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  1. Today
  2. 11mk, I'm usually on around 03:00-06:00 DST pm Animuffin (:
  3. old school eca appearance kreygasm, looked so badass
  4. Yesterday
  5. also remember to highlight my name (we need to lure @Casino-Royal here so that might work)
  6. Thank you for your reply :) I already have tried a LOT of things, including the things you suggested, none of them worked. Also have tried to change DNS and another bunch of stuff..
  7. Probably struggled harder with this one than I should have so I'm happy that it's done :).
  8. Hellburn helped me out, highly appreciated! Can be closed
  9. Hi, I'm selling this bracelet and looking for around 5.5mk for it. IGN is Lebs-Finest.
  10. What I Have: - Iop 200 - Cra 200 - Panda 200 - Eni 200 - Enu 200 I just came back after a break and I only want to use 4 characters from now on so I need to drop one. 3 of them are already geared. I want to choose between my Enu and Eni, which one would be the best for endgame content/dungeons?
  11. next time turn off transparency for the screenshot. 3/10.
  12. are you french cause the vit mage looks quite as bad as every french magus exo's
  13. Hey guys, Just wondering what the current price of Castuc Cocktail is. I'm also trying to buy one, so if you would like to sell, please contact me in-game, or just post here. My user is Tfc-Tear Thanks. :)
  14. I can help out for free. Got 6 characters. /w Hellburn
  15. Well there is no Jumbow Meow in market right now but it have been sold for 35mk in market. So I guess i can pay around that price pm me in dofus. IGN: Psi-Origin Thanks.
  16. The BETA server has been updated yesterday, here are the changes made: Ecaflip: Bravado: Damage on a Critical Hit is reduced, Damage bonus on a Critical Hit is increased. Misfortune: Damage on a Critical Hit is reduced and the advancement effect on a Critical Hit is now 2 cells. Rough Tongue: The Range bonus and penalty is increased at levels 2 and 3. (4 at level 2 and 5 at level 3) Eliotrope: Insult: No longer causes damage to allies. Parasite: Damage at the end of the turn is reduced to match the initial damage. Coalition: The 2 AP bonus is no longer cumulative. No longer works on enemies. Flexible Portal: Damage bonus is reduced: 15% -> 5% Enemies can no longer pass through a portal on the first turn. Requires Line of Sight. Portal: Enemies can no longer pass through a portal on the first turn. Bullying: Can be cast on the first turn. Huppermage: Morph: Damage is reduced. The Damage bonus via the Fire State is reduced: 20 -> 10 The Range bonus via the Air State is increased: 2 -> 4 Iop: Cleaver: No longer causes damage to the caster. Duel: Cooldown is now 6 and 5 at levels 1 and 2. (Unchanged at level 3) Accumulation: Max effect accumulation is reduced: 2 -> 1 Osamodas: Favouritism: Cooldown is now 2. Spiritual Leaves: A resurrected summon correctly recovers the effects of the current transformation of the Osamodas. Rogue: Fuze: No longer causes the damage of the Gluing Explobomb. Sadida: Voodoo Curse: Damage (direct and poison) is reduced. Direct damage is correctly applied to infected targets. The damage of the spell is no longer abnormally increased when triggered by a bomb wall or a spell that has passed through an Eliotrope Portal. Proximity Poison: The animation is played correctly. Paralysing Bramble: Removes MP correctly from the main target. Vegetal Influence: The effects of Sylvester's Warlock are no longer removed when Treant dies. Inoculation: AP cost is increased: 2 -> 3 Casts per turn is now 1. Sram: Mist: Cooldown is increased: 3 -> 4 Foggernaut: Recursiveness: Works properly on allies. Trawler: The pulling distance changes to 2, 4 and 6 at evolution I, II and III to match the range of the Area of Effect. Seizing: Damage is reduced. Xelor: Temporal Dust: Works properly on allies. (They were not teleported properly) Time Rift: Now works only through the summons of the caster. Temporal Paradox: Now works only through the summons of the caster. Masqueraider: Bocciara: Damage on a Critical Hit is reduced. (It was abnormally high)
  17. nice flip
  18. 400mk. Message me here caus you aint gonna find me in game.
  19. Last week
  20. Heyho Imps, currently I'm questing the ice dofus. Sadly Im stuck at the quest He Wants to Be Buried at Sea. Objective is to clear a mini-dungeon, consisting of 2 rooms in which you are transformed into a pirate. Are there any people in need to do the quest aswell or willing to help for some kama compensation ? Pm me via Imps or in-game under Ketsu-Paradox. (playing on echo btw) Greetings, Ketsu
  21. Bye bye hupper's 2ap variant spells.
  22. Bought. Please close the topic.
  23. Hey I'm selling some Equip: Nidas Ring: 2.4mk Age Old Amulet: 1.7mk Jammy Jack Glove: 7.6mk IGN: Reach
  24. Hi there! I was wondering if there is anyone that leeches people through nidas 300+ idol score, Just doing it for that Exp Willing to pay! Cheers!
  25. Sold for 143mk to Reliv. Thanks.
  26. Hey there, I'm looking to sell my cute Jumbo Bow Meow. Price is set at 50M 45M - negotiable. PM me on Imps, in game (Seyif on Echo) or on the Dofus Discord server (also Seyif) ! Cheers, Seyif
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