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  1. Today
  2. hello, havent log in here in many years so... here we go. Im looking for few pieces ( all items I'm looking it haves to have perfect resist and near perfect stats or perfect ) - Mp/ap Inky - mp/ap king playa ring - age old belt exo % earth 3-5 or over mage vit or int - Ringalin exo + crit res -ringaeus exo + crit res -scapu helm exo % earth 3-5 - steelymace over mage vit or int - ivory dofus 145mk i know what I'm asking looks impossible but I've seen some items with those stats, i have kamas to blow Pm me in game Aplus or msg me here or get my snap in my profile
  3. hello , Its Aplus . I'm interested on that mp inky that you bought from me lol need to buy it
  4. bump hhhh
  5. Hi, Looking to buy a Ivory Dofus, paying 145mk IGN: Khaj
  6. Bump. 16 sold 8 to go
  7. Hey all, Just curious if there is anyone currently playing or played this game at all? Got a few questions about it. Cheers, Auron.
  8. Lol
  9. Most of the time i want to see if i failed the achievement, not something to remind me to not fail it. For example a week ago i did bethel zombie. One of the monsters mp raped me without noticing and i thought i failed zombie since i had only 4mp after i used my mp instead of 5. Luckily i didn't quit and got my achievement but if i quit i would have lost the battle and bethel zombie is definitely not an easy achievement as it took me a lot of time to do it.
  10. A lot harder than it is supposed to be lol..
  11. Added some new things and lowered the prices !! New position is [0,1] Amakna
  12. Buying Ice Dofus 25mk, x2 Cloudy Dofus 52mk each. /w Hellburn
  13. There are a few big EN guilds in ilyzaelle :)
  14. Buying Ivory dofus for 100mk [ Price: Negotiable ] IGN: Psi-Origin
  15. nice 666 posts
  16. I'm selling my MP Maged Malitiaman Hat, i'm looking to get around 16mil for it. Willing to Haggle for Kamas. You can PM me in game if interested on any my characters Aveal, Uul, Coi, Voe, and Pem.
  17. I set merchant in Bonta Marketplace map. All items in merch are 5-15% cheaper than the cheapest in market . If you looking for some things cheaper visit it ! Any questions or negotiations msg Alz ing .
  18. Buying Ice Dofus 21mk. IGN is Lebs-Finest
  19. I play on Dramak, and the english community isn't bad, I would recommend it. However, I have no idea how big the EN community is on the other mono servers.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Quick question, does anyone have a rough idea of how active the English speaking community is in the Fraktal and/or Ilya servers? Back after a break, not currently seeing any EN players on Fraktal. Might restart on Ilya if everybody's started on there (as we were going to here on IV originally) Fanks
  22. Frav: Sooo what do we do now? Lord: Eum, no idea tbh Glad we figured it out ;)
  23. 501+/400+ vit 100/100 agi 36+/40 wis 1 /1 range 1+ / 2 sum (extra 4mk for 2nd sum) 20 / 20 air dmg 8 / 8 lock 8 / 8 mp loss 10 / 10 % res 0+ / 15 pp Looking to pay around 15mk, willing to negotiate Contact me IG@Centaur
  24. Is this the new method to obtain the almighty imps-bunny?
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