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      Server Merge and Changes to Imps Village   04/30/17

      The old server sections will still be viewable at the bottom of the forum list under Legacy Servers, but read only. If you wish for any thread to be moved to the new sections, please report your own thread to bring it to our attention and tell us where you need it to go.

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Yes, you basically 1 shot it with wrath T4 after setting up portals. Since you're not next to it you don't get pushed away from portals etc. And you can move CB around cause it dies anyway.
  3. wouldnt elio make CB substantially easy than it already is ( which is really easy), as long as you have the right init order, especially if you are using something like an iop
  4. elio is similar to cheating with how easy it makes stuff so you shouldnt have any issues
  5. Everything but jammy ring is in markets now, go buy it.
  6. K then, I can see you have no clue. If setting up portals is harder than in other dungeons that doesnt mean elio is useless ok. Finally, please dont mention dungeon that is able to solotage k Edit: Elio is then useless shit at count and F5 cuz rotations make it impossible to use portals :^] pls
  7. I also want this same seemyool zzz
  8. Hey everyone, I know it has been opened recently but I am starting a new Kralove opening this weekend (27-28 May), so if you're down for some help /w Iren-Arrow Have a good day ;)
  9. For example Celestial Bearbarian, you try to position yourself each turn so portals are basically useless. Portals only really work when u have a stable place for monsters and your group.
  10. Yes, you'll find mobs around on the coast of the island. If you can get other people to join you the Grassy Plains is can also be a good source of XP (KILL THE KILIBRISS)
  11. Wow thanks so much I completely forgot about coral beach. Is that otomai island?
  12. Fuck you ankama for making me believe I got my names back and then ripping it away and adding -Ros after this morning's maintenance... P.S fix your fucking potato server instead of taking people's name. Tend.
  13. The world has changed a lot since I was in that level range, but this is what I did (no particular order): - Piglets* - Blops (now at Cania Lake) - Coral beach mobs - Gobbal dungeon (to feed a gobtubby and get exp at the boss fight) - Sidimote moors mobs - Drunken pandas If you have friends or guildies you can count on: - Brakmar Rat Dungeon** - Kanigers* - Koalaks * I don't know where they live now. ** I've lost the count of how many times I've been here, so much fun for low level int and agi characters. I did it multiple times a week with people from the best guild I've ever been in (Pulp Friction). edit I think you can probably do well on the rat dungeons, kanigers and koalaks if you get an Astrub Knight (500 achiev points). Chafers, Vampires and Jellies are also good for leveling and they drop resources you can quickly sell for zaap/potion/bread money.
  14. Ooops, my mistake, so sorry. D: I guess I better ban everyone who saw this.
  15. Don't think that's what he meant considering that Dofus Arena no longer exists :P I assume he meant the building in which you fight mobs from soul stones?
  16. Pantaleo plays att Henual. I thought you were the oldschool eni (brother of Quar) and I referred to bonta arena at Eratz 😊. Have fun!
  17. Hey Bets Yuna! Thanks for the help. I maged some items and offered free magings* for a few hours. Maging high level items seems way harder now with the amount of stats to keep track of (I've no idea what on earth critical resistance is XD). * no items have been harmed... except for a Belteen that lost it's AP but fortunately AP runes are 1/10 of what they used to cost and I fixed the item somehow.
  18. The game servers have been updated, here are the changes made: When a character is renamed, its name is correctly freed (and therefore available). It is no longer necessary to wait for a weekly maintenance so that it is available.
  19. Gobball dungeon, I kill all before elio even gets a turn :^)
  20. Hey, please name the dungeon in which elio is useless k thx
  21. It clearly has to do with the server merge since these reports came only afterwards, and en masse. Whatever they did, it seems to have caused some connection issues. Don't bother looking into your home network for problems, you won't find any (unless your shit actually fucks up, but you'll notice that outside dofus too). Also up- and download rates do not matter at all, Dofus uses mere bytes while playing.
  22. That's what Scampihirse does. You need to be done before it starts its 11th turn.
  23. If you're an int cra, elio works well with him. Chance, strength or agi cra are alright with elio, not the best builds for portals because of all the minimum range. But cra is a good back up if portals are failing you somehow.
  24. Well it sucks that I am farming achis on my Cra :D
  25. The elio with an Iop is a great fit. You can practically duo every dungeon with Iop/Elio.
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