need to go through three generations of mounts with both parents being of the same colour and obviously the same blood line to keep it pure. It's a disgustingly inbred process. Looks like you're on the right track though!
  15. Hey everyone! Ive decided to pick up breeding whilst I level professions and what not on the mobile version of the game and I had a quick question. To produce mounts with pure trees, do you keep raising up and mating the NEW baby's of whatever color your going for in order to reach pure? Take Almond for example: you mate two almonds until you have a male/female baby of each. Then you raise up the babies to get a male/female from them to breed next. So on and so forth until you reach pure trees? Is my understanding correct?
  16. Thanks for comment! :)
  17. Bump! Service opened again! Could a mod move this to the Echo section again?
  18. Sold close pls.
  19. I'm no cra, but I would have said that the second set is considerably better because: 1) The damage is only very slightly worse for fire/air spells, and you get the cha spells too 2) 12ap rather than 11 3) The resistances are FAR better (especially fire) 4) You have more dodge You'd have to put slightly less points into each element in order to meet the condition for the amulet, though - you might want to change that in the set. You should also elemental mage the weapon in that set. Hope this is helpful :)
  20. Granted, Kikn now loves you back. But only in your Asian form (ಥ ͜ʖಥ) I wish I had chest hair so that I could feel more manly irl
  21. Hello there, my friend thinking int,agi cra or int,agi,cha. what he should do? Which set better? and what can you suggest? Set 1, https://dofusplanner.com/yDJBX/ Set 2, https://www.dofusplanner.com/L6b6n/ Thanks!
  22. Just to let everybody know, the DOFUS discord server is still around after 2 years and a half and we're as active as ever! We even survived the really over powered April Fools prank that went wrong and wild ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Make sure you join the DOFUS discord server if you're bored as fook as we have really interesting convos over there (even if you do not play DOFUS, as we have an #off-chamber section for off-topic discussions). The discord server currently has text and voice channels for the following communities: English French German Portuguese and Brazilian If you'd like to setup your own Dofus discord community over there then make sure you hit @Seyif or @Gravestorm up or let any Dofus Discord moderator know. Please note you do need to prove that you can get the community to be active and all. For example, if you'd like to setup a Korean community, you gotta make sure that you get a lot of Korean people over on discord so that the text channel is actually active and all. Otherwise you'll end up talking to yourself and you'll look weird af. Therefore the key to all of this is to actually spread the word. Let your home-boys and home-girls know about this discord server as we'd really love to expand it even more! PS: I want more Arabian people over there so that we can create a new world order. If you're arabian af and you talk Arabic af then come over to Discord and hit your boy "Saif" up. Spread the word يا ولاد ال جحب! The link to the discord channel is: www.discord.me/dofus SPREAD THE WORD GUYS, THANKS LOADS, MAY YOU BE BLESSED WITH A LOT OF CAMELS <3.
  23. This is an excellent map!!! I don't know how changes are made, but may I suggest a few corrections: 26,-45 only has one sylicate and no dolomite 29,-49 only has 2 sylicate and only one dolomite :)
  24. Selling showed Belteen 16-20 mk, kideebonnet 13 mk (in sellroom) Noo-No
  25. Ok got everything. Thanks to the people who helped out. Now just Kralove and I'm done.
  26. Selling well maged ap Fuji ring 9mk pm me offers willing to negotiate
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