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  2. And there goes another Rushu vet. Take care and have fun in real life Youby. Such a shame you were MIA for most of the time I was in Blank. Guess Echo (And to a lesser extent Dofus) really doesn't have a future anymore.
  3. Today
  4. Waw I have never seen this pet before. :O
  5. I'm assuming it maxes at 90.
  6. Granted. A block of permafrost unfreezes under you on a trip to the Artic and you "win" a free "giveaway" of revitalized anthrax. I wish that I had the time to learn mathematics and play Dofus at once.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Granted, but anything you gain is useless to you in later life, you hate every moment of it (graduate school) and you are unable to ever find a job paying any more than $10,000/y. I wish that I will someday win a giveaway.
  9. Granted. All the hair on the rest of your body migrates to your chest, leaving every other part of you barren and smooth. I wish that I will do well in graduate school. :)
  10. Just drafted a mage arena. Got: - 4 blizzards - A flamestrike - 2 fireballs - 3 firelands portals - A meteor And was offered a 5th blizzard. Probably the most duplicate rares I've ever got (5 blizzards!) Idk how good the decks going to be though, I have like 3 early game minions... EDIT: I'm salty that I lost to another mage who played counterspell twice and countered first my meteor and then my flamestrike >.> 8 wins. Note that that includes the free one.
  11. Please never again
  12. Yeah but the pink glyphs appear for every hit you take, regardless if you're trying to pull or not.
  13. ap fuji ring

    Post price please
  14. not sure if it is the same thing, but to pull boss you have to be the first of the players to hit the boss to trigger it
  15. ok mate GL. I demand a 50% discount on free Dungs!!!
  16. My guess would be the shields on masq are too high, and the glyphs only activate on losing actual HP.
  17. Ah thank you for the explanation! I hadn't noticed yet that clicking on the ore would give even more information. Good job this map!!! Really excellent. I will take this advice with me :D
  18. When I was trying I noticed the same thing, I honestly had no idea why but if you think about it you need to attract it to a glyph every other turn. So it won't make you lose, you can do it next turn.
  19. Thank you, [26,-45]: I went inside and Dolomite it's still there, probably it's the same also for [29,-49]. Clicking on the ore sometimes gives you more informations
  20. @Xelorsrule Prices in main post are current prices.
  21. ap fuji ring

    Price changed
  22. Last week
  23. idols and boss last, becouse who dont like 1.5h fights?
  24. backish, put score 300 on hold till I feel more comfortable , also lowered prices
  25. bump, backish, can fit in some runs if needed. Tend.
  26. Prices still the same ?And do you leech vortex now?
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