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  1. Yesterday
  2. I don't mind the aggro system that we have been dealing with for years. It creates areas where not many people want to go and thus creating higher priced resources. i like that there are lower level, easy to farm areas that are just difficult to get to. But this new system is annoying, I logged in one several accounts and just so happen to be in the Agony Valley area and was immediately aggroed on each character. I don't like the fact that even if you aren't moving, you will be aggrod. I shouldn't be 200 and being aggrod by level 60 monsters unless i run right into them or near them. They should be frightened of me, not willing to fight. Edit: What the hell do i replace my Enu with? Sram? Another Cra? x.x
  3. Let's be honest who really hates the current system anyway? Personally I just hate being agressed at all. At least in the current system you had a relatively easy way to avoid getting attacked. From what I hear this new system is just 100% worse lol. So for me the good sollutions are to either keep the old system or to remove the agro mechanic in its entirety.
  4. Then they should also make you invulnerable after the game doesn't receive any input for like 10 seconds to make afking safe, or if you're in away mode. All of these things still don't fix the problem of how you now have to be constantly alert while, for example, waiting for a late group member for a fight in an aggressive area. Imho they should get rid of all aggro, apart from maybe aggro in koalaks/wabbits - and not change the current system otherwise.
  5. I think they should add a few moments of invulnerability after an aggro and when loggin in at a hostile area, that would fix so much.
  6. Maybe an iop for a decent dmg in harder duegons later ?
  7. Fun
  8. We dont know eachothers ... But if u decide comeback or stay message Iwasawa-Loves maybe i can help you a bit . Scamm is horrible thing :CC . Good luck irl !
  9. Well, after spending 10 mins on beta, I've now experienced it for myself. I can imagine the devs discussing this at a meeting. Dev A: People are saying monster aggro is too annoying. We should probably fix that. Any ideas? Dev B: How about we make all monsters aggressive, instead of only some of them? And then make it so that players can't even go to the toilet safely without going into their haven bag first? Dev C: We don't want to annoy the high-levels when in areas they barely ever walk through anyway, so maybe we should make lower level monsters not attack higher levels. Dev D: We don't want to go that far. At least some monsters should always attack high levels no matter what. Dev A: Well, this sounds good to me. Let's get to work!
  10. It was obvious that aggresive monsters were changed to highly aggresive, the whole concept and their motivation is THAT stupid. Connection issues will almost surely make this dumb idea never happen, unless Ankama is in suicide mode. For the record: your character logs in before the login screen fades out and you see the map; this includes the screen freezing at 50% or whatever arbitrary number the current version of the bug displays. If your internet connection fails, your character(s) stays connected serverwise sometimes even for minutes. In some cases, this ocurrs even when closing the window instead of logging out manually. There, now yo can get AFK aggroed when logging in or out, or just having crappy internet.
  11. Farewell, Mark, was fun to play n chat with you! we all know u'll be back.
  12. Jeric pls
  13. Back to Monster bread :D
  14. hi joost. medium-sized fan.
  15. Announcing a tournament a few weeks before the major class screw-up. :thinking:
  16. I conducted another test. I ran 4 chars into the new area. Monsters there are aggro. Running as fast as I could, I made it half way through the third map in before all 4 were aggroed, some on the 4th some of the 3rd map. One of the chars got lucky and won his solo fight, but of course he was insta-aggroed by a big mob right afterwards and was kindly informed that he couldn't use a recall pot in this phase of the fight. This is unplayable.
  17. WHAT I HAVE: Monoserver based. Got 3 friends which I mainly play with, Cra, Sadi and Eni, I'm the Enu. My eni friend decided to leave eni behind because he fellt unnescecary in this comp, what would be best for him to choose? WHAT I WANT: 1 more class
  18. Sold 3 at 80mk lol 2 more for sale. when will the drunk rants ever end???
  19. Thanks u 2
  20. Sounds cool
  21. wow you're so knowledgeable
  22. Wééééééééééééécursivité!
  23. Last week
  24. Here are my notes on the Huppermage spell variants so far: Direct Damage Spells Huppermage originally had 3 spells in each element: single target 3AP single target 4AP with additional effect AOE 3AP with HP steal, 1 use every other turn Their variants follow a similar system: single target 5AP, higher damage single target 4AP with additional effect single target 2AP with HP steal, 1 use per turn These spells still apply states, generate runes, and trigger elemental combo effects like the originals. The new additional effects on the category 2 variants are earth: -critical (+critical on ally), air: retreat, water: advance, fire: swap position. Air, earth, and fire builds have more long range options than before, although many of them are linear only. Water builds still have only short range spells. Air spells have earth variants and vice versa. Water spells have fire variants and vice versa. So you can now have up to 6 spells in one or two elements, at the cost of having fewer spells in other element(s). State Based Spells Courant Quadramental (Quadramental Current?): variant of Polarity. 2AP, 6 range, one use per turn. Similar element-dependent effect as Polarity, but the earth pushback effect is only 1 cell and on entities adjacent to the target instead of the target itself, water attraction effect is also only 1 cell on entities within 1 cell of the target instead of the the target itself, and air symmetrical teleportation is for entities within 2 cells of the target instead of the caster. On a fire target the caster still swaps with the target. Morph: variant of Elemental Drain. 4AP, 4 range, 1 use per target. Deals about 40, 46 crit damage on target in the same element, and this spell's range increases by 2 for 2 turns. Unlike Elemental Drain it doesn't consume the state or steal stats. Cycle Élémentair (Elemental Cycle?): variant of Contribution. 1AP, 8 range, 2 uses per target. Changes elemental state of the target, earth -> water -> fire -> air -> earth. Boucle Élémentair (Elemental Loop?): variant of Imprint. 2AP, 3 range, 2 uses per target. Deals low damage on the target based on elemental state, and then changes its state like Cycle Élémentair. Rune Based Spells Manifestation: variant of Runification. Triggers the targeted rune (like Runification but just for one rune) up to 5 range away. If the cell is empty, creates 3HP summon and at the same time applies the same effect as Courant Quadramental (Quadramental Current?). The summon dies at the start of next turn and applies elemental state to nearby enemies. Piègé Élémentair (Elemental Trap?): variant of Propagation. 3AP, 6 range modifiable. Creates a trap on top of the target rune which when triggered, applies a single target version of Propagation's rune target effect (earth -1 ub, air unable to lock, water gravity, fire half received healing). Surcharge Runique (Runic Surcharge?): variant of Runic Healing. 3AP, 5 range, 2 uses per turn. Consumes all your runes and deal their damage on the target. Répulsion Runique (Runique Repulsion?): variant of Journey. 1AP, 2 uses per turn. Consumes all your runes. Targets next to you are pushed back 2 cells per rune consumed. Other Spells Gardien Élémentair (Elemental Guardian?): variant of Elemental Shield. Static summon with short range neutral damage. I think the damage is higher if you generate any elemental combination, but there is no stacking bonus.
  25. Bump! Looking for a help ! pays good ! not causing problems ! (well not that much )
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