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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hello all, I am selling all the items listed below, MP Bearb - around 14mk AP Pandawa shield - 10mk Inky veil- 30mk Summon Broucey ring- 2.5mk. Some prices can be negotiated a little, please message me if your interested. Detective-Monk
  3. Considering the most common types of nerfs (MP reduction, range reduction, linear restrictions, cooldown on mobility spells), Cras in PvM are godtier now. Saw the same thing for Vortex first try. Let's see when players will re-demand difficulty <.<
  4. 2 tries... both done without ochre on cra, which means 11/6 cra-usually i am 12/6, i simply forgot to equip it.. but considering how easy this dungeon now is... i don't think it mattered. To be honest i'm disappointed... i wanted hard challenged and got... this.. yeah i know i failed qot trio maybe 100 times before the nerf but i enjoyed the fails.. because in all of them i made some mistakes that i tried to fix.. anyways.. Good luck to anyone else who wants to do it.
  5. It was supposed to come out last December, though they've received a lot of feedback and decided to postpone it to redo the rewards, now everything's in place and they're just gathering ideas for the Kolossoken sink before releasing the update.
  6. Anerice First and Limpwrist
  7. Yeah, end of 2017 they said
  8. Another copied part of the Ohwymi guide. Guess you mean this quest and I hope it helps, if you didn´t find it out yourself. " Quest: Durchgedrehte Mumien (Folgequest von "Das Geheimnis der Würmer")• Annehmbar bei Mahandos Suk auf [11,-66].• Chanisa Yadina auf [7,-73] in dem Gebäude sprechen.• Auf [5,-54] das Skelett neben dem kleinen Teich anklicken.• Auf [6,-73] gegen die alte, verfressene Sandzecke kämpfen.• Auf [5,-54] in den Leuchtturm eintreten und dort die Karte auf dem Tisch anklicken.• Zu Chanisa Yadina auf [7,-73] in dem Gebäude zurückkehren.• Gemeinsam mit Chanisa Yadina auf [9,-72] durch das Portal in die Verfluchte Pyramide gehen.• Mit dem NPC Mumion (ein Mumford) auf [8,-76] sprechen.• Durch eines der Elementartore gehen und auf [11,-74] mit dem NPC Ses-Mar (ein Rykaon) sprechen.• Auf [13,-74] den Durchgang benutzen.• In dem Raum auf [14,-75] mit Ahon sprechen.-> es entbrennt ein Kampf zwischen euch, euren Mitstreitern und Ahon; die Quest wird einzeln aktualisiert, also benötigt man für jeden, der die Quest macht, einmal diesen Kampf; Ahon ist ein modifizierter Muminotoror• Chanisa Yadina in dem Raum auf [14,-75] den Behälter mit Gewürz zeigen.• Auf [15,-57] in den Saloon gehen, dort die Treppe hoch nehmen und mit Idarfen Madjika sprechen. " ~ Copied out of the [FAM]-Forum, Link to the thread is here: http://fam-allianz.forumieren.com/t159-saharach-quests
  9. I copied this from another forum. Rights own the writer, and it is german (but I guess the positions doesn´t change in languages, right? :D) " Quest: Aufgehellte Mine (Folgequest von Leuchtfeuer und Ungeheuer)• Start: Bud Deller in dem Grab auf [13,-60] ansprechen.• Shadout Mayne auf [16,-57] sprechen.• Bud Deller auf [16,-57] sprechen.• Juni Timedie im Saloon auf [15,-57] sprechen.• Bud Deller im Saloon auf [15,-57] sprechen.• Bashar Daukar auf [15,-56] sprechen.• Bud Deller auf [15,-56] sprechen.• Buck Ster im Saloon auf [15,-57] ansprechen und die Option "Erklären, dass ihr ein paar Fragen habt" auswählen. Anschließend die Option "1.000 Kamas einsetzen" auswählen und hoffen, dass man gewinnt.• Bud Deller im Saloon auf [15,-57] sprechen.• Den NPC Dropiks (Peki mit einem Kakteenhut) im Saloon auf [15,-57] in der oberen rechten Ecke ansprechen und die Option "Von Pokerhoyle sprechen" auswählen.• Charles Windar auf [14,-56] ansprechen und die Option "Fragen, wo es Gewürzkroketten gibt" auswählen. Nun muss man Dropps im Kakteen-Territorium farmen gehen.-> 3x Kaktiflora-Blüte-> 1x Kakteensaft-> 1x Pampkaktus-String-> 10x Marmoriertes Fleisch (das droppt zwar auch woanders, aber wenn man es dort gleich mitfarmt erspart es Zeit) (Jäger Level 130 + Jagdwaffe notwendig!)• Charles Windar auf [14,-56] ansprechen und die Option "Die Zutaten überreichen" auswählen.• Dem NPC Dropiks auf egal welcher Map die Gewürzkrokette überreichen.• Buck Ster im Saloon auf [15,-57] ansprechen und die Option "Die unvollständigen Schriften von Pokerhoyle herzeigen" auswählen.• Bud Deller im Saloon auf [15,-57] sprechen.• Karte von Buck Ster benutzen und zum Eingang des Untergrundes auf [12,-62] begeben.• Bud Deller auf [12,-62] sprechen.• Den Stein links auf [12,-62] anklicken, damit sich der Eingang auftut, und eintreten.-> Auf der ersten Map ist nichts, man kann eine Map weiter vorgehen und muss mit Roland Memmerich reden, anschließend mit Bud Deller.-> Eine Map weiter befindet man sich in einem Stollen, wo mehrere Bergleute sowie Kakteen-Monster, Bud Deller und Dropiks sind. Nun mit den Bergleuten Humphrey Maine, Hazuan Zi-Gro-Sheng oder Haldi Klappe reden, danach wieder mit Bud Deller sprechen.-> Mit einem der Bergleute reden und den Kampf starten. Es sind vier modifizierte Kakteenmonster, die man keineswegs unterschätzen sollte (AP/BP-Rap in jeder Runde automatisch, stärkere Zauber, mehr Lebenspunkte, ...), allerdings können andere Charaktere dem Kampf beitreten und die Quest, sofern sie bei demselben Questschritt sind, aktualisieren.• Mit Humphrey Maine sprechen, die anderen beiden Bergleute werden nichts weiter sagen.• Mit Bud Deller sprechen.• Manu Mann auf [15,-56] sprechen.• Mit Bud Deller auf [15,-56] sprechen. " ~ Copied out of the [FAM]-Forum, Link to the thread is here: http://fam-allianz.forumieren.com/t159-saharach-quests
  10. @Sunbathe I didn't know that, thanks! @Gravestorm I read the link you posted and the dev about it, they mention a "December update". I assume this didn't go online yet and were they meaning December 2017? Didn't know they had already settled on what to do after 200, seems like a cool concept.
  11. Tal Kasha 6 loots is do-able now
  12. Could also keep giving the XP to the Character for the upcoming Level 200+, whenever it comes.
  13. Bump! Dropped the prices on resources and Spell Point scrolls.
  14. Most of the classes can't solo a dimension dungeon simply because the damage is not enough to not get rushed by new waves. I think with the current system rogue/x is possible for queen. The hardest part for most people was to contain bombs and not die, the monsters itself are not hard and their AI is very predictable. (And double 3mp now lmao)
  15. How 2 lose posting rights *how 2 get lock too
  16. It is quest exp so yeah it can go to guild or mounts
  17. 4200 religions. 4200 gods. 1 god.
  18. I need faith when there is no love. I need true love.
  19. Religion exists because we need faith in God. I am not God. I need people.
  20. Working on EH and I was thinking: Is there a way to make the XP useful on a lv 200 char somehow? Does it go to mounts/guilds? Kinda sad to see all this xp being wasted.
  21. It's really amazing how you're able to solo it considering a lot of people cannot do it with full team...BUT! What I would love to see is you do it either solo or duo with classes that people say it's impossible to do. It should be interesting to see you achieving that.
  22. if i made a mistake but it was just that. a mistake. it is not reflective of who i am. but a cocky person wants to feel special because one feels unimportant in light of those he feels has more than he. is that envy? yes. I want something I think I cam have but cant have because of circumstances. so wen im barking up the wrong tree it means, if my leaves fall. if i make a mistake, it is not reflective of who i am, because you don't see the roots of my tree. So a mistake is just a mistake. It is not interlinked with who you are. But the presumptuous like me, will want to believe it was a mistake and because of that i get cocky and blame others. which is a nasty recipe that breeds hate. All of this started with a mistake, and someone wanting to feel special because the person who made the mistake was of greater value than he felt he was. Envy breeds hate. in that sense. So dog barks at wrong tree. tree says go away. you are left alone. done enough time and you become no one. So a dog barks because it iis weak inside in light of a tree so big. Not good. Because that envy creates hate. The tree will tell you to go away. But you will go away filled with hate. So fill yourself with self-love to balance it out. So don't bark up the wrong tree means. If I make a mistake don't be presumptuous and assume im dumb. otherwise i will leave you and you will fill yourself with hate out of envy. So what should I do instead? Don't bark. self-love.
  23. Mag. You are a legend. I love you. So here is my answer. Me thinking aloud. The answer is at the very bottom. arrogance isnt a deterrent. arrogance is just something fun. it is how you carry yourself. How is that fun? Ego is who you are. it is me. it is a deterrent. Why? deterrent as in nobody feels attracted to you because of who you are. what determines who you are? your values? your values. What are values? values are how you live your life and make your decisions. So if my values are honesty. And I lie. Then honesty is not my value and therefore it is not who i am. so. in that sense. people will move away from me because of who i said i was but who i am not. I said I was honest. I was not. I as in my ego. People see it. They run. Ego is a deterrent in that sense. pride is invisible because nobody can see it. only you can feel it. What is the difference between rare and unique? rare as in, there are not alot of it. unique as in what? unique is a persons soul. The soulless are not unique, but may be rare. A soul is what you are inside. because my soul is unique. I got lazy and gave it to everyone. because I myself wasn't ready to go out there and actively do things myself. So if everyone knew what I knew, we would all be the same. Nobody wants to be the same. everyone wants to be unique. But the fucking thing is. Emotions are felt with different intensity. So everyone is fucking unique. Everyone may have the same tools as I. Think similiar as I. They don't feel as intense as I. Or may feel more than I. So in that sense we are all unique. because WE ALL FEEL DIFFERENTLY. At different times. So uniqueness comes from the soul. There are varying levels of uniqueness. Uniqueness can come from the outside too. So we may have the same soul (not rlly, because we feel differently in a sense of intensity) but we can all look different on the outside, so as to look unique, so as to massage the ego. So as to feel like you are different from everyone else. The spectrum of features is very limited based on your build. we are all human in a naked sense. but there are clothes, fashion, design, and everything else that is shallow. being shallow is wat creates that sense of uniqueness once everyone else has the same soul (assuming). Blame... What is blame? If you make a mistake I will blame you. Why would you blame me? and not yourself? Aren't we all the same? in the sense that we have the same tools from the inside to improve? so that means you could improve yourself? what is there to improve on tho? once you've mastered your emotions. So blame? what is it still? What is mistake? Don't get cocky son? You make it sound easy. It's not as easy as you think? Why do I think it is easy? I want to feel better than everyone else? because I thought about something they may have not? because I am ignorant. I think I know everything but I don't. There is so much to learn. Just because you know or have figured it 'all' out. doesn't mean there's nothing else to learn. I am ignorant. Where does this come from? Because I want to feel unique? I am not rare. Because I am human just like everyone else. So I remain ignorant because I want to feel unique. In what sense? Everyone looks the same on the outside sort of? But I have a soul that is unique? but doesn't everyone else? everyone is unique. What is double checking? If I make a mistake, I can double check myself. Just double check. Conclusion? Pride, Ego, arrogance, values, intensity, mistakes, blame, double check, ignorant, unique, rare. No one is rare. Because we are all humans. We are unique. In soul (feel different intensities of emotion) and in body (Clothes) Pride is invisible no one can see it, you can feel it, it influences how you feel about yourself, and therefore your ego. That is I. That is me. Who I am. My values. Pride can change how you feel about yourself and therefore your values can change. Therefore ego acts as a deterrent because I do not stand by my values regardless of how I feel. So How do I do that? balance your energy, if you feel too much hate then love yourself, if you feel too much love then hate yourself. This creates balance, and this means you can stand by your values, regardless of who your pride tells your ego who tells you who you are. If I make a mistake, I would be tempted to blame others because I could be lazy. It is easier to blame others than to blame yourself. So how do you not be lazy? Lazy is on the spectrum of humility. So belief in yourself more when you make a mistake. Then you will feel energised again. Use this energy to double check your work. BOOM BOOM FUCKING DONE. Pride, Ego, arrogance, values, intensity, mistakes, blame, double check, ignorant, unique, rare.
  24. Come at me with your hardest questions in the comments below, and lets have a debate, discussion or whatever you posh fucks call it. 19. Before I offend some butt fuck who didn't get enough loving from their parents. GOOD MORNING. TODAY IS GOING TO BE AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Lemme just say these are predictions and doesn't mean they are right. The years might be shorter by a few decades. Anyways. My predictions for the next 100-200 years? 1. First and foremost. Religion becomes extinct. 2.Technology will manage the logical side of humanity. 3.Humans will have mastered their emotions. 4.Everyone united. No more war. Some Peace, some banter. 5.Prison system have become elite. 6.Healthcare too. 7. Gay marriage a loving way to control population size as we grow. 8. Love celebrated. Hate celebrated. Balance celebrated. 9.Other countries work together to make the most of untapped potential in poor countries. Think chess. 10.People are no longer a problem. 11. The next problem is keeping the balance of nature. As we grow, we use more of nature. Nature will keep the balance through flooding, earthquakes, weather extremes. 12.Everyone at this point is a god in their own right. 13.We are trying to figure out how each country can rule over other planets. To keep the human species alive. 14. I will become a legend. #future #100years #200years
  25. Last week
  26. They restored the accounts but me and other people still have empty banks. So weird.
  27. Does anyone know where the guy is on the part where you need to Convince a researcher from the corporation. Icant find him please help.
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