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  2. Didnt count but should be somewhere between 10-20 was pretty high so cant remeber xD And yeh im proud of no achiev done with rogue or elio yet which wont change :D
  3. I played solo for a long time, but that was many years ago when the servers were more populated and less people multi logged. 90% of my reasons for quitting were due to being unable to efficiently do stuff in game. I ended up with a playing two accounts for the majority of my time playing Dofus. It did help indeed, but i wish i had just gone for a four man team. It takes a little longer to set up, but will help loads in the long run. If i could have played solo (the reason i moved to Dofus Touch) then i would have, it just wasn't viable for me and my goals. I found duo enjoyable, i would use 2 sidekicks to help for most dungeons. I would recommend Kamus rex, he is a great sidekick! I played Sadi/Cra up until 200. Then changed to Eni/Panda in the hopes of finding people to play with and always being useful. But i changed again to Feca/Masq. Whilst i only played this combo for about a month before quitting again, it was a lot of fun. The survivability is superb, and its generally a fun combo. Its useful in epic Frig 3 dungeons, is yet to be tested (i doubt very useful), but for most other content its great. Feca's can work well with most classes, if its int and has a healing weapon, you can go for a more damage orientated second class. Srams would probably work here to help keep enemies on Glyphs, similar with iops. Or you could go for a Panda/Eni for a more all round duo. My advice would be to just bite the bullet, make a 4 man team, get used to playing four, and reap the rewards in the long term. Atlas
  4. Today
  5. can't be helped then, playing osaModaS should bring u pleasure not torture otherwise won't make any sense haha nice pun quad
  6. Major beginner's luck. Pleasantly surprised :)
  7. I've returned to the game after an almost 7 year hiatus. So much has changed so much is new. I am loving where I am at the moment yet finding it a bit frustrating pinpointing what exactly I am capable of. To start, I play with 4 characters 100% of the time. 2 completely geared (Sram/Panda) and two effectively leeching until geared. I am flexible on subbing additional characters however am at a loss as to what exactly are my best options due to class changes, revamps and the like. That's where you come in. I ask that you keep in mind I will only take advice that keeps my Sram (main) within the composition. Thanks kindly! What I Have Account #1: 19x Sram (Agi) Account #2: 19x Iop (Str) Account #3: 19x Panda (Cha) Account #4: 19x Elio (Agi) / 18x Enu (Cha) / Xelor Account #5: 19x Eni (unsubbed) Account #6: 19x Sac (unsubbed) Account #7: 18x Cra (unsubbed) What I Want Number of New Accts: ??? Goal: A team of 6? versatile enough to slaughter anything in my way Leaning Toward: Int Eni, Omni Cra, Xelor As I said, I'm wanting to work toward a team that will be able to farm anything in an effective manner using pretty decent idols 300+. I already kind of have a plan in motion, but figured I'd get some input from those better attuned to it. Thank you for your time.
  8. Learnt maging for 30 mins while stoned, from some old youtube videos on maging (thanks snark + hakfu). Never even maged a piwi item before in my life. Decided to give a shot at exoing. Around 20 attempts. Didn't really keep track. I believe in beginner's luck.
  9. I. Do. Not. Enjoy. Playing. Osamoda's Whip.
  10. You can control the summons now, so why hate them? Can even make them pass fast if you hate slow fights.
  11. You're probably better off buying it from the merch. Even if I charge you 200m, I'll take an extra 20m for the transfer and you'll have to wait till next maintenance. My vulbis is on rosal currently.
  12. Anyone have a map on how to get there? Edit: nvm, found snark's awesome guide: http://snarkposts.tumblr.com/post/104704432204/merkator-area-labyrinth
  13. theres one for 225m in merch ill offer 200
  14. no elio smh...., and u told me it was 20 tries
  15. Yesterday
  16. Queen first, took about 10 tries
  17. why do you hate summons
  18. Buying many spell point scrolls, for 150kk each. PM Bellutrix! Thank you.
  19. Hello, is anyone planning on opening kralove this or next weekend by any chances?
  20. No longer interested in this hat. Can close. thanks
  21. Given that I hate summons my opinion still stands.
  22. Given you've not been around for a while, osa has completely changed and bears no resemblance to the old osa.
  23. I definitely want Feca to be 1/2 of my team. I need a partner to go with it, preferably not osa as I hate playing the class.
  24. can a mod please move this to rosal section?
  25. It may be that people buying your mounts have let the certificates expire without placing them in a paddock, that way they're still technically in your name and you'd receive the release message. There was a time where mounts traded to the Guard for scrolls would also give you that message in error a month later, but I think that was fixed. If all your mounts are accounted for and you've not traded any for scrolls, assume the first option. Quote "no news from you or the new owner."
  26. Hi impsvillagers. What does this mean "After checking his records, the paddock keeper tells you that he has released "?", a mount that you had left with him. He had received no news from you or the new owner within the set time limit." ? For some context: This is my second month of playing after 3+ years without playing. Back then I owned a guild (which I think only consisted of my alts accounts) and had a paddock with 10+ dragoturkeys, but with that amount of time without playing the guild disappeared (I think) with the paddock asell I believe. I can't remember the position of the paddock. I've been capturing and selling wild dragoturkeys and have some wild and non-wild on public paddocks but I'm sure all certificates are still valid. I got about 5-6 of those mesages in the last couple of days. Thanks!!!
  27. caj, gyhl, gidgy and pets... come join me in 1.29 henual. leech me pls
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