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  3. Love you too. <3
  4. :DDD
  5. omg how
  6. Hi, We suscribe : No noob no arnak Captain : Justin-Doua - Xelor. Choca-Pikk - Rogue Mask-Hagaz - Mask Dorafwer-sacri - Sacri + Todes-lenoub - Enutrof Gl all.
  7. As the title say buying turq - 7.5mk ice - 23mk ign- Sharleen Feel free to reply to post or message me in game
  8. I've put them up for sale for 6mk each.
  9. I am looking for 4 characters to do erzal fight in lvl99 alignment quest. I have 4 chars, xel, iop, eni and panda. Pm me in game or comment below for time scheduling. Zechmeister.
  10. stealing mp from ur own summons he says
  11. Paralyzing arrow isn't worth it: if I steal 1 mp and he gains back two, in terms of the chase between me and him there is no gain, and if I fail to steal he gets the 2 mp. For the cawwot thing, are you saying even if the cawwot/pet is in the opposite direction he will run to them to hit melee? That could be useful.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Mobile chars (especially Srams in that respect) don't have much of an advantage since you are unmovable, and gravity state 1 out of 2 turns I think. Any char is mobile in that fight since hitting a block (that shines) attracts you 3 cells towards it. Use well-placed Cawottes whenether it's worth it, he always prefers to cast the CC damage spell instead of the -10 MP spell on 4 linear range, even if it's only a Cawotte that dies. If, for example, he is too much in the middle of the map and you place a Cawotte in a corner 7 range from him, you'll catch a lot of time. It might help to have all summons level 6 and low damage with Paralyzing so that you can easily buff yourself 2 MP if needed. I can't think of anything else, the spell panel is far too one-sided.
  14. Class: Cra Build: Int/AgiKamas/time available: 15mk Current team: EnuLvl range: 161Extra comments: i want a set for cra for mainly PvM, i wanted to get atleast 11/6 or 10/6
  15. Looks very interesting, i like the idea of playing a little bit throughout the day on mobile then getting stuck in to a dungeon behind a computer.
  16. I am intrigued by this server, the reason why i decided to play Dofus Touch was in the hopes it would be a solo account server, however people started to multi straight away as soon as the Emulators were available. I'm sure people will find a way to multi, but hopefully it won't have a drastic effect on the server. Most likely to be French dominated, but there should be a English speaking community i imagine
  17. Hi everyone, after many days of working on the Ivory Quests I reached the final fight and I am stuck. I see that the fight is easy for really mobile characters such as Srams, Iops etc. but I am a Cra and I can't win the fight. People told me to use MP red build, with 190 mp reduction set it is still impossible because every time I mp rape or push him he gains + 2mp. Half the time he backs himself against Pylon so I can't successfully push him and also paralyzing arrow is useless (0 net gain) and poisoned arrow at best reduces 2 mp. Does anyone here have tips or strategies they used in this fight? Much appreciated.
  18. Yes I'd like to know too
  19. What stats what price?
  20. Hi, Paying around 35MK /w Elinor or msg me on here ty.
  21. Yea it is called lazyness :( Sadly people don't spend money for finding cure for it :/
  22. im in incase ur still about to do it
  23. Makes sense since you can't even find portal by yourself
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